Luffy VS Katakuri best fights in One Piece

10 Best Fights in One Piece

When it comes to shounen anime, fighting and action scenes make a show stand out from the rest. From action scenes that make you feel the adrenaline rush to those that make you feel the heat of battle, we’ve seen it all in our favorite series. But what happens when you take that action and make it even more intense?

You get anime like One Piece, which features some of the most intense, jaw-dropping fight scenes we’ve ever seen. From all that hundreds of battles, we bring you the 10 best fights in One Piece.

Here are the 10 best fights in One Piece

In One Piece, we get dozens or even hundreds of fights, from one-to-one fights to massive war, and the action scenes are often so intense they’re hard to forget. I’m talking about those scenes that have you on the edge of your seat, where you don’t know who will come out on top.

One Piece is known for its action and intense fights and it’s no wonder the series has become so popular. If you are looking for the best of the best fight scenes of One Piece anime, then here is a list of the best fights in One Piece so far.

10. Luffy VS Arlong

Luffy VS Arlong fights in One Piece

Early in the series, before the straw hats cross the ground line, Luffy faces Arlong in a fight for Nami’s freedom. An arrogant fish man who considers humans to be inferior.

Arlong wreaks considerable damage on the straw hats with his rapidly regenerating shark teeth and pure physical strength, amplified more so when underwater. At number 10, this fight is as emotionally charged as it is powerful.

Arlong’s long sword Kiribachi is rendered useless and Luffy demolishes Arlong park along with its owner in one swift blow.

09. Straw Hats VS Oars

Straw Hats VS Oars fights in One Piece

At number nine, the straw hats go up against the zombie Oars. While Luffy is off looking for Moria, the straw hats take it upon themselves to fight Ores who proves more than a handful. Undeterred the crew put off some of the most effortless and creative attacks.

It’s a rare joy to see the straw hats work so well as a team when there are fighting solo in almost every other case. Even when Moria enters Oars’s guts and the straw hats seem to be fighting a losing battle, they never give up.

Using all, they must analyze and find Oars’s weakness which turns out to be his right arm. With sunrise around the corner, the straw hats have bought just enough time for nightmare Luffy to save the day.

08. Luffy VS Crocodile

Luffy VS Crocodile fights in One Piece

In the eighth spot, Luffy fights his first warlord of the sea, Crocodile, in the kingdom of Arabasta. A man who’s eaten the sand-sand fruit, Crocodile is by all accounts invincible because Arabasta is all desert.

Not only do Luffy’s attacks fail to hit Crocodile, the villain leaves our hero close to death not once but twice. This fight stands out for the sheer persistence with which Luffy goes after the Baroque Works head Honchou. To the point of using his own blood to counter crocodile sand attacks, Luffy stays on the offensive all the way through.

Even when he’s grazed by Crocodiles poison hook, he doesn’t succumb to the scorpion venom that should have left him paralyzed. A running theme throughout the series, this time too Luffy is fighting for his Nakama princess Vivi in this case.

Even the cold-blooded Crocodile can’t help but eventually be impressed by Luffy’s resolve to surpass him to protect his friends right before the young pirate blows him up to the sky.

07. Zoro VS Killer

Zoro VS Killer fights in One Piece

At number seven are the only two lieutenants to make the ranks of the supernovas. If you haven’t guessed already, it’s Zoro vs Killer or Killer’s deranged alter ego, Kamazo, the manslayer.

Not surprisingly, this is no simple sword fight. For one, the two men have five blades between them. Kamazo matches Zoro’s three swordplay with a pair of giant sights. Slashing and swinging to mortally wound, if not kill the two opponents never give their blades a rest. That means we’re in for a superfast supercharged encounter that leaps off the ground and leaves the air pulsing.

Blood flows hot and free in the pristine white snow that gently envelops Ringo, a picturesque region in Wano. In a well-matched fight, Zoro still shows us why he deserves to take on the mantle of the world’s greatest swordsman. Having a side pierced chest doesn’t deter him from dispatching his challenger to hell with one last heavenly attack.

06. Luffy VS Enel

Luffy VS Enel fights in One Piece

At number six, we have the rumble-rumble fruit user Enel fighting rubber man Luffy. In the idyllic sky island of Skypiea, Enel reigns supreme as god with his lightning manipulation powers and mastery of mantra or observation Haki, which allows him to predict his opponent’s next move.

But Luffy’s rubber abilities make him Enel’s natural enemy and capable of negating his lightning bolts. Enraged Enel releases his most powerful attack but the outcome is clear by now. Luffy pulverizes Enel bringing the fight to a ringing end.

05. Luffy VS Usopp

Luffy VS Usopp fights in One Piece

At number five, the most heartbreaking One Piece fight on this list, we have two friends Luffy and Usopp facing off each other. The catalyst is Luffy’s decision to call time on their beloved ship, The Going Merry. Usopp doesn’t take the news well and the matter escalates to the point where Usopp challenges his captain to a duel with both staking their pride as men on it.

