Battle Strike offline FPS games for Android and iOS in 2022

10 Best Offline FPS Games for Android and iOS in 2022

Choosing the 10 Best Offline FPS Games for Android & iOS of 2022 depends on your personal preferences. These fast-paced games were created specifically to provide great fun to players of all ages. We know you’re looking for the most immersive and addictive experiences, so we’ve got some suggestions for you. Find out the 10 best offline FPS games for Android and iOS in 2022.

Here are the 10 best offline FPS games for Android and iOS in 2022

These ten games are currently the best FPS offline games for Android & iOS in 2022. Most of these are free, and some are available for in-app purchases. Some are even available on open platforms. Each of these games is an offline-only title. You can play whenever you want, with only the data stored on your device.

10. Rise of Demons

Rise of Demons offline FPS games for Android and iOS in 2022

This is a fast-paced first-person action shooting game. At first glance, the gameplay style is completely similar to the playing style of Doom Reboot on PC. With a fast-paced action style, running, and shooting. Much like the Doom series itself, this one benefits from a kick-ass soundtrack in copious amounts of Gore.

In addition, the levels are generally fun to explore. The guns still pack a punch and they’re both surprisingly well suited to being played in short bursts when you’re out and about.

The game also possesses beautiful realistic 3D graphics along with relatively easy control mechanism. If you love the zombie survival game then definitely give Rise of Demons a try.


Genre – FPS, shooting, Action

Platform – Android, IOS

09. Last Hope Sniper 3

Last Hope Sniper 3 offline FPS games for Android and iOS in 2022

The setting of this brand-new zombie shooter game is a post-apocalyptic one. You’ll be taking down armies of zombies and bosses while playing this game with gorgeous graphics. It also has a huge number of missions where you can take part in an exciting and enjoyable storey campaign.

Additionally, you can use your assault weapon to withstand deadly boss battles and your sniper rifle to kill your undead targets.

If I talk about gameplay here, you can’t control the protagonist’s movement, which may be a downside of this game but overall, it has good graphics with good control.


Genre – FPS, shooting, Zombie

Platform – Android

08. Freedom Strike

Freedom Strike offline FPS games for Android and iOS in 2022

This one’s an offline first-person shooter game where you will play the role of a soldier whose city has been attacked by terrorists and now you are on the mission to annihilate your enemies. The game also has an interesting storyline with great audio dialogues, which makes the game fun to play.

Also, the game features destructive weapons like deadly guns, grenades, and pistols that you can use to fight against terror squads and save your people.

Now for this one, I really enjoyed this game and I feel it’s very similar to battle op and others. The graphics of the game are great and the gameplay is solid. It can easily run on low-end devices too.


Genre – FPS, shooting

Platform – Android

07. Invention 3 Zombie Survival

Invention 3 Zombie Survival offline FPS games for Android and iOS in 2022

This one’s a very exciting zombie-themed FPS game with fast speed and a huge number of zombies. In the game, you need to plan your round forward wisely, find supplies and use weapons to eliminate all the zombies and quick note here the gun effect and the sound of the chase phase are quite attractive.

Now on to the cons of this game, there are no levels and no boss fights, but I have to say that the game which is only 150 megabytes in size and offers good graphics and an open world definitely exceeded my expectations.


Genre – FPS, shooting

Platform – Android

06. Battle Strike

Battle Strike offline FPS games for Android and iOS in 2022

This one’s an action-packed game with smooth gameplay filled with missions where you take on enemies all by your lonesome. Your objective is to keep on defeating enemies and completing one combat level after another.

The game has an enchanting storyline in which a boy named Dimitri has his journey to becoming a soldier by training and fighting with the army to become the ultimate survivor. Considering the game’s file size, it offers great graphics and 3D sound effects.

So, all in all it looks like a pretty promising FPS option for players who don’t have a device with very high specs.


Genre – FPS, shooting, Action

Platform – Android

05. Sky Trail

Sky Trail offline FPS games for Android and iOS in 2022

This is the first-person parkour plus shooting game where you play as a special agent who’s on a mission to destroy enemy bosses. Here you jump from one building to another and shoot at all your enemies on the way.

The game is level-based which simply means you can unlock weapons and armor as you progress. Also, the controls of this game are so simple you can actually play with one hand. Overall, it has stunning graphics and good control.


Genre – FPS, shooting, Action

Platform – Android, IOS

04. Modern combat 3 & 4

Modern combat 3 & 4 offline FPS games for Android and iOS in 2022

This was an amazing offline FPS game developed by Gameloft way back in 2012 and believe me, these games are worthwhile to play even in 2022. The game features a classic storyline with a lot of action.

Here you play as an army soldier whose mission is to take down dangerous terrorist organizations and rescue the people they took hostage.

Also, you’ll have to explore different locations and fight with lots of enemies where you can use various weapons, including grenades. In my opinion, I played this game and the gameplay and sound quality is outstanding.


Genre – FPS, shooting

Platform – Android, IOS

03. Combat Master

Combat Master offline FPS games for Android and iOS in 2022

This is the fastest offline FPS game like Call of Duty Mobile. Yeah, you heard me right. You can play this game offline too. Although the UI and gameplay mechanisms look like a competitive multiplayer game and even the bot players look like real players, it’s actually not.

In the game, you can play various different modes like team deathmatch and deathmatch on various exciting maps with outstanding graphics. Also, the game offers lots of weapon options with amazing skins.

The game also has a lot of Counter-Strike elements which make the game awesome. So, if you want to improve your shooting skills then you should try out this game.


Genre – FPS, shooting, Action

Platform – Android, IOS

02. Battle Ops

Battle Ops offline FPS games for Android and iOS in 2022

This one’s an intense military first-person shooter game where you’re a former military expert. This game features two different modes. The first is a story mode, where you’re on a secret mission to destroy the terrorist organization. Here you find solo with terrorists and your objective is to destroy the terrorist boss.

The second game mode is zombie mode, where you are in an apocalyptic world and you have to fight against the zombie horde, but personally, my favorite was the story mode, where you fight with terrorists.

Besides all that, the game features a lot of weapons options and control customization. Overall, it’s a great game with some good graphics.


Genre – FPS, shooting, Action

Platform – Android, IOS

01. Alien Isolation

Alien Isolation offline FPS games for Android and iOS in 2022

This is one of the most memorable survival horror games. If I talked about gameplay, then it’s a single-player action-adventure game with an emphasis on stealth and survival horror features.

In the game, you control Amanda Ripley from a first-person perspective as you explore a space station to complete objectives while avoiding, outsmarting, and defeating the enemies.

The game offers stunning AAA visuals, a resting narrative, and the terrifying atmosphere of creative assemblies award-winning sci-fi masterpiece for mobile devices without compromise. Without the doubt, Alien Isolation is the best FPS offline game you can play right now for Android and iOS in 2022.


Genre – FPS, shooting, Action

Platform – Android, IOS

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