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Fate kaleid liner Prisma Illya Vow in the Snow anime movies with OP MC

10 Best Anime Movies With OP MC

Many anime movies feature a great story, memorable characters, and impressive animation. But it’s the main characters who steal the show. These movies feature some of the most memorable anime protagonists of all time, from overpowered heroes to anti-heroes and…

When They Cry Anime

10 Best Horror Romance Anime Series Lists

There’s nothing like a good horror story to get your adrenaline going. The feeling of being scared on the edge of your seat or biting your nails. The best horror stories aren’t just blood and gore but rather keep you…

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic PC Games ported to mobile

10 Best PC Games Ported To Mobile

PC gaming has long been a haven for gamers, offering the best graphics, immersive experiences, and games’ most diverse libraries. But over the past few years, mobile gaming has gotten better and better, and now the best games are finally…