The two begin to fight each other in all sincerity and Luffy in the beginning, gets caught up in Usopp’s pace. Knowing all his weaknesses, the long-nosed straw hat fights earnestly with shuriken, caltrops, and ingeniously uses an impact dial source from Skypiea.

However, nursing serious injuries inflicted on him earlier by the Franky Family, Usopp is left unconscious after failing to dodge a direct strike from Luffy. As the rest of the crew members look mortified, even Merry seems to be crying at this harrowing scene.

Trying to contain his tears, Luffy leaves the ship to Usopp and walks away, leaving his friend in a crumpled heap. This is the moment our carefree hero realizes what being a captain of a ship truly means.

04. Luffy VS Doflamingo

Luffy VS Doflamingo best fights in One Piece

No top 10 fight list is complete without the Luffy Doflamingo Haki spectacle which makes the cut at number four. What begins as a two versus one fight is left to Luffy to settle after Doflamingo incapacitates Law. With both opponents wielding the same conqueror’s Haki, the level of power and destruction is off the charts.

Deep crimson flames leap and explode each time the two tangle but knowing Luffy, he never disappoints under pressure, so “Gear Fourth” is revealed. Fighting into his forearm, Luffy’s upper body expands and his armament Haki gleams a dangerous red.

Accompanied by kabuki dramatics, bounce man is the most visually striking of Luffy’s level ups. In the end, it’s Luffy’s King Kong Gun against Doflamingo’s Haki enhanced 16 Holy Bullets God Thread and we all know who emerges victorious. One of the best One Piece fights.

03. Luffy VS Lucci

Luffy VS Lucci fights in One Piece

With no Haki, a much stronger opponent and a desperate desire to save robin, Luffy’s fight with Rob Lucci is at number three. Having declared war on the world government, the straw hats appear stronger and more confident but before they can reach Robin, they must get past the CP9 agents. The toughest of the lot fours on Luffy’s plate, Lucci.

A leopard-human hybrid proves a formidable opponent. Up against Lucci’s body hardening technique, the captain of the straw hat struggles to keep up just with his second gear. A fierce battle leads to Luffy unveiling gear third.

Blowing up his arm into a gigantic bone balloon, he smashes Lucci through a wall and onto a marine battleship but Luffy can only use gear third for a minute, shrinking to the size of a child after his time is up. Lucci proves far too strong for Luffy who is knocked senseless and seems to be out for the count.

That’s till Usopp throws down his soulgate king mask and urges Luffy to stand up and fight back. For a moment, the sense shivers down our spines.

It’s the first time Usopp has faced Luffy as himself after their fight. Spurred on by Usopp, Luffy keeps standing till he eventually knocks out Lucci in an impossible turn of fortune.

02. Luffy VS Katakuri

Luffy VS Katakuri best fights in One Piece

Big mom’s second son is a master of conqueror’s Haki and has a devil fruit ability like Luffy’s but what sets him apart is his observation Haki, which allows him to see a little into the future. This means he can dodge Luffy’s attacks with ease.

Convinced that Luffy can’t defeat him, he lets his guard down to have tea and donuts in seclusion only for the straw hats captain to gatecrash his little party and expose his face which is a closely guarded secret. Rage gives way to grudging admiration as Katakuri acknowledges Luffy’s tenacity and the two resume their fight, this time as equals.

But what makes it a truly worthy contender on this list is that it serves as a window to the characters of both fighters. When Luffy’s impaled by Katakuri’s spear due to his sister’s intervention, the general reveals his gentleman warrior side by stabbing himself and uncovering his face to make the fight fair.

At the very end, when he falls on his back for the very first time in a fight, it’s in tribute to Luffy whom he now considers his first real challenge. A war moment plays out as Luffy returns the favor by covering up his fallen rival’s face.

01. Kaido & Big Mom VS Everyone

Kaido & Big Mom VS Everyone best fights in One Piece

Number one is Luffy, Law, Kid, Zoro and Killer taking on not one but two Yonkos in the ongoing Wano arc. Having finally reached the roof of Onigashima, the five challengers have an impossible job on their hands. Defeat Kaido and Big Mom who have unfortunately formed an unlikely alliance.

It’s twice the trouble and doubles the danger. The young ones who make up almost half of the notorious rookie group called the Supernovas do start off strong. They come out all guns blazing, putting their biggest moves on display and showing incredible results. Kaido takes a massive hit from Luffy and is knocked out early on in the fight.

Big Mom playing a supporting role also has her attacks thwarted. With his flashy weapons and extravagant attacks, this fight between two of the greatest pirate alliances is all about shock and awe. It manages to keep the audience on the edge of their seats and wondering what’s about to come next.

While every player in the melee is outstanding, Zoro deserves a special shout-out. The ever dependable straw hat crew member not only saves his captain from certain death but also dares to leave a gaping wound on Kaido’s dragon body with his newly inherited sword.

Since the action is far from over and the last stills teased Kaido being provoked into unveiling a new and dangerous human beast form, the question on everyone’s mind is, will the five challengers get out of this alive? I’m afraid Victory is still a faraway dream, not that we should ever stop dreaming.

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