best anime fights of 2023

Best Anime Fights of 2023: Top 20+ Battles

If you love action anime, then you are probably drawn to the exhilarating thrill of epic fights. These fights are not the ordinary kind but rather involve city-destroying, world-ending clashes that leave you speechless.

In this blog, we will see all the ‘best anime fights of 2023’. We will explore the top 20 anime fights that have captivated audiences and left a lasting impression. These fights have everything from emotional showdowns to jaw-dropping displays of power.

These fights are filled with adrenaline, mind-blowing moments, and jaw-dropping action sequences. We will also explore the excitement, intensity, character development, and storytelling that these fights bring to the screen and what makes these fights the best anime fight of 2023.

23. Baki vs Yujiro: Baki Hanma Season 2

Let’s start with Baki Hanma and one fight that perfectly fits the description of the best fight is the epic battle between Baki and Yujiro in Baki Hanma Season 2 Part 2.

Both Baki and Yujiro are power-hunGremy maniacs, which makes their fight even more intense. The anticipation and build-up leading to this fight is immense, as Baki has been waiting a long time to kick his father’s ass. The entire story of Baki Hanma builds up to this Father-Son moment, making it even more epic.

What makes Baki fights so unique is that it’s not about the physical aspects or any actual physics, but rather about the muscles, hits, and Mortal Kombat level finisher moves. Baki fights are a spectacle to behold, with each move designed to keep the fights going and leave the audience in awe.

The sheer power and intensity of their attacks, combined with their determination to come out on top, make this fight one for the best. Overall, the Baki vs Yujiro fight in Baki Hanma Season 2 Part 2 is a must-watch for any fan of epic anime fights. The emotional Father-Son dynamic, the non-physical aspects of the fight, and the anticipation and buildup all contribute to making this fight one of the most memorable in the series.

22. Mash vs Silvera: Mashle Magic and Muscles

In the anime Mashle, one of the standout fights of 2023 is the battle between Mash and Silvera. This fight showcases a one-sided beatdown, highlighting the contrasting elements of muscle and magic.

From the start, it is clear that Mash, a brute force warrior trained by Saitama, has the upper hand. With just one punch, Silvera is already backed into a corner. Despite Silvera’s abilities in magic, Mash’s physical prowess and speed overpower him.

The animation style in this fight is reminiscent of Mob Psycho, with its stylized and impactful visuals. Even though Mashle’s animation may not be as flashy as other anime, it is still well-executed and adds to the excitement of the fight.

One humorous moment in the fight is when Mash asks Silvera if he can take a third hit, showcasing Mash’s confidence and humor even in the midst of battle. This comedic element adds an entertaining aspect to the fight.

The Mash versus Silvera fight in Mashall exemplifies the dominance of muscle over magic.

21. Snake vs Thorfinn: Vinland Saga

The change in tone and reception of Vinland Saga was a surprise to many fans. The series started off as a fast-paced revenge story, but in the second season, it took a slower pace with a focus on character development. Despite this change, the reception was still positive, and fans appreciated the new direction.

One of the standout fights in Vinland Saga S2 is the battle between Snake and Thorfinn. This fight perfectly balances action and storytelling. The intense and brutal combat keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, while also deepening our understanding of Thorfinn’s character.

The animation in this fight is truly epic. The animators at MAPPA have done a phenomenal job in bringing the fight to life. The fluidity of the movements and the attention to detail are impressive. The respect for the animators is well-deserved, as they have created a visually stunning and captivating fight.

Thorfinn’s character development is significant in this fight. He learns that violence should only be used to protect himself and his loved ones. This realization marks a turning point in his journey and adds depth to his character. The fight showcases Thorfinn’s growth and sets the stage for further development in the series.

20. Anice VS Algard: The Magical Revolution

Anice VS Algard fight

The fight between Anice and Algard in the anime “Magical Revolution of the Reincarnated Princess and the Genius Young Lady” was a clash between siblings with different beliefs and a history of abuse. Both Anice and Algard are exceptionally talented fighters, and their battle showcased dynamic action and strong emotions.

Unlike the typical slice-of-life genre that one might expect from this anime, the fight between Anice and Algard was intense and gripping. The animation quality was on par with popular shows like “Fate,” and the choreography of the fight scenes was impressive.

Throughout the battle, it was evident that both Anice and Algard were evenly matched, with neither one gaining a clear advantage. This added to the suspense and kept viewers on the edge of their seats. Anice’s sword skills were as deadly as an assassin, while Algard’s ice magic was beautiful to see.

The fight reached its climax with an unexpected ending. Despite the high stakes and the intensity of the battle, Algard accepted his defeat and death with a surprising level of grace. This unexpected conclusion added a layer of complexity to the story and left viewers stunned.

