Thymesia New Games To Play In August 2022

12 Best New Games To Play In August 2022

As the calendar turned from July to August, gaming fans started looking for new titles to play. From action games to RPGs, shooters to platformers, there’s a lot to play this month. One of the biggest games of the year, which is being ported to PC from PlayStation, is coming out in August. So if you are in search of the best new games to play in August 2022, here are our top 12 picks for you.

Here are the 12 best new released games to play in August 2022

It’s almost time for another month of gaming. August is always a great month in gaming because it’s a mix of new games and old favorites. This month, we’ve got the return of a fan-favorite series, a new hack and slash game, and a handful of games that are worth checking out. This month, we’re all in for the ride. Here are our top 12 picks for the best new games coming in August.

01. Rumbleverse


Rumbleverse is a free-to-play 40-person brawler royale, or in other words, it is a battle royale. They focus on melee combat. More specifically wrestling themed fighting game-style melee combat. So, you’re gonna have a whole host of offensive and defensive moves. Everything will have its own use case as well as counters. It is all very rock paper scissors, as most fighting games tend to be.

At the start, 40 players get launched out of cannons into this large city and then once they land, they run around searching for stuff. You can like to smash open crates and other objects in the environment. Inside, you might find consumables or weapons or buffs that can enhance your damage health or stamina and then you use all this stuff to try to get an advantage over your opponents in fights.

Combat has plenty of knock-ups, grapples, and throws, and all of this is very wrestling inspired. On top of that, there are things like supers and special moves they can pick up for limited-time use. All of this really aims to help keep things interesting beyond that base-level combat. There’s always an element of RNG that goes into a lot of battle royales and helps keep things interesting.

The buildings within the city can be scaled, letting you move around freely to chase or avoid other players. There’s also an ever-shrinking circle that gets smaller and smaller as the match progresses and forcing the remaining players into close quarters and into conflict and you’re trying to win fights, get stronger along the way and survive to the very end to be the last one standing.

The game also has a character creator with a ton of customization and depth, letting you build all sorts of crazy characters. In general, I would say I like the idea of this game. It is a pretty neat spin on the standard battle royale formula.

It’s like a battle royale for people who like fighting game combat versus most battle royales like a third or first-person shooter. I suspect the game will have a decent player base at launch, especially considering it’s free to play and I can also see it doing very well on consoles.

Rumbleverse launches on August 11th. It’s coming to Xbox, PlayStation, and PC via the Epic store. They’ll be kicking off season one a week after launch on the 18th.

Price – Free

Date – August 11th

Platform – Xbox, PS, PC

02. Thymesia

Thymesia New Games To Play In August 2022

Thymesia is a dark fantasy souls-like action RPG set in a medieval-inspired world of alchemy that’s been overrun by a plague.

You play as Corvus, a half human half raven on a quest to find the cure. The game got hack and slash action combat. They’re considering this a souls like. It is a bit on the faster pace side and more aggressive and maybe closer to the pacing of something like Bloodborne.

The game comes with a wound mechanic. After attacking an enemy, you expose this wound damage, which will regenerate over time but if you continue to stay aggressive and keep attacking, it stops the regeneration. You also have access to this unique claw attack that will deal bonus damage to wounds.

It’s an interesting system where there are two damage types and two health bars for every enemy. Thymesia also appears to have very weighty and timing-intensive combat. You’ll have to carefully watch your enemies and time when to attack and which of your attacks to use. You’ve got the basic light and heavy attacks where those claw attacks that I mentioned for wound damage.

There’s also the system of plague weapons where every enemy has this unique plague weapon that you can steal from them and when you reeve it away, it will give you this one use specialty attack. There’s also a ton of timing with the defensive maneuvers like dodges, deflects, and feathers.

There’s also an upgrade system that lets you enhance the various offensive and defensive maneuvers. You will move through tight corridors from one enemy encounter to the next along the path. You might find some story bits or checkpoints called beacons similar to the soul’s bonfires. You work your way through the levels, taking on these groups of enemies, hitting these checkpoints, and making your way to boss encounters. I think the game looks pretty neat.

Overall, it is almost certainly smaller in scale compared to like its contemporaries to other souls like games. Thymesia launches on August 18th for 29.99, coming to Xbox, PlayStation, and PC via Steam. Also, you can visit here if you are looking to buy all the latest released game keys at the best price.

