Solar Ash New PC Games to Play in October 2021

Top 10 Best New PC Games to Play in October 2021

If you’re looking for new PC games to play, you’re in luck. Gamers are always looking for new video games to play. With so many new releases, it can be pretty difficult to find the best. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 new PC games to play in October that is worth checking out.

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Riders republic

PlayStation, Xbox, Stadia, PC

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Age of empires 4

Xbox, PC

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Solar Ash

PlayStation, PC

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Darkest dungeon 2


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Dark Pictures Anthology, House of Ashes

PlayStation, Xbox, PC

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Back for blood 4

PlayStation, Xbox, PC

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Book of travels


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Far Cry 6

PlayStation, Xbox, PC

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Age of Darkness Final Stand


Here are the list of top10 new released PC games of October 2021

There are so many great PC games to play. It takes a lot of time and dedication to get through them all. Sometimes, you just want to sit down and play a few games that you know you’ll love. It’s hard to find games that you haven’t heard of before, but there are a few that stand out from the rest. Here are some of the best new released PC games to play in October 2021.

Age of Darkness Final Stand

Age of Darkness Final Stand New PC Games to Play in October 2021

Age of Darkness Final Stand is a dark fantasy survival RTS where you must illuminate build and defend humanity’s last bastion against hordes of enemies. During the daytime, you’ll gather resources, fortify defences, and recruit new allies in preparation for the night at which point nightmare creatures will start pouring in relentlessly attacking your home base. The goal is simple you must survive the night and try to live to fight another day. So, you’ll navigate the game.

It’s got a procedurally generated map and you’ll use these light sources to push back what they’re calling this dynamic death fog that conceals enemies but also damages your troops if they walk through it. You’ll have to try to clear your way through this and then claim back territory while also hunting for resources. You’ll then use those resources to build defences back at your home base. The game will run on a day-night cycle that transitions with time.

So basically, you’re just fighting the clock in preparation for nightfall and once night comes the attack begins. These enemies which are called nightmares there’s a wide assortment of them that’ll just start pouring in they’re the basic swarmer but also special units like the spitters, the crushers, and the race. Each of which will require its own unique strategies to fight. You’ll face what they call overwhelming numbers of enemies they’re leveraging this internally developed technology which they refer to as swarm tech.

Apparently get, they say that the game can render over 70000 enemy units on screen at one time. All in all, this is a pretty neat sounding game. It’s worth noting here though that the developer is a company by the name of Playside and they have mostly made mobile games. This appears to be their first attempt on the platform and for a first attempt, this does look pretty good. Age of darkness final stand is coming to the PC via Steam’s early access on October 7th.

Do You Know?

Top 10 Upcoming Open World Games of 2021

Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6

The next game on our list is Far Cry 6 which appears to be delivering the standard tried and true far cry formula in a brand-new setting with a few new bells and whistles.

So, our virtual sandbox this go-around is called Yara. It’s a tropical paradise that they say is frozen in time run by a dictator looking to restore his nation to its former glory. We play as a Guerrilla fighter leading the revolution against this regime. So, we have our villain, we have our hero, now it’s time for more far cry. We’ll be doing all the typical Ubisoft open-world things.

Get a fairly large play space to roam around and explore. We’ll have to scout and take on these various enemy encampments. We’ll get to choose from a wide variety of different tools and weapons at our disposal. You know some people like to go in loud guns blazing throwing grenades tripping alarms. I’m all about stealth in these games.

There’s also an assortment of vehicles to ride as you expect like cars, bikes, helicopters even tanks, and horses. We’ll make use of animal companions that fight by our side including this wiener dog, alligator, and a rooster. Far Cry 6 is coming on October 7th for 59.99.

Book of travels

Book of travels New PC Games to Play in October 2021

The next one on our list is Book of Travels. It’s an exciting online RPG set in a whimsical fantasy-themed world. It draws inspiration from classic genres The game, they claim, is devoid of the limitations of plots. Instead, it allows players to roam the city and the wilds, players discover hidden locations and solve mysteries of their own. There’s no underlying purpose. There isn’t a written down in stone. It’s dependent on how you move through it.

