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10 Best Most Badass Mentors in Anime

A mentor is one of the most important characters in anime. They are the one who provides the guide, the one who helps the protagonist to grow as a person, and most of the time, it’s the mentor who eventually wins over the protagonist and teaches them the lessons of life. They are the one who is there to help, teach, and guide our MC. They are there to make the protagonist strong enough to face the difficulties. We are counting down the 10 best most badass teachers in anime.

Here are the 10 best most badass teachers in anime

A teacher is one of the most important characters in anime. They make the protagonist realize their potential and help them to reach their goals. There are many teachers in anime, but only a few have the true power to change the story. In this post, I will go over the 10 best mentors in the anime. Let’s jump right into it.

10. Yami Sukehiro – Black Clover

Mentors in Anime Yami Sukehiro - Black Clover

How about we kickstart our list with a tough one Yami Sukehiro, the father figure of his squad, The Black Bulls. Unlike other magical squads, Yami helps his members to deal with their problems in different ways. His character holds various mysteries within him.

Coming from another country, people are always afraid of his looks. However, he was welcomed by the current wizard king. Based on his personal preference Yami built his own magic knight guild that triggers others’ inner hatred.

Still, the members he picks are always ready for his command. His relationship with Asta is kind of bittersweet in the beginning. Later changed into a duo that made a run for many out there.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 1(170 Ep.)

09. Minato Namikaze – Naruto Shippuden

Mentors in Anime Minato Namikaze - Naruto Shippuden

For this spot, I had a really tough time picking one. Whether I should go with everyone’s favorite Garaga or the yellow flash Minato. Since we are talking about epicness, then I would say Minato has a little edge. Sometimes students can really super pass their master’s.

There is a lot to talk about. Minato had been a great father, a good husband, and more importantly, the coolest Hokage of all time. The master who sacrifices himself in order to save his child and village.

There is nothing that can go wrong with his teaching. Only if he was able to teach a few things about girly issues. Out of all kage character design, Minato has the best one. What do you guys think?


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 1(500 Ep.)

08. Jin Taejin – The God of High School

Jin Taejin teachers in anime The God of High School

How can we make a list of mentors without having any old man? We had to add Jin Taejin the master of Renewal Taekwondo. As far the adaptation goes, we only know very few things about him.

First, we know him as a grandfather of Jin Mori but if you have read the webtoon, you know that he is the adoptive grandfather who taught him Renewal Taekwondo. The strongest character in the GOH universe who once defeated all six strongest people in South Korea.

Most people in the series carry borrowed energy which is not the case for him. Only if we get the proper future adaptations we will get to know more about him.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 1(13 Ep.)

07. Lisa Lisa – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

teachers in anime Lisa Lisa - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Now let’s talk about one of the most beautiful mentors on our list Lisa Lisa. There is a lot to like about her. She is the most powerful Hamon user, a good mother, and the best teacher Joseph and Caesar could ever ask for.

With his looks and ability, she can easily destroy lives within vampires. Her training methods may seem hard and also lead you to a certain and like death. However, she believes in her students and as her motherly nature, she has a soft spot for Jojo.

Also, don’t get fooled by her look. It might look like she is in her prime time but in fact, she is in her 50s. Well, Hamon can really do wonders.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 5(140 Ep.)

06. Rayleigh Silvers – One Piece

Mentors in Anime Rayleigh Silvers - One Piece

On number five, we have Ex Roger pirate crewmate, Rayleigh Silvers. Living freely like a legend in a way that even admirals are afraid to mess with him. In a short period of two years, he teaches our future pirate, Luffy, how to deal with Yonko and never let them mess with his crewmates.

Since his prime time ended years ago, now he likes to have some privacy but that doesn’t mean he became old and rusty. There is a reason why he is known as the strongest crew made in roger pirates.

Without any devil fruit power, he can fight with any big name you can think of. The recent fight with Marco is enough to prove that. Now, that’s what you call a badass mentor you want yourself to train with.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 1(1000+ Ep.)(Airing)

05. Kisuke Urahara – Bleach

teachers in anime Kisuke Urahara - Bleach

For our MC to reach their full potential having a great teacher plays an important role. More than anyone else, the same goes for our full-time soul-reaper Ichigo teacher Kisuke Urahara. One of the most intelligent men in the 13 Gotei squads, and Aizen knows the fact really well.

For die-hard bleach fans, they know how awesome his Bankai form is. From being a squad captain to a friendly storekeeper, his journey did go south. However, in terms of his epicness there is no limit. He helped Ichigo unlock his Bankai to prevent Rukia’s execution.

That arc still holds a memorable place in my heart. So, next time you meet your friendly neighborhood storekeeper, remember how scary things can get.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 366 Ep.

04. Koro Sensei – Assassination Classroom

teachers in anime Koro Sensei - Assassination Classroom

It’s only a matter of time before we talk about the tentacle monster Koro Sensei. He already destroyed the moon and now with a mission to destroy the earth next year. What a terrifying sensei he is? Now that’s what I call having big ambitions in life.

Class 3-E students are the luckiest class on earth with the even bigger task to kill him before that. By the harmless appearance, it may seem easy right but before that you need to know there is nothing in the world that can be used to kill him: no poison, no knife, no suicide bomber, and definitely not things like seducing.

However, things would be easier if you were his student and if you crossed that line. Then Koro Sensei is the last person you would like to meet.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 2(47 Ep.)

03. Gojou Satoru – Jujutsu Kaisen

Visually Stunning Action Anime

One of the MAPPA biggest flex or a reverse Kakashi, you can call it whatever you want to Gojou sensei. We have only seen a glimpse of his power in season one. However, it feels Gojou can go against anyone and defeat him without breaking a sweat.

He keeps goofing around with his prey like it’s just a child’s play for him. Besides, whenever his students need them, he wastes no time. One thing his opponent needs to remember is that he is far from naïve.

He acts cluelessly all the time and in the blink of an eye, he can change the game completely. When I look at the amount of power he holds, I wouldn’t be surprised if there is any worthy opponent for him. The word epicness fits perfectly for Gojou Satoru.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 1(24 Ep.)

02. Onizuka Eikichi – Great Teacher Onizuka

Anime Where Everyone Hates MC

While on the list of coolest mentors. How can we forget about one of the old classical hits GTO? When we look at a great teacher figure, what type of quality do you like to look, a good sense of duty with a great background which is students like to admire but what if I tell you Onizuka has none of it.

In fact, Onizuka is a big pervert by nature and by the past profession. He was a gangster known as a former member of Oni-Baku. So how can a formal gangster become a teacher? Well, that’s what his students like to think at first.

However, slowly when they started to spend much time with him, they get to realize how good of a teacher he was.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 1(43 Ep.)

01. All Might – My Hero Academia

Mentors in Anime All Might - My Hero Academia anime

If I had to pick just one mentor figure, it had to be All Might. Not because of his physical strength. Indeed, that is impressive, but what makes him so special is thanks to his big smile that everyone can look forward to.

Whenever you see that smile come up, you know what’s gonna happen next. Even in the most depressing situation, All Might never forget to smile. It might seem pretty easy when we look at his ability with the smile he shows but that all came with a price.

Out of all his greatness, he picked a kid who had absolutely no skills whatsoever. Give him the world’s most powerful ability and get him trained in a way his body can handle. If that’s not a true sign of a great mentor, then I don’t know what it could be.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 5(113 Ep.)

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