Ichigo VS Grimmjow Bleach anime Fight

10 Best Anime Fights of Bleach

Though Bleach was a popular anime, it was the fights which really made the show. Fights are what separated the episodic nature of Bleach and…

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Black Lagoon anime

10 Best Anime With Female Lead Characters

For an anime lover, it would be easy to name many anime series with male lead characters. While a large number of anime still focus…

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Hyouka english dubbed anime

10 Must-Watch English Dubbed Anime of All Time

As an anime fan, you are sometimes boxed in with choosing either the subbed or dubbed version of a movie. A subbed anime has its…

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Goku, Frieza and Android 17 Vs. Jiren dragon ball

10 Best Anime Moments When Hero and Villain Team-Ups

We have all seen a simple premise where a hero defeats villains, but there are some anime series where that feature a moment when heroes…

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When They Cry Anime

10 Best Horror Romance Anime Series Lists

There’s nothing like a good horror story to get your adrenaline going. The feeling of being scared on the edge of your seat or biting…

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