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Love Live Superstar anime

10 Best Anime Like Oshi No Ko

If you are excited about the upcoming anime Oshi No Ko, then here are the 10 similar anime recommendations while we await the release date. In 2023, one anime that’s been getting a lot of buzzes is Oshi No Ko,…

trinity seven

10 Best Romance Anime With Chad MC

If you are tired of the same old lame anime protagonists who are either dumb or hide their feelings, then we bring you anime where the main characters don’t hesitate to say what they really feel on the girl’s face.…

Akiba's Trip The Animation Romance Anime With Badass MC

10 Best Romance Anime With Badass MC

If you’re looking for a good romance anime to watch, there are so many to choose from. You can find anime with a good romance plot, but sometimes it can be hard to find an anime with a badass main…