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10 Best Horror Romance Anime Series Lists

There’s nothing like a good horror story to get your adrenaline going. The feeling of being scared on the edge of your seat or biting your nails. The best horror stories aren’t just blood and gore but rather keep you on edge, wondering what could happen next. But sometimes, you want to spice things up like romance in horror.

Horror and romance are two genres that don’t seem to go together. But there are anime that combines romance with horror elements and these are some of the best anime out there. Here are ten of the best horror romance anime you must watch if you are a horror lover.

Here are the 10 best horror romance anime series you can watch

Romance is a genre that can make or break a story, especially when it’s combined with horror. The terror of the unknown can make any relationship feel more intense, and sometimes the best way to overcome your fears is to face them head-on. If you’re looking for some romance anime with a spooky twist, blood, ghost, and horror then you’re in the right place.

Today, we’re going to be exploring the best horror romance anime out there, so prepare yourself for some spine-tingling thrills!

10. Brynhildr in the Darkness

Brynhildr in the Darkness Anime

This involves aliens. I know they’re not as scary as ghosts but this anime knows how to make aliens scary and I’ll keep the premise of this one short.

There are two people, a boy named Ryouta and a girl named Kuroneko. They decide to go into the woods to prove the existence of aliens. The girl dies from an accident and ten years later, a girl who bears a striking resemblance to this dead girl called Kuroneko arrives at Ryouta’s school.

What’s even more mysterious is the supernatural powers this girl has. Together the two of them have to join forces for a second time to find out more about aliens. Once again, just because this anime is about aliens doesn’t mean this doesn’t have any horror in it.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 1(13 Ep.)

09. Kurozuka

Kurozuka Romance Anime With Badass MC

Vampires and horror always run very closely. Come on, back when you were a kid, I’m sure you were afraid of a vampire or a werewolf but now it’s time for the adults. This time we have the good old waking up in the future to find my lost love sort of story. The guy searching for the girl is a samurai.

Here we have a samurai who is really good at killing people and sometime later, he falls in love with this mysterious vampire lady, but then he gets killed and wakes up in the future where there is a mysterious red army ruling the world.

Kurozuka belongs to the dark horror romance genre because there’s a lot of blood and gore flying around. It is also one of those anime with samurais who swing around swords, so you can see our main character is a badass.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 1(12 Ep.)

08. Lunar Legend Tsukihime

Lunar Legend Tsukihime Anime

Remember Fate Stay Night or Carnival Phantasm. If you remember any of those, then you know what Tsukihime is. Recently Ufotable released a remastered version of its opening, so at least that might have opened your eyes. Here we have a guy called Shiki.

No, not that Shiki from Garden of Sinners. This guy is different. He has the ability to see invisible lines and if he traces one of those lines, destruction soon follows. Since the power is pretty weird, he says, he will stick to high school and mind his own business.

But things aren’t that easy for anime main characters. Soon, he sees a vampire girl walking down the street and kills her. Why? Well, it turns out it’s a psychotic lapse. Then this vampire girl reappears again and introduces herself as Arcueid Brunestud, a vampire princess.

After that, our MC joins forces with her to find information about some mysteries happening in town. And, of course, these mysteries aren’t wholesome ones. A must-watch horror romance classic anime for you.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 1(12 Ep.)

07. Okamikakushi: Masque of the Wolf

Okamikakushi Masque of the Wolf Anime

Do we get wolf girls? Nope, but if you’re a fan of mysterious cults, sudden disappearances, and masked individuals roaming the street while stalking or praying and then doing some horrible stuff to them, this is the show for you.

Meet Hiroshi Kuzumi, a poor guy who gets transferred to a village like many poor guys in horror anime. But at first, everything seems good. He meets new friends, and everyone in his new school starts to like him.

He gets a blonde girl and a blue-haired girl as his waifu and he even starts enjoying life like a normal teenager. Then the villagers start disappearing and a girl who carries a scythe starts killing people in darkened streets.

In one night, this village goes from the most wholesome thing in existence to something that can put the setting of Attack on Titans to shame. As I said, this is the show for you if you’re a fan of cults or have a masochistic fetish for getting killed by a scythe.


