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10 Best Anime Movies With OP MC

Many anime movies feature a great story, memorable characters, and impressive animation. But it’s the main characters who steal the show. These movies feature some of the most memorable anime protagonists of all time, from overpowered heroes to anti-heroes and everything in between. Here are the 10 best anime movies with overpowered main characters. These movies have managed to capture the imagination of viewers, leaving them begging for more.

Here are the 10 best anime movies with OP MC you should watch

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of watching a protagonist grow from humble beginnings to become an overlord-slaying powerhouse. The best anime movies capture the essence of an overpowered main character and allow the viewer to vicariously experience the power and glory of being an unstoppable force. Here are the 10 best anime movies with OP MC.

10. Sword of the Stranger

Sword of the Stranger anime movies with OP MC

Sword of the Stranger a brilliant anime film that everyone must watch. We follow Kotarou, a boy that is hunted by a Ming swordsman. We slowly start to get a glimpse into the interesting and deep world and sword of the stranger. Kotarou is hunted for a sinister purpose and we slowly start to learn the true nature of the men hunting our hero.

Kotarou and his dog come across an unnamed ronin with a horrific background who has resolved to never draw a blade again. We start seeing an intimate and unique relationship drawn between the tide family unit of Kotarou, his dog, and the ronin. The unlikely trio overcomes insurmountable odds as they desperately push forward to survive.

The story and plot surrounding them begin to take interesting turns, but when the swords are drawn, you know things are about to get serious.


Dubbed – Yes

Movies – 1h 43min

09. The Boy and The Beast

The Boy and The Beast anime movies with OP MC

An awesome fantasy film about a nine-year-old orphan boy by the name of Ren, who would prefer living on the streets of Tokyo as opposed to moving in and living with his distant relative. We follow Ren as he wanders through the streets of Tokyo. He was walking into the dark alleys and found himself stumbling into an alternate universe filled with huge talking beasts. This alternate universe is called Jutengai.

There he comes across a giant bear-like warrior named Kumatetsu, who teaches him fighting skills. Taking Ren on as an apprentice and with great core chemistry between this boy and this beast, we see them train, eat and live together.

But as Ren turns 16, he finds himself being dragged into the human world and develops a relationship with a human girl, and a brilliant tale of a young MC caught between two worlds. He is left with the decision of whether he’s a human or a beast.


Dubbed – Yes

Movies – 1h 59min

08. Tales of Vesperia: The First Strike

Tales of Vesperia The First Strike anime movies with OP MC

Set around 10 years after the great war against the demon beasts. The empire that rules over the entire world relies on the massive use of air to keep the world running. We follow two young men, Yuri and Flynn, who have just joined up as the prestigious and highly respected imperial knights.

One day the two knights are sent to the town of Ceazontania, where a lot of strange activity has been reported regarding the huge influx of these disgustingly mutated beasts that could threaten the entire region. At the same time, we follow the knight supreme commander and the naive princess as they are involved in a secretive power struggle in the capital city.

The two knights on Ceazontania cannot expect any help from the major city. A brilliant film that has a lot in it for everybody. From a base level with awesome characters and a brilliant fight scene to a bit more serious and heavy-handed political drama.


Dubbed – Yes

Movies – 1h 50min

07. Black Fox

Black Fox anime movies with OP MC

We follow Rikka Isurugi, who has spent her childhood learning the ninja arts from her grandfather, Hyoe. She is doing everything she can to follow in her father’s footsteps, renowned researcher Allen. Her father’s research has resulted in a collection of cutting-edge drones with artificial intelligence and remarkable technical skills, but Allen intends to develop these drones for civilian use.

Others, on the other hand, have considerably more sinister plans. When a paramilitary force assaults the Isurugi residence in quest of drone technology on Rikka’s 16th birthday, her father Allen and grandfather Hyoe are killed. Fortunately, Rikka is able to flee with the drones. Months passed, and Rikka is now a regular girl who works as a private investigator and shares an apartment with Melissa.

However, when darkness falls, she dresses up in her grandfather’s fox disguise and hunts down those guilty for the attack. Rikka will not rest until the murders of her family receive the justice they deserve.


Dubbed – No

Movies – 1h 30min

06. Afro Samurai Movie

Afro Samurai Best Samurai Anime

One of the slickest and most stylish anime series ever to be released. Although it maintained strong Japanese roots, Afro Samurai was definitely a lot more popular amongst western audiences. Nothing compares to afro-samurai, which grew out of the creator’s love of soul, hip-hop, and Americana music. The story follows the young samurai’s life after his father was killed by a gunslinger when he was a kid.

