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10 Best Yandere Characters in Anime | Craziest Yandere Girls

Yandere girls are some of the most intriguing anime characters. They can range from sweet and gentle to psychotic and violent. Yandere girls are known for their obsessive, possessive nature and are willing to do anything to get the man she loves. These possessive, often manic young women will stop at nothing to win their beloved’s affection. Yandere anime explore the range of human emotion and the depths of human obsession. If you are looking for the craziest anime yandere characters, then we bring you the 10 best yandere anime girls of all time.

Here are the 10 best yandere characters in anime of all time

Yandere girls are fascinating. They are sweet and caring on the outside but, on the inside, they are vicious and calculating. Yandere girls are complex characters that are hard to understand. They are complex because they have two conflicting personalities. While some yandere characters are violent and unpredictable, others are completely obsessed with their love interest and would do anything to make them happy.

Yandere characters have become one of the most popular anime tropes in recent years. These shows can be addicting, thrilling, and a little bit disturbing and if you are looking for the craziest yandere character ever, then here are the 10 best yandere girls of all time.

10. Kaede Fuyo – Shuffle

Kaede Fuyo Yandere Characters in Anime

When gods and demons decide to be your next-door neighbors, don’t you love it? Yeah, you would hear some strange sounds at night, but at least if you are an average-looking anime protagonist who is destined to be surrounded by girls, then the next-door neighbors might fall in love with you. That’s right, no need to wander far because you can find love next door.

Our main two love interests are the daughter of the gods Sia and the daughter of the demons Nerine. Trust me; they can score pretty good scores on a mental health test, which means they’re not supposed to be the yandere. So, who is the yandere? The childhood friend.

Obviously, you should know the golden rule of anime by now. If two love interests appear, then the childhood friends disappear, but if your childhood friend is a crazy psychopath, then she’ll get to stick with you for just a little bit.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 2(36 Ep.)

09. Ringo Oginome – Penguindrum

Ringo Oginome Yandere Characters in Anime

When just psycho isn’t enough, you step up a level and bring in the crazy psycho. Who needs cute girls doing cute things when we have cute girls doing evil things that make you question, what the hell you’re watching? Now, the show’s pretty dark, and anime also involves penguins. You should know this is another troll anime or a psychological anime.

Penguindrum involves penguins, but things get a lot darker when it brings in the yandere. This time the unlucky people are the twin brothers Kanba and Shouma. They live alone with their beloved little sister Himari.

As usual, our beloved sister has an illness, but when she gets cured, the brothers realize there’s another presence inside her, and let’s just say that isn’t something to be proud about.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 1(24 Ep.)

08. Shoko Kirishima – Baka And Test

Shoko Kirishima Yandere Characters in Anime

No girl in Baka and Test can beat the yandere personality of Shoko. She’s so overprotective that it makes bodyguards cry tears. The plot of Baka and Test feels like a cheap copy of High School of The Elite. Students are assigned to six classes based on their grades.

If you get a good grade then be a lucky bastard to go to Class A. If you get bad grades, you join the good old hooligans of Class F, but if you’re lucky enough, then the hottest girl and the smartest girl will both land in the same class. Why? Because that’s how anime works genius, but if you’re tired of the premise, you can wait to watch more scenes of Shoko.

She sure knows how to be overprotective of the guy she likes, and she’s the best girl, no doubt in that.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 2(26 Ep.)

07. Yuka Minase – 11Eyes

Yuka Minase Yandere Characters in Anime

How do you make yandere anime more interesting? You make sure the anime happens during the apocalypse because if the girl goes too far, you could say the world ended and the main character died along with it. But don’t worry, 11 Eyes isn’t that kind of anime, or is it. When the sky turns red, the moon turns black, and then the monsters begin roaming the streets. Our main character lands in such a world and now he doesn’t know what to do.

11 Eyes starts with one of the most interesting supernatural premises of all time. You’ve got the main character who learns about his powers quickly, a world that seemed to send one threat after the other, and a mystery about what keeps creating all these monsters. The ending will not be something you’ll expect, so go with popcorn in hand.


Dubbed – No

Season – 1(12 Ep.)

06. Natsuno Yuuki – Shiki

Natsuno Yuuki Yandere Characters in Anime

Yandere girls in normal anime are fine, but how do you increase the tension? Yandere girls in horror anime. Yeah, that’s going to be fun, especially when the girls come across as ghosts who can haunt you.