The way you go about exploring the things you find and how you enjoy the world to the fullest. They would like players to be able to go on an adventure that doesn’t restrict their movement. They’re also calling their book of travels a TMORPG, or Tiny Multi-Player Online Roleplaying Game.

You may run across other players exploring their own adventures and you decide if would like to collaborate and play together or go on adventures all on your own. You could decide to be a risk-taking adventurer. A confident practitioner of magic or maybe you’re a jolly tea-drinking gambler. The option is yours. This is sure to be a game that leans heavily into the role-playing aspect of an RPG.

It’s an ever-changing world and storyline as you experience many random events, making your story unique each time you play. Steam will be launching early access on the 11th of October.

Back for blood 4

Back for blood 4 New PC Games to Play in October 2021

Next up is Back for Blood 4. The four-player caught first-person zombie shooter from Left 4 Dead creator turtle rock studios. I played the beta for this earlier this year and overall had a decent time. There were some rough edges for sure but ultimately it was fun taking down zombies with my friends.

We get a look at a few co-ops campaign missions which were the highlight for me. It’s made up of those two primary modes the co-op campaign where you play through these handcrafted missions that each take place in unique locations with their own narrative objective progression and encounters.

You’ll start off in a staging area where you set up your equipment and load out. Then you start the mission moving through the levels fighting off the ridden which are the zombies taking part in special events and battling bosses.

You’ll be able to replay these on various difficulty levels and there’s a director ai system that dynamically makes things more challenging depending on how you play. I could certainly see myself playing this game. Back for blood is coming to the PC and Consoles on October 12th for $59.99.



Elyon is a new traditional Eastern-style MMORPG. The game is expected to provide many of the features you’d think of from a theme park MMO. It’s a pretty fair and linear experience of levelling. You’ll go from zone to zones following the main storyline and complete additional quests from the NPCs you find within the small towns in each zone. The game has an action combat system that’s similar to the Terra.

The basic idea is that you employ these AOE and cleave weapons to eliminate large groups of foes. Combat was the main feature when I played it. It was really enjoyable and very responsive. It had nice animations and feedback. It is clear why players might enjoy this game because of the combat. The game also got dungeons raids. World bosses are available, as well as housing systems.

Regarding PVP Arenas and battlegrounds, as well as the open universe RVR. It offers everything you would expect from the theme park MMO with a cash shop. Elyon will launch on the PC on the 20th of October. Originally the game had a base price of $29.99.

However, they’ve modified this and made it completely free to play. It’s a new free-to-play MMO for people to check out so if you’re tired of New World by October 20th.

Dark Pictures Anthology, House of Ashes

Dark Pictures Anthology, House of Ashes New PC Games to Play in October 2021

Next up we’ve got the Dark Pictures Anthology, House of Ashes. The title suggests that it’s part of a collection. These are the cinematic horror games that the choices you make affect the plot and result that the player will experience. This is the third in the series of eight games being scheduled for this anthology.

House of Ashes in particular is set at the end of the Iraq conflict when special forces that we’re searching to find weapons of mass destruction find an ancient Sumerian temple that is home to a variety of frightful creatures. In order to make it through the night, they have to form a bond with their foes from the higher realms. This is a cinematic, horror game that’s all about the choices you make every second of the time.

These are tough choices in life or death scenarios. This is why you’ll have to navigate the underworld and battle for your life in this graveyard of the Sumerian temple to fight the hordes of monsters that are threatening to kill you.

The game will have two multiplayer modes that have been praised for their previous games. You can play the story online with your friend or play offline using their five players. The two games that were included in this anthology were popular and have received excellent steam reviews. The Dark Pictures Anthology, House of Ashes will be available on the consoles and PCs on October 22nd, for $29.99.

Darkest Dungeon 2

Darkest dungeon 2 New PC Games to Play in October 2021

The next game is Darkest Dungeon 2. The first was a challenging turn-based rogue-like gothic RPG. It’s all about the psychological strains of adventure. It is possible to recruit the team and train it to lead these flawed heroes in a battle against insane monsters. The game’s original concept was fantastic. I enjoyed it immensely and played a lot.

