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10 Upcoming Spring Anime of 2024: New Action Anime

2023 was a great year for anime, but now it’s time to look ahead to the most anticipated upcoming new action anime in 2024. With a variety of action series to look forward to, we anime fans are in for a treat. From deconstructive and alternative takes on familiar genres to unique storylines and perspectives, there is something for every genre of anime lover. Here are the best new upcoming spring anime of 2024

Here are the most anticipated upcoming spring action anime of 2024

10. Go-Go Loser Ranger

upcoming action anime Go-Go Loser Ranger

Go-Go Loser Ranger is a new action anime that offers a fresh and deconstructive take on the genre. The show’s premise revolves around the aftermath of an attempted invasion by alien forces, where the remnants of the invaders are forced into routine humiliation. One of the monsters, D, decides to take matters into his own hands and infiltrate the ranks of the Rangers, the heroes who defeated them.

What sets Go-Go Loser Ranger apart is its alternative perspective, as it explores the story from the point of view of a monster henchman. This unique angle allows viewers to see the genre from a new and intriguing perspective. The show also promises to delve into the idea of corrupt heroes and villains, adding an extra layer of intrigue to the narrative.

As a fan of action anime, I’m excited to see how Go-Go Loser Ranger unfolds. The combination of a deconstructive take on the genre, the exploration of a monster henchman’s perspective, and the allure of corrupt heroes and villains make for a promising and exciting viewing experience. I can’t wait to see how this new action anime pushes the boundaries and offers something fresh to the fans of action anime lovers.

Release DateSometime in 2024

09. Unnamed Memory

Unnamed Memory upcoming anime 2024

In “Unnamed Memory,” the Crown Prince suffers from a curse that causes his wives to die. Desperate to find a solution, he embarks on a journey to climb a tower where the Witch of the Azure Moon, Tinasha, resides. It is believed that she can grant wishes and provide answers to the prince’s predicament.

Tinasha, also known as the Witch of the Azure Moon, is a mysterious and powerful character in “Unnamed Memory.”. As the story unfolds, it becomes evident that Tinasha’s past is intertwined with dark secrets and hidden truths.

As Prince Oscar sets his sights on Tinasha, he hopes that she can become his wife and break the curse. However, as he delves deeper into her past, he realizes that there is much more to the witch than meets the eye. Together, they embark on a journey to uncover the mysteries behind the spell and find a way to break free from its grip.

Studio Engi, the production team behind “Unnamed Memory,” may not have the most notable resume at the moment. However, they have delivered some enjoyable shows in the past. Fans of the genre can look forward to seeing how Studio ENGI brings this tale of forbidden love, magic, and fantasy to life on the screen.

Unnamed Memory offers a compelling story that combines these elements, drawing viewers into a world filled with intrigue, romance, and supernatural powers. The allure of forbidden love, the mystique of magic, and the escapism of fantasy make this new action anime a highly anticipated upcoming anime for 2024.

Release DateMarch 3, 2024

08. An Archdemon’s Dilemma

An Archdemon's Dilemma upcoming spring anime

Even powerful beings like Archdemons and mages face relatable problems. One such archdemon is Zagan, a socially inept sorcerer who is obsessed with magic. Despite his immense power, Zagan struggles with basic social skills due to years of isolation.

In a surprising turn of events, Zagan develops feelings for a slave named Nephelia. Zagan’s love for Nephelia becomes a central dilemma for him as he grapples with expressing his emotions and confessing his love to her.

Zagan’s inability to express his feelings and his struggle to confess his love to Nephelia create a complex and emotional journey for the characters. This storyline adds depth to the fantasy romcom and explores the challenges of navigating relationships, even for powerful beings.

Archdemon’s Dilemma promises a blend of funny and bleak moments. The humor comes from Zagan’s social ineptness and the awkward situations he finds himself in. On the other hand, the story also delves into the darker aspects of Zagan’s isolation and the challenges he faces in a world filled with corruption and power struggles.