Shiki takes place in Sotoba, a small Japanese village plagued by vampiric creatures who cause sudden and terrible deaths to the village’s residents. We follow Natsuno Yuuki as she is drawn into these secrets and tortured by vampires. Unlike many other anime, Shiki’s whole story revolves around the horror element.

The story begins when a girl is killed unexpectedly after visiting a particular mansion, and you realize, yeah, this is where the ghosts come in. By the way, please don’t confuse this Shiki with the Shiki from Kara no Kyoukai; they are two completely different characters.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 1(22 Ep.)

05. Akane Hiyama – Love Tyrant

Akane Hiyama Yandere Characters in Anime

Apparently, the romantic version of Death Note wasn’t enough; they had to bring the crazy yandere too. Who knew the redhead in school would be the most popular Yandere in school. So, what’s the story about. A cupid named Guri writes the name of a normal high schooler named Seiji in her notebook. Now, if this boy doesn’t kiss anyone, he’ll die very soon.

To prevent it, Guri asks Seiji to kiss Akane. The most popular girl in school. Seiji just wanted a normal high school life with a regular girlfriend, but sometimes being the unpopular guy doesn’t necessarily mean you’re an unpopular guy among girls as well.

If you haven’t watched this anime, then the girl you should look out for is Akane. At first, she might be like, hello there, Seiji, and then Seiji kisses the wrong girl, and she comes along with the badass blades.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 1(12 Ep.)

04. Minatsuki Takami – Deadman Wonderland

Minatsuki Takami Yandere Characters in Anime

Deadman Wonderland is that show you think is very peaceful at first and then a few moments later, it turns into a bloodbath, and then you think, oh so it’s that kind of anime. When Ganta Igarashi and his classmates decide to go on a field trip, all of his friends are killed, and Ganta is blamed.

Now he’s been placed into a prison where he must survive by participating in various death games. Prisons are horrible, but this one is so bad that even the worst inmates would not dream of being in the jails of Deadman Wonderland.

Among the prisoners, we’ve got a psycho girl who at first acts all cute and then turns into one of the craziest anime girls of all time, but the good thing is when you have a psycho on your side, you automatically get the most loyal bodyguard of all time.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 1(12 Ep.)

03. Shion Sonozaki – Higurashi

Shion Sonozaki Yandere Characters in Anime

Oh look, what a nice kid’s show. I hope things won’t turn bad. At this point, you should know when the anime has a horror tag in it but starts in a wholesome way that something bad is about to happen real soon and when it comes to Higurashi, a lot of bad things happen in different arcs.

The yandere madness comes in the second arc, where the show goes from Shion being the best girl to Shion being a crazy girl. I won’t go into much detail because that would mean I have to head into spoilers’ territory.

Higurashi is a show with tons of mysteries, so when a normal-looking girl turns into a yandere, you know they have a really good reason for it. If you love the first two seasons, make sure to watch the GOU and SOTSU seasons as well.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 4(89 Ep.)

02. Kurumi Tokisaki – Date A Live

Kurumi Tokisaki Yandere Characters in Anime

Before starting, I would like to declare that Kurumi is the best girl on this show and anyone who disagrees will be shot with her pistol. In Date A Live, we have spirits. Who are spirits? Girls with broken hearts need to be dated so they will stop destroying the world. I know all you have to do is prevent the apocalypses from dating some waifus and letting them stay in your home, but not all waifus are good ones.

Meet Kurumi, the best girl of the show and the craziest of them all. At one moment, she can look like a good old school girl and then the next moment, she’s like the craziest yandere girl.

So, the motto of Date A Live is never messed with Kurumi unless you are some crazy masochist. Our main character is the only one who can calm her down, and even then, she starts acting like a psycho in love.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 3(34 Ep.)

01. Yuno Gasai – Future Diary

Yuno Gasai Yandere Characters in Anime

Kurumi is good, but when we’re talking about yanderes, no one can ever beat the yandere nature of Yuno Gasai because when Yuno goes mad, she can make you regret living on this planet. As long as you don’t touch her boyfriend, you could be on her good side.

To summarise the plot, Yukiteru Amano is a young boy who is dragged into a battle royale with 12 other opponents. Each of them is given a diary with its own set of abilities. Yuki is given the future dairy. A diary that can foresee every incident that will occur in the future of Yukiteru Amano.

What I love about the future diary is the way it combines psychological elements to its horror and makes your brain spin around while watching the show and be aware of Yuno Gasai because she can haunt your dreams.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 1(26 Ep.)

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