One of the main elements of this game was the system of affliction. It’s not just about fighting monsters, but you also have to deal with anxiety. You’ll be battling paranoia, fear, irrationality, masochism and many other interesting gameplay-related oddities. Innovative turn-based combat pits you against a myriad of evil creatures. There’s a narration system that rewards your achievements and your failings. The narrator was a major component of the game’s original.

Additionally, there were a number of different hero classes that you could play each with its own advantages and disadvantages. It’s an awesome game and you should go back and play the original game in case you haven’t already. Darkest Dungeon 2 will just be expanding the base game and will be expanding the content area with new enemies and other features. I’ve not seen any specifics regarding the sequel.

Also, I’ve not seen any specifics regarding what’s new or what they’re adding in the normal way. Darkest Dungeon 2 is coming to early access on PC on the 26th of October. The game will have the only Epic Store exclusive, and for certain people, that could be a deal-breaker.

Solar Ash

Solar Ash New PC Games to Play in October 2021

We are now in the eighth game of this month’s edition; we’ve acquired Solar Ash. It’s a stunning 3D platformer that takes place in an open world, where you are a void-runner who is trying to save her home planet. This is the second title by Heart Machine the same studio that developed Hyper Light Drifter. An extremely critically acclaimed independent game.

The game will take gamers into a vivid and stylized world with wild high-speed traversals charming characters and huge enemies. This game is about the ability to move. It is said that combat in the game is likely to be simple, fast and fluid, designed to facilitate moving from one activity to another. The game is just about fighting you travel around the globe. The game has a stunning design.

Solar Ash is coming to the PC and PlayStation consoles on the 26th of October. It’s not priced yet and it’s expected to turn out to be an Epic exclusive.

Age of empires 4

Age of empires 4 New PC Games to Play in October 2021

Next up we’ve got Age of Empires 4. I tried the test last week and was having a blast. It was like what I was used to playing games in my childhood, but I nevertheless enjoyed myself. It’s a well-known RTS experience. It starts with a base, the main one, and a few workers.

After that, you begin to harvest resources, search for enemies and collect more sources. Build houses, military, buy some improvements, build an enormous army and then attack your adversaries. According to the Steam page, some of the most notable aspects from Age of Empires 4 include familiar, but also new methods of playing.

The game will include 4K resolution. There will be eight civilizations and four campaigns and 35 missions available to explore. The game will also have mod support as of 2022. The game also supports multiplayer that lets you be a part of a team, compete or play together with seven other players in different modes.

The game is likely to include a tutorial that will provide the fundamentals of RTS. The game will launch on the 28th of October.

Riders republic

Riders republic New PC Games to Play in October 2021

Riders republic is an open-world extreme sports game that takes place in a huge seamless open world. The game is set in these iconic national parks that are all mashed together for this seamless exploration. You’ll be coming across other players in the world where you can team up with them to compete in these wide ranges of modes like downhill racing team vs team competition, large-scale competitive races.

Key features include this huge social play space from the snowy mountains to arid canyons. You can ride through numerous well-known locations. All of these are faithfully transposed and mashed up together to create and allow for seamless exploration between these locations.

There’s also going to be a vibrant social hub that you can gather in and meet other players. Mass starts where they say up to 50 plus players can race with no limits. Also, a large-scale event like multiplayer arenas with six for six team PVP matchups, there’s also going to be online cups with leaderboards.

Also, going to be customization in this game where you can create your rider and specialize with this progression-based gear system. They also say that apparently, the game is going to run on next-gen consoles at 60 fps while having more than 50 players simultaneously. I know pc master race player is going to be like ha-ha 60 fps but honestly with 50 simultaneous players on the screen I do think that’s pretty impressive. Riders republic is coming to the PC consoles and Stadia on October 28th for $60.

What are the top game releasing in October 2021?

Here are the top 5 releasing games on October 2021 are Far Cry 6, Back for Blood 4, Riders republic, Solar Ash, and Darkest Dungeon 2.

What are the top games releasing for PlayStation in October 2021?

Top games that are released for PlayStation on October 2021 are Riders republic, Solar Ash, House of Ashes, Far Cry 6, and Back for Blood 4.

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