With its unique premise and relatable characters, ” Archdemon’s Dilemma” is expected to be an entertaining fantasy rom-com. The combination of humor, emotional depth, and the exploration of love and relationships will make this show a must-watch for fans of the genre. Audiences can look forward to a captivating storyline filled with funny and heartfelt moments.

Release DateApril 2024

07. Re: Monster

Re Monster action anime

Re: Monster is an upcoming action anime that explores the premise of reincarnation in a fantasy world. The protagonist, Tomokui Kanata, finds himself reincarnated as a goblin in this new world and he starts off extremely weak.

What sets Re: Monster apart is the unique abilities that Tomokui possesses memories from his previous life, giving him an advantage in this new world. Additionally, he can acquire new abilities and grow stronger by consuming other creatures.

Weak to strong stories and overpowered characters have always been popular in the anime community and Re: Monster promises to deliver on this appeal, as viewers get to see Tomokui ‘s journey from a weak goblin to a formidable champion in a world where the strong rule.

What adds intrigue to the story is the perspective from which it is told. Seeing the world through the eyes of a goblin henchman offers a different and fresh take on the isekai genre. 

Re: Monster in coming in spring 2024. The anticipation for this series is high, as it promises to push the boundaries and offer something new to fans of isekai genre lovers.

Release DateApril 2024

06. Mechanical Arms

Mechanical Arms new action anime

In the new action anime “Mechanical Arms,” alien life forms known as Mecha-ude have appeared on Earth in the form of sentient mechanized limbs. These Mecha-ude have the ability to partner with humans, enhancing their strength and abilities.

Our protagonist, Hikaru, finds himself involuntarily partnered with a dormant Mecha-ude. Together, they form a powerful duo that can take on any challenge. Now, Hikaru must learn to navigate this new partnership and harness Mecha-ude’s potential.

Hikaru’s partnership with the Mecha-ude brings him into contact with the organization ARMS, which assigns him an observer named Aki, another skilled Mech user. As they embark on their missions, Hikaru and Aki become entangled with each other.

While “Mechanical Arms” may not break a lot of new ground, it draws inspiration from other popular anime such as “Parasyte” and “Tokyo Ghoul” with its exploration of the symbiotic relationship between humans and otherworldly beings. Fans of these shows may find “Mechanical Arms” to be a compelling addition to the genre.

Originally starting as a standalone episode from a Kickstarter project, “Mechanical Arms” is now being adapted into a TV series. We anime fans are eagerly anticipating how the story will unfold and how the TV adaptation will bring the action and intensity to life on screen.

Release DateSpring 2024

05. Windbreaker

Windbreaker new anime 2024

In the world of Windbreaker Furin High School, strength is everything. This school setting is filled with degenerates who take great pride in their power. But among them, Haruka Sakura stands out with his unwavering goal to be the strongest. He has no interest in being a hero or a team player, he simply wants to reach the top through fighting.

Windbreaker draws inspiration from Tokyo Revengers, a series that had a lasting impact. It takes on a similar premise, featuring a protagonist who aims to rise to the top in a world where strength reigns. 

One of the highlights of Windbreaker Furin High School is its entertaining character and world designs. The art captures the charisma and uniqueness of each character, making them stand out. From the vibrant and dynamic fight scenes to the detailed backgrounds, the visuals are captivating.

Overall, Windbreaker Furin High School is expected to be an enjoyable series for fans of action anime. With its focus on strength, inspirations from Tokyo Revengers, and entertaining character and world designs, it promises to deliver an exciting viewing experience. So get ready to witness Haruka Sakura’s journey to become the strongest!

Release DateSpring 2024

04. Suicide Squad Isekai

Suicide Squad Isekai DC action anime

One of the most surprising inspirations for an upcoming anime is Suicide Squad Isekai. Inspired by the popular 2016 movie, this isekai anime brings together a team of supervillains in a world of swords, magic, and adventure.