It is a standout moment in the anime and deserves recognition as one of the best anime fights.

19. Kenji vs Teto: Bungo Stray Dogs

Let’s dive into the thrilling fight between Kenji and Teto in Bongo Stray Dogs. Kenji, despite his innocent appearance, possesses incredible strength. He undergoes a transformation during the fight, becoming even more powerful. This unexpected change in Kenji adds a layer of excitement to the battle.

The animation in this fight is intense, capturing the raw strength and energy of both fighters. The atmosphere is filled with tension, drawing viewers deeper into the action.

What is truly remarkable about this fight is the friendship that forms between Kenji and Teto. Despite their fierce battle, they develop a respect for each other’s strength. This unexpected bond adds an emotional depth to the fight and showcases the power of camaraderie.

18. Mereoleona vs Prince: Black Clover

Black Clover has transformed its reputation, it has gotten more attention and praise in recent years. One aspect that has contributed to this change is the improved animation and fluidity of the fights in the series.

Gone are the days of lacklustre battles. Black Clover now delivers city-destroying, adrenaline-pumping fights that keep viewers on the edge of their seats. The animation has become more dynamic, with intricate details and impressive visuals that enhance the overall experience.

Another notable aspect of Black Clover’s fights is the empowering nature of its female characters. Mereoleona, one of the strongest characters in the series, showcases her immense power and fighting skills in her battle against the Prince.

The fight between Mereoleona and the Prince is intense, with both characters displaying their overpowered abilities. There are no rules or plot armour to protect them, making it a true test of strength and strategy.

This fight exemplifies the new standard of epic anime battles in Black Clover. It combines improved animation, empowering female characters, and intense action to create a fight that leaves a lasting impression on viewers. Whether you’re a fan of the series or a newcomer, this fight is a must-watch for any lover of new anime fights.

17. Guel Vs Shaddiq: Gundam The Witch from Mercury

Guel Vs Shaddiq anime fight

The battle between Guel and Shaddiq in Gundam was a thrilling and intense showdown between two skilled pilots. The choreography of the fight was exceptional, using the environment to their advantage and adding a sense of realism to the battle. Unlike other Gundam series where fights in space can feel repetitive, this battle stood out with its creative use of lighting and effects.

The lighting and effects in space were visually stunning, creating a mesmerizing atmosphere that added to the excitement of the fight. The way the beams of light reflected off the mobile suits and the explosions illuminated the darkness of space was truly captivating.

The battle between Guel and Shaddiq ended in a draw, showcasing the skill and determination of both pilots. Despite the draw, Guel was able to decommission Shaddiq and another Mobile Suit user, showcasing his accomplishments in the fight. It was a standout moment in Gundam and is definitely one of the best anime fights of 2023.

16. Vash vs Million Knives: Trigun Stampede

Vash vs Million Knives anime fight

Trigun Stampede is an anime that captivated audiences with its thrilling storyline and unique characters and the fight between Vash and Million Knives is one of the standout moments in the series.

During their intense battle, Vash showcased his impressive skills and determination. Despite facing off against a formidable opponent, Vash never faltered and displayed incredible agility and marksmanship.

The animation in this fight scene was stunning, with fluid movements and attention to detail. The intense choreography and visual effects added to the excitement and intensity of the battle.

As the fight progressed, it became clear that Vash was not only a skilled gunman but also a strategic thinker. He used his surroundings to his advantage, making the battle even more thrilling.

This fight scene left viewers eagerly anticipating season 2, as it ended on a cliffhanger. Fans are excited to see how the conflict between Vash and Million Knives will continue to unfold and what new challenges they will face.

15. 2B and 9S vs Adam: Nier Automata

The fight between 2B, 9S, and Adam in Nier Automata is a thrilling and intense battle that showcases the talent and skill of the characters. The fight takes place in a dystopian future where androids and machines are at war.

The environment and soundtrack play a crucial role in setting the tone for this battle. The desolate and war-torn landscape adds to the sense of urgency and danger. The haunting soundtrack intensifies the emotions and immerses the player in the fight.

The animation in this fight is impressive, with fluid movements and impressive combat sequences. The characters display a wide range of impressive moves and abilities, keeping the player engaged and excited throughout the battle.

The emotional and brutal ending of the fight leaves a lasting impact. The sacrifice made by 2B adds a layer of depth to the story and showcases the emotional stakes involved in the battle.

14. Jack the Ripper vs Hercules: Record of Ragnarok

The battle between Jack the Ripper and Hercules in Record of Ragnarok was a clash of ultimate evil versus ultimate good. Both characters represented extreme ends of the moral spectrum, making their confrontation highly significant.

