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Skull & Bones Gameplay, Overview

Skull & Bones main focus is on-ship combat. There will be various ship types with all sorts of customization options. You'll start off as a novice pirate with a small little dinghy. 

Then by completing tasks, you'll level up and get access to better ships which you can deck out and then use them to take on other pirates, pirate hunters, real players in PVP, and do various missions for rewards and further progression. 

The game will have these social hubs called pirate dens. This is where your character will leave their ship and walk around to purchase supplies, change outfits, pick up contracts, buy new ships, and interact with other players. Skull & Bones releasing on November 8th. 

My biggest disappointment is simply knowing that at one point in development, they were aiming to deliver akin to Sea of Thieves, where you would play as a character you had full control of. 


Skull and Bones has seen so many delays from what we've heard because they've gone back and forth on exactly what they wanted this game to be. But they've gone with the focus pretty much entirely on naval combat. 

Also in the game, everything is done with cutscenes. Boarding an enemy ship is a cutscene, exploring an island is a cutscene, and even harvesting resources is done from the ship is a cutscene. 

Now I still want to try the game, and as I said, I still think it looks decent and well polished, but it is a bit of a bummer to me that all combat is entirely on-ship and nothing is character-based. 

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