What makes Suicide Squad Isekai even more exciting is the talent behind its creation. With the involvement of big names from the anime industry, including the creators of Re:Zero and Vivy, there’s a lot of anticipation for what this anime will deliver.

Fans can expect outlandish ideas and wild surprises, as this unique blend of genres pushes the boundaries of what action anime can be. The combination of swords, magic, and supervillains promises a thrilling and unconventional story.

With the promise of a unique adventure and the potential for unexpected twists, Suicide Squad Isekai is definitely a title to look out for in 2024.

Release DateSpring 2024

03. Mission: Yozakura 

Mission Yozakura spy new action anime

The spy and secret agent genre has been receiving mixed levels of success in recent years. However, in 2024, a highly anticipated new action anime titled Mission Yozakura is set to captivate audiences. Based on a Shonen Jump manga, Mission Yozakura follows the turbulent life of the protagonist, Taiyo. Haunted by past traumas, Taiyo struggles with social connections, except for his childhood friend and love interest, Mutsumi.

Mutsumi’s family, however, is no ordinary family. They are a family of super spies, and Taiyo must navigate their eccentricities and dark secrets in order to become a powerful spy himself. The chemistry between the characters is amazing, making for an entertaining and engaging watch.

Mission Yozakura promises a mix of action, comedy, and a likable cast. With fast-paced action sequences, comedic moments, and a cast of characters that viewers will root for, this new action anime is expected to be a hit. Fans can look forward to a series that pushes the boundaries and offers a fresh take on the spy and secret agent genre.

Release DateApril 2024

02. Kaiju No.8

Kaiju No.8 new action anime 2024

The clash between mankind and the Kaiju has reached cataclysmic levels, leading to the creation of an elite military unit known as the Defense Corps. However, Kafka Hibino, our protagonist, is just a sweeper assigned to clean up the remains of the Kaiju after the battles. He longs to be one of the brave soldiers who fight and kill the Kaiju.

Everything changes when Kafka encounters a parasitic Kaiju that forces itself into his body, transforming him into one of them. Now, Kafka finds himself at a crossroads between mankind and the Kaiju. Determined to fulfill his lifelong dream of hunting kaiju, Kafka sets out on a quest to hunt down and eliminate these monstrous creatures.

Kaiju No.8 draws comparisons to popular series like Chainsaw Man and Parasite, with its protagonist transforming into a Kaiju and embarking on a quest to eradicate them. With Production IG leading the adaptation, expectations are high for this action-packed anime. Fans can anticipate amazing battles, suspenseful moments, and gripping cliffhangers.

Release DateApril 2024

01. Dandadan

Dandadan anime 2024

Hot-tempered Momo Ayase and nerdy Ken Takakura are the main characters in the highly anticipated new action anime, Dandadan. Momo firmly believes in the existence of ghosts and spirits, while Ken is convinced that aliens and UFOs are real. When their paths cross and their beliefs clash, they set out on a mission to prove themselves right.

As they navigate through absurd phenomena and face various challenges, Momo and Ken begin to bond over their shared encounters with the supernatural. From alien abductions to spiritual possessions, they find themselves in wild and unpredictable situations.

Dandadan is a show that focuses on unhinged comedy and wild incidents. It thrives on the absurdity of its premise, offering viewers a fun and entertaining supernatural action series. With its unique blend of humor and supernatural elements, Dandadan is sure to deliver a thrilling and enjoyable viewing experience.

We anime fans can expect a series filled with lots of actions, hilarious moments, unexpected twists, and an engaging main cast. As one of the most anticipated new action anime of 2024, Dandadan promises to push the boundaries and offer something fresh to fans of action anime lovers.

Release DateLate Spring 2024

Overall, I am thrilled about the variety and quality of new action anime coming our way in 2024. The diverse storytelling, unique perspectives, and captivating visuals promise an entertaining and thrilling viewing experience. Get ready for an action-packed year!

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