The animation in this fight was intense and stunning. The attention to detail brought the battle to life, immersing viewers in the action. The use of the city of London as a battleground added an extra layer of excitement and spectacle.

This fight was filled with twists and turns, keeping audiences on the edge of their seats. It seemed that Hercules had the upper hand, but Jack the Ripper’s cunning and trickery turned the tide of the battle. This unexpected turn of events added depth and excitement to the fight.

In the end, Jack the Ripper’s strategy and quick thinking allowed him to deal the finishing blow, leading to a surprising and emotional conclusion. This battle showcased the unpredictable nature of the series and solidified its place as one of the best anime fights that everyone must see.

13. Shadow Garden vs John Smith: The Eminence in Shadow

One of the most intriguing fights in the new anime The Eminence in Shadow is the clash between Shadow Garden and John Smith. What sets this fight apart is the concept of one guy fighting his own team. It’s a battle within the ranks, where loyalty and trust are put to the ultimate test.

Shadow, our MC is both cringe-worthy and awesome at the same time. His over-the-top persona and obsession with being the ultimate mastermind make him a captivating character to watch. From his elaborate plans to his dramatic monologues, Shadow’s character adds an extra layer of entertainment to the fight.

The tension surrounding this fight is what this fight more awesome. As viewers, we are left curious to see how Shadow will fare against his own teammates. Will he be able to outsmart and defeat them? Or will his plans crumble in the face of their united strength? The uncertainty keeps us on the edge of our seats, eagerly anticipating the outcome especially Shadow’s fight with Delta.

Despite Shadow’s disregard for his other teammates, he has a soft spot for Delta. This adds an emotional depth to their battle, as we wonder how their bond will influence the outcome of the fight.

12. Dao Ma and Snake vs Chang Guiren: Blade of the Guardians

Blade of the Guardians anime with OP MC samurai

The fight between Dao Ma, Snake, and Chang Guiren in Blade of the Guardians is a rare spectacle that showcases the intensity and skill of three people fighting simultaneously. This type of fight is not commonly seen in anime, making it a truly unique experience for viewers.

One of the standout elements of this fight is the mind blowing animation and camera work. The fluidity of the animation keeps the action seamless and captivating, while the camera work adds an extra layer of excitement by capturing the fast-paced movements and impacts in a visually stunning way.

The sword movements in this fight are particularly impactful and fluid. Each strike and parry is executed with precision and power, showcasing the skill and strength of the characters involved. It’s a mesmerizing display of swordsmanship that leaves the audience in awe.

The direction of the fight is also worth highlighting. The transitions between the different duels, from 2 vs 3 to 1 vs 1, are seamless and well-executed. The fight keeps viewers engaged and guessing as to who will come out on top, adding to the overall excitement and suspense.

Its rarity, mind blowing animation, camera work, impactful sword movements, and captivating direction make it one of the best epic anime battles.

11. Muichiro vs Gyokko: Demon Slayer

Muichiro known for his silent and calm demeaner, brings a unique dynamic to the fight. Unlike the typical brash and loud protagonist, Muichiro’s reserved nature adds an intriguing layer to the battle. It’s fascinating to see how his quiet confidence and unwavering focus enhance his fighting skills and strategies.

Initially underestimating, he trapped him in a water bubble. However, he quickly regains his composure and proves that appearances can be deceiving. Muichiro’s tenacity and determination to overcome the odds make for a thrilling comeback, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats.

It comes as no surprise that an Ufotable fight is included in the list of epic anime battles. Known for their stunning animation and attention to detail, Ufotable consistently delivers visually captivating fights. The clash between Muichiro and Gyokko is no exception, with Ufotable’s signature style elevating the intensity and impact of each strike and movement.

The combination of fluid animation, precise choreography, and impactful visuals create a truly awe-inspiring moment. Muichiro’s finishing move serves as a testament to his growth and mastery, leaving a lasting impression on viewers.

Overall, the fight between Muichiro and Gyokko in Demon Slayer showcases the silent and calm character archetype, Muichiro’s underestimation and subsequent comeback, the expected inclusion of an Ufotable fight, and the execution of Muichiro’s Mortal Kombat finishing move. It is undoubtedly a standout battle in the realm of new anime fights.

10. Momoshiki vs Kawaki: Boruto

Despite the scepticism towards Boruto, the fight between Momoshiki and Kawaki in the anime deserves recognition. This battle showcases intense hand-to-hand combat that gives off Kakashi vs Obito vibes, a classic fight from the Naruto series.