Price – $29.99

Date – August 18th

Platform – Xbox, PS, PC

03. Saints Row

Saints Row

Saints Row is the latest installment in the Saints Row franchise. This is a reimagining of the core series. It’s not a remaster of the 2006 release nor a sequel hence why it’s not called Saints Row 5.

Basically, they’re trying to reboot the series with all new characters, a new setting, and many more features and modern-day systems. In case you forgot, Saints Row has always been like GTA but a little more over the top. The Saints Row reboot takes place in the southern desert city of Santo Lleso, as is the usual case in successive games in the series.

They say that this is their biggest open world to date and it’ll be full of stuff to do. Plenty of side hustles and criminal activities that are all filled with these various blockbuster over-the-top cinematic moments. It’s the standard open-world formula.

The game’s ultimate goal is to build up this criminal empire, so the city is made up of various unique districts and every district will be controlled by one of the game’s enemy factions like rival criminal gangs. The game also features these things called criminal ventures. The game also features deep character customization called the boss factory, which lets you design all sorts of characters with really deep customization that you can make some pretty interesting stuff here.

So, first impressions came out recently and they seemed generally positive. Saints row will launch on August 23rd for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC via Epic.

Price – TBA

Date – August 23rd

Platform – Xbox, PS, PC

04. Tinykin


Tinykin is a mini monster collecting puzzle adventure game. You play as Milo, a scientist from another planet who accidentally lands in an oversized house frozen in time while looking for the earth. Your goal is to help its inhabitants and figure out a way to return home.

So, you’re going to run around as Milo exploring these cities that the ants, beetles, and other insects built inside a giant human house. Every room is a unique city with its own puzzles and problems to solve.

As you navigate the environment along the way, you will be collecting hundreds of tiny kin with special abilities. They come in different colors and with different abilities. In general, just interact with the environment in different ways that will help you solve the various puzzles.

You can collect upgrades to improve your abilities and enhancing things like your bubble pack or your soap board which lets you jump, grind and hover all around the house for quick movement. There is a narrative arc to all of this. You will meet new characters in each one of the various room cities learning their stories and then helping them with their problems.

Now the ultimate goal is to bypass all of these obstacles and help the inhabitants solve the puzzles in every room, and in turn, this gives you access to one more bit of machinery that you need to return home. I think this looks pretty slick.

After watching a bit of gameplay, I mean jokes about the Pikmin similarities aside, I am impressed with what I’ve seen. Tinykin will launch on August 30th, coming to Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and PC via steam.

Price – TBA

Date – August 30th

Platform – Xbox, PS, PC, Switch

05. Scathe


Scathe is an intense classic FPS that requires quick reflexes as you make your way through a bullet hell labyrinth. It’s got a visual aesthetic that reminds me at first glance quite a bit of doom 2016. Although I’ll tell you after trying the demo, it doesn’t seem to play like Doom at all.

So, you’re dropped into these levels, and you have to move through their various corridors, fighting through hordes of enemies, collecting upgrades, trying to survive, and searching for Hellstones, which will let you advance on to the next level. The gameplay is a bit grounded.

You’re not really zipping around the map. There is a dash, but for the most part, your feet are on the floor. There’s an array of different weapons to swap between.

Having played the demo, I’ll say it seems like a small-scale indie Boomer Shooter. I quite like the visuals in particular and I thought the weapons look really good. The game does the whole character closely in specs and checks out in detail a gun when you first pick it up but I also have to say that I think the gameplay feels not as impactful as I was expecting.

Sometimes the shooting does feel good but some of the character movements and the animations in the game seem a bit off. Also, I’m not sure if it was an issue just with the demo build but some of the audio in this game was legitimately difficult to listen to. But because it’s a demo, I’m not willing to pass the final judgment on the game.

I hope this was just an audio issue specific to the demo build. Scathe will be launching on August 31st. It’s coming to the Xbox and PC via Steam.

Price – TBA

Date – August 31st

Platform – Xbox, PC

06. Two Point Campus

Two Point Campus

Kicking things off this month is Two Point Campus. This is the follow-up to the wildly popular Two Point Hospital. It is a management sim that is a little less on the serious side. In Two Point Campus, you’re tasked with building the university of your dreams, constructing classrooms, hiring staff, and taking care of the students as you run the day-to-day operations.

