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Top 10 Best Harem Ecchi Anime

best harem anime
What happens when this harem genre comes with fan service. That’s right, we bring you the 10 best harem ecchi anime that you can watch only when you are alone.

Best Anime Fights of Spring 2022

Leo VS Generals (I'm Quitting Heroing) fight of spring 2022
From the unexpected to the incredible, the spring season of 2022 had no shortage of action, fights, and surprises. To find the best, we bring you the top anime fights of spring 2022.

10 Best Battle Royale Anime

Battle Game in 5 Seconds battle royale anime
The battle royale genre is very popular right now and if you are looking for an anime based on a battle royale theme, then we bring you the 10 best battle royale anime you can watch right now.