What makes this fight stand out is the attention to detail and the edge-of-the-seat moments it provides. Both Momoshiki and Kawaki demonstrate their skills and learn from each other’s moves, using the right techniques at the right time.

From the fluidity of the animation to the powerful attacks, this fight keeps viewers engaged throughout. Small details scattered around the fight add depth to the scene and enhance the overall experience for the audience.

Given its impressive display of combat and storytelling, the fight between Momoshiki and Kawaki has the potential to be included in the best Boruto fights list. It showcases the growth and potential of Boruto as a series and proves that it can deliver exhilarating battles that captivate fans.

09. Kenpachi vs Gremmy: Bleach Thousand-Year Blood War

In the epic battle between Kenpachi and Gremmy in Bleach Thousand-Year Blood War, fans witnessed a clash between two of the strongest fighters in the series.

Kenpachi, known for his unbendable will and unmatched strength, possesses the ability to slice through anything. Gremmy, on the other hand, has the power to make anything he imagines into reality. These unique abilities set the stage for an intense and unpredictable battle.

The animation in this fight was nothing short of extraordinary. Every punch, every attack, was captured with stunning detail, bringing the fight to life on the screen. The legendary status of this Bleach fight is evident in the way it is still talked about and revered by fans to this day.

In the end, Kenpachi emerged as the victor, showcasing his unwavering strength and determination. His victory had a significant impact on the story and the characters involved, solidifying his status as one of the most formidable fighters in the Bleach universe.

08. Gabimaru vs Zuo Jin: Hell’s Paradise

The brutal fight between Gabimaru and Zuo Jin in Hell’s Paradise is a standout moment in the series.

Gabimaru, known as the “Hollow,” is a highly skilled ninja with impressive combat abilities. Zuo Jin, on the other hand, is a formidable opponent with a unique fighting style. Their clash is intense and filled with fast-paced action.

The animation and visuals in this fight are exceptional, capturing the speed and precision of each movement. The choreography is fast paced and dynamic, allowing viewers to fully appreciate the skill and technique of both fighters.

This fight has a significant impact on the series as it showcases the lengths Gabimaru is willing to go to in order to achieve his goals. It also highlights the challenges he faces and the sacrifices he must make along the way.

07. Hani’s Vs Titans: Attack on Titan Season 4

Hani’s battle with the rumbling Titans in Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 3 was a thrilling and heart-touching moment in the series. Despite the colossal size of the Titans, Hani displayed immense bravery and fearlessness as she confronted them head-on.

This battle was significant in terms of character development for Hani. Previously a curious researcher, she transformed into a brave and dependable leader. Even in the face of certain death, Hani continued to fight, showcasing her unwavering determination.

The animation, soundtrack, and atmosphere of this battle were truly exceptional. The animation captured the immense scale and power of the Titans, creating a sense of dread in the viewer’s mind. The soundtrack intensified the emotions, heightening the impact of each moment. The atmosphere was tense and sombre, reflecting the gravity of the situation.

Before the battle, Levi bid farewell to Hani, leaving a lasting impact on both the characters and the audience. Levi’s farewell showcased the deep bond between the two and added an emotional layer to the battle.

06. Shanu vs Xing: Fog Hill of Five Elements

The fight scene in Fog Hill of Five Elements between Shanu and Xing is an absolute spectacle. The animation quality and dynamic choreography in this battle are top-notch. This fight has the best animation of all the fights.

Each character’s abilities and visuals play a crucial role in the fight, adding depth and excitement to the battle. Shanu’s lightning-based attacks and swift movements create a sense of power and agility. Schwann’s ice magic and defensive manoeuvres provide a strategic and formidable approach. Xing’s earth-based abilities and brute strength add a level of raw force to the fight.

The impact of this battle is undeniable. The intense clash of powers, the stunning visuals, and the high stakes keep viewers fully engaged. The fight leaves a lasting impression, leaving fans eagerly anticipating future battles and the development of these characters.

05. Asta vs Conrad: Black Clover Sword of the Wizard King

The battle between Asta and Conrad in Black Clover Sword of the Wizard King was an epic showdown that left a unique impression on Black Clover anime. Asta, with his anti-magic powers, faced off against Conrad, one of the strongest wizard kings with his key magic.

The visuals in this battle were absolutely awesome. The clash between Asta’s black and red aura and Conrad’s rainbow magic created a visually captivating spectacle. Each strike and attack was meticulously animated, adding to the intensity of the fight.

The impact of the battle was felt not only in the animation but also in the story. Asta’s victory over Conrad showcased his growth as a character and his unwavering determination. It was a crucial moment for Asta’s development and solidified his role as the Sword of the Wizard King.