As an adult, Afro embarks on an epic mission to assassinate his father’s killer and take vengeance. Its chock-full of amazing action scenes that take place in an intriguing post-apocalyptic environment. The afro samurai is a manga, anime series, and film starring Samuel L Jackson that has achieved incredible success.

It’s hard to find any flaws with the Afro Samurai with a cool blend of a futuristic setting and some awesome sword-fighting battles. Definitely check it out you will not regret it.


Dubbed – Yes

Movies – 1h 37min

05. Sword Art Online Movie: Ordinal Scale

team anime fight Final Boss Fight (Sword Art Online Ordinal Scale)

Sword Art Online is one of the most popular current anime series. With a unique blend of adventure and science fiction and some of the best Waifus ever seen in an anime, this is a must-see. Since then, the amazing series has produced plenty of fantastic anime films, with many hailing Ordinal Scale as the best of all.

Ordinal Scale takes place in 2026, four years after the infamous sword art online incident. We hear about the Augma, a breakthrough new form of technology that has emerged. A device that makes use of augmented reality technology.

Unlike the NerveGear and Amusphere Virtual Reality that we’ve seen before, it’s completely safe and allows gamers to use it while awake, making it an instant hit on the market. Kirito’s friends join the new game despite his doubts about the system.

While it looks to be all fun and games at first, they soon discover that the game is not what it appears to be.


Dubbed – Yes

Movies – 1h 59min

04. The Garden of Sinners

Visually Stunning Action Anime

With the brilliant manga and anime series, the whole Garden of Sinners film series is one that you do not want to miss out on. Set across the 90s, this is a brilliant dark fantasy series of films quite unlike any other.

We follow Shiki Ryougi, a teenager that has been raised as a demon hunter with powerful special abilities. We also follow a close friend of hers as the two go on a number of supernatural adventures. Investigating cases with twists and turns will constantly have you second-guessing.

The garden of sinner’s film series will have you hooked from the very first scene.


Dubbed – No

Movies – 1h 28min

03. Garo Movie: Divine Flame

Garo Movie Divine Flame anime movies with OP MC

Garo, as always, puts on a fairly amusing show for his audience. This film picks up four years after the previous series ended. We’re following Leon, who has taken over the title of Golden Knight as he focuses on developing a young makai knight for the next generation. Alongside the Valiante kingdom’s mighty prince Alfonso.

They are subsequently given orders to destroy the world’s most beautiful terror, which is located in the adjacent country of Vazelia. At the same time, an unknown individual kidnaps a young makai knight. Leon chases them down, only to find himself trapped in a dead end surrounded by his foes.

Furthermore, a makai knight named Dario, who had been absent for some time, arrives out of nowhere and saves him. Leon is led to the town under his leadership, where he meets a completely unexpected individual. Fans of the franchise and beginners alike will enjoy this film, which you will not want to miss.


Dubbed – Yes

Movies – 1h 18min

02. Fuse: Memories of a Huntress

Fuse Memories of a Huntress anime movies with OP MC

After her grandfather’s death, Hamaji, an enthusiastic hunter girl, relocates to Edo’s busy capital from the mountains. Her older brother, who is a hunter himself, takes Hamaji in. Hamaji is welcomed with a fairly nasty sight of bleeding dog’s heads on display for the entire town to witness.

The locals taunt her a little before explaining that they are half-human, half-dog menaces who terrorise and murder Edo’s human residents. The skulls of these few have a big bounty on their heads, so every third-rate samurai in the city is pursuing them for the money and the glory.

The film’s plot is intriguing, although it is a relatively simple story with incredibly vivid art and visual flair. This is a very detailed, colourful, and delightful anime film that you must see.


Dubbed – No

Movies – 1h 50min

01. Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya: Vow in the Snow

Fate kaleid liner Prisma Illya Vow in the Snow anime movies with OP MC

A brilliant film for any fan of the Fate Prisma series but also a great watch for newcomers. Maybe just run through a quick catch-up before checking it out because this is a seriously great anime film that you do not want to miss out on. Although this film is like a flashback arc from the anime, it still functions as its very own thing.

Follow the manga very closely with some fantastic animation and artwork. Picking up with Shirou Emiya left with the epic duty to save mankind. We learn that the world is dying and time is ticking. With Shirou needs to make some insane sacrifices, including his only family left, his sister.

Shirou is left with a difficult decision of either being a hero or becoming the very evil he said he would destroy. An epic tale that is worthy of the fate series.


Dubbed – No

Movies – 1h 30min

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