You’re to start off with a simple plot of land, placing down empty buildings, laying sidewalks, fencing, and landscaping, much of which can be done in a drag and drop fashion which is pretty cool because it looks to give some flexibility on the size and shape of what you’re building.

Then, with the groundwork set, you will fill stuff in deciding which buildings do what, placing down classrooms for learning, lunch halls to keep everyone fed, and dormitories so that your students can get some rest. There are many decorative elements as well as benches, fountains, sculptures, and hedgerows. You can manually place windows, plants, posters, and doors inside the buildings.

As you build this stuff up, students will start arriving on campus. Just like Two Point Hospital, this isn’t a strait-laced affair. Beyond managing your facilities, the game focuses more on interacting with the characters, your students, and your staff. You’ll work to try to keep everyone’s morale high.

You’ll get to know everybody and explore their individual personalities, wants and needs, and then place things accordingly. Helping them build up friend groups and socialize with activities like clubs and societies. If this is anything like its predecessor, it’s bound to be one of those games that’s just really good light-hearted fun.

In general, I enjoy titles like SimCity because they can be really chill and relaxing and Two Point studios kind of takes that formula and adds a bit more humor to it. Like I said, their first title Two Point Hospital was quite popular. It was released back in 2018 and had over 20000 Steam reviews.

So, my expectations are pretty high for Two Point Campus, and I really like what I’ve seen. Two Point Campus launches on August 9th, priced at 39.99, and it is coming to Xbox, PlayStation, and PC via Steam.

Price – $39.99

Date – August 9th

Platform – Xbox, PS, PC

07. Cult of the Lamb

Cult of the Lamb

Cult of the Lamb is a roguelike action game where you play as a lamb brought back from the dead to serve a dark master. Your goal is to build up an army of followers and eliminate the non-believers who sentenced you to death in the first place.

So, this is a top-down action roguelike. You will move through various stages and fight enemies in these little mini arenas. You’ll enter a room and take everybody out.

This will clear the stage, letting you move on to the next interconnected room and then once you make your way through an area, you will then get to select where to go next at a branching path. So, you might have a choice of going to another combat area or visiting an item shop, a mini-boss or a mystery location which could be one of a handful of things. It’s a very similar structure to many other roguelike games.

You’ll be picking from a random assortment of items you come across, unlocking new and more powerful weapons and special abilities. You can get passive buffs through this tarot card system and you’ll defeat bosses and convert members to your cult in that process.

There’s a system of community management or base management as well. You’ve got this plot of land where you can construct various stations, minding your followers’ moods, dealing with dissidents, and trying to keep everyone fed and happy.

Also, you have to perform the occasional ritual. At first glance, I wasn’t sold on this game when I just saw it in passing. I think the visuals in particular, just didn’t pull me in, but I got to tell you that when I sat down and played the demo, I was fairly impressed. This seems pretty well put together.

The combat felt really smooth and engaging and I also appreciate some of the subtle humor in the game. Like a lot of the characters make funny noises during the dialogue sections. Cult of the Lamb stands to be their biggest hit yet if my early impressions are anywhere near the mark. It can be hard to tell with these indie games sometimes whether or not they’re gonna end up finding an audience but again, my first impressions are that this certainly has a chance.

Cult of the Lamb will be launching on August 11th. It is priced at 24.99 and comes to Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and PC via Steam.

Price – $24.99

Date – August 11th

Platform – Xbox, PS, PC, Switch

Some honorable mentions for August 2022.

08. Hard West 2

Hard West 2

Hard West 2 is a turn-based tactics game set in the wild west with a hint of the occult.

Price – TBA

Date – August 4th

Platform – PC

09. Farthest Frontier

Farthest Frontier

Farthest Frontier is a town management simulation game.

Price – TBA

Date – August 9th

Platform – PC

10. Marvel’s Spider-Man

Marvel's Spider-Man

The PC port of Spider Man is coming out this month, and I don’t have much to say here because it is Spider Man, and the reviews have been out for years. This should be good if they don’t screw up the port.

Price – $59.99

Date – August 12th

Platform – PC

11. Rollerdrome


Rollerdrome is a third-person stunt shooter where you ride around on rollerblades shooting other rollerbladers.

Price – TBA

Date – August 16th

Platform – PS, PC

12. Gloomwood


Gloomwood is a victorian horror immersive sim. I just am including this because I love the look. It reminds me so much of the 90s PC games that I used to play.

Price – TBA

Date – August 16th

Platform – PC

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