04. Gilgamesh vs Enkidu: Fate/Strange Fake

When it comes to new anime fights, one battle that has broken the internet is the showdown between Gilgamesh and Enkidu in Fate/Strange Fake. The mere mention of Gilgamesh’s involvement in a fight is enough to get fans excited, as he is known for his overpowered attacks and larger-than-life personality.

In this epic clash, both Gilgamesh and Enkidu showcase their cool tricks and unique abilities. Gilgamesh, with his arsenal of powerful weapons and his ability to summon legendary weapons, unleashes devastating attacks that leave a lasting impact. On the other hand, Enkidu, known for his shapeshifting abilities and connection to nature, surprises viewers with his agility and strategic manoeuvres.

One of the most epic moments in this battle is when both characters simultaneously unleash their signature attack. The sheer power and grandeur of this moment are truly awe-inspiring, as the arena is engulfed in destruction and chaos. It showcases the scale and intensity of fate anime fights, where the fate of the world hangs in the balance.

Signature elements of fate anime fights, such as the flashy animations, intricate choreography, and dramatic dialogue, are all present in this battle between Gilgamesh and Enkidu.

03. Zoro vs King: One Piece

The hype surrounding One Piece Season 5 is reaching unprecedented levels, and one of the most anticipated fights is between Zoro and King.

What makes this fight even more exciting is how perfectly it portrays the original fight from the manga. Fans of the One Piece manga know that the Zoro vs King fight is a pivotal moment in the story, and the anime adaptation has done justice to this epic showdown.

Furthermore, this fight holds significant importance alongside the second best fight of 2023 which is between Luffy and Kaido. Both battles are crucial in the overarching narrative of One Piece and will have lasting effects on the progression of the story.

Overall, the Zoro vs King fight in One Piece is a highly anticipated event that promises to deliver incredible action, breathtaking animation, and a perfect portrayal of the original manga. Fans of the series are in for a treat with this epic battle. If you haven’t watched this one then do yourself a favour and go watch them right now.

02. Luffy vs Kaido: One Piece

At second and one of the most highly anticipated anime fights in 2023 was the battle between Luffy and Kaido in One Piece. This long-awaited showdown had fans on the edge of their seats, eagerly waiting to see how it would unfold.

The fight between Luffy and Kaido spanned multiple rounds, each one more epic than the last. From the intense clashes of their attacks to the emotional stakes involved, this battle had it all.

The animation in this fight was very good, capturing the raw power and intensity of each moment.

One of the standout moments of the battle was the introduction of Luffy’s Gear Five. This new form elevated Luffy’s power to new heights, allowing him to go toe-to-toe with the mighty Kaido. The epicness of this transformation added to the excitement of the fight.

The impact of this fight cannot be overstated. It not only showcased Luffy’s growth as a character but also set the stage for future battles in the series.

The battle between Luffy and Kaido in One Piece was truly one for the best. It exceeded all expectations and solidified its place as the second best anime fight of 2023.

Some anime fans may disagree that this should be the number one fight, but what comes next exceeds all expectations and becomes the best anime fight of 2023. Yes, we are talking about the fight between Sukuna vs Mahoraga in Jujutsu Kaisen.

01. Sukuna vs Mahoraga: Jujutsu Kaisen

The most epic, destructive and best fight of 2023 in the world of new anime is the fight between Sukuna and Mahoraga in Jujutsu Kaisen. This battle shows the true scale of power and destruction that can be unleashed by curses in the Jujutsu Kaisen universe.

From the very beginning, this fight sets the stage for an epic clash between two incredibly powerful beings. Sukuna, is also known as a legendary curse with unmatched strength and abilities. His casual display of power is awe-inspiring, as he effortlessly obliterates anything and anyone in his path.

Mahoraga, on the other hand, is a curse that revels in chaos and destruction. He sees Sukuna as a challenge and a way to prove his own power. Despite Sukuna’s overwhelming strength, Mahoraga refuses to back down, determined to show that he can stand toe-to-toe with one of the most powerful curses in existence.

What makes this fight truly remarkable is the power levels involved. Sukuna’s casual display of power suggests that he may be on an entirely different level compared to Mahoraga. While Mahoraga puts up a valiant fight, it becomes clear that he may be overpowered by Sukuna’s immense strength, abilities and of course his ultimate skill Domain Expansion “Malevolent Shrine”.

This fight exemplifies the role of curses in Jujutsu Kaisen and the immense power they possess. It showcases the destructive capabilities of curses and the impact they can have on the world around them. Sukuna vs Mahoraga is a battle that leaves a lasting impression on viewers, highlighting the epicness and intensity of new anime fights.

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