Dubbed – No

Season – 1(12 Ep.)

06. Chaos Head

Chaos Head Anime

If you’ve watched enough anime then you can handle the violence in this anime. Chaos Head doesn’t show any dismembered heads but it has plenty of gruesome murders that will make you pity this poor guy who’s going to be the center of all of them.

Here we move to the town of Shibuya, where there are tons and tons of murders happening but our guy Takumi doesn’t give a damn about any of them because, like all of you and me, he’s an otaku. He lives in the sweet world of anime until he finds an image of a man staked to a wall by a user named Shogun.

Somehow one thing leads to another and Takumi thinks that these new set of murders are there as a plan to kill him. Can this diabolical otaku survive in this town full of murders? Well, watch this awesome horror romance anime and find out.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 1(12 Ep.)

05. Ghost Hunt

Ghost Hunt Anime

Ghost Hunt is what happens when you exchange too many ghosts and horror stories. The next thing you know, a weird stranger is asking you to be their assistant. Here we meet Taniyama, a girl who likes to exchange ghost stories with her friends.

Most of these ghost stories involve an abandoned building in their school. One day, when visiting this building, she injures a strange boy and it turns out this boy is the assistant of Shibuya Kazuya, the president of the Shibuya Psychic research company.

Now Mai needs to work with Kazuya in order to find the mysteries surrounding the paranormal world. Compared to other shows, the romance here is pretty light, but if you need some ghosts and mystery, then you should definitely add this to your watch list.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 1(25 Ep.)

04. Dusk Maiden of Amnesia

Dusk Maiden of Amnesia anime Romance Anime Where MC is Antisocial and Lonely

Here’s another school where paranormal activities happen and a bunch of unlucky teenagers are curious about it. Dusk Maiden of Amnesia revolves around the mists in the Seikyou Private Academy.

One of our main characters, Teiichi Niiya, finds a ghost named Yuuko, a girl who died in the basement of an old school building. Now joining with her and a couple of Teiichi’s friends, the group begins to search about the paranormal activities happening in the school.

The premise clearly isn’t paving the way to romance, but as the series moves on, it adds a bit of romance here and there to make the overall story interesting. Like I’ve always said, Dusk Maiden of Amnesia is like the X-Files but with a cute anime ghost scroll taking the lead.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 1(12 Ep.)

03. When They Cry

When They Cry horror romance anime

This horror romance anime has sprouted a lot more sequels but the first two seasons are the real deal. Once again, it starts when an unlucky bastard named Keiichi goes to a lonely Japanese hometown and starts to realize the girls around him aren’t exactly wholesome material.

After this, you’re going to start thinking twice about the girls around you. If you’re bored with the original old-looking Higurashi, you can even watch the new Higurashi and if you think the new ones are wholesome, nope, think again.

The new Higurashi storyline that started with Higurashi Gou expanded the series and even introduced a new villain while hinting at an even larger multiverse tied to the visual novel Umineko and remember when I said this show doesn’t have anything wholesome? Well, if you’re that tired of high school girls killing each other, you can always watch Higurashi Rei.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 1(26 Ep.)

02. Blood+

Blood+ Anime

This is the big brother of Blood-C. Once again, we are thrown into the life of Saya Otonashi and she discovers creatures that feed on human blood.

She joins the red shield organization in order to defeat these beasts and free her hometown but things aren’t that easy. Even though this came way earlier than Blood-C, this one has way more horror, in my opinion.

Sure, Blood-C has bunnies who try to kill you but Blood+ has its own gore mixed with violence with some better storytelling in action. Just a warning if you’re not a fan of gore, then you should probably avoid this one.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 2(62 Ep.)

01. The Garden of Sinners

Visually Stunning Action Anime

What do you know? We have another creation from the same guy who made the Fate Series, but it’s a lot darker this time. It is about a girl named Shiki who has the same ability as Shiki from Tsukihime.

She can see lines and she can cut them or destroy them. She joins a detective agency where they solves supernatural crimes. The whole series is made out of seven movies and if you want to watch the movies in the official release order, you can start from movie number 01; if you want to start in chronological order, you can watch the second and fourth ones first.

The Garden of Sinners has got a little something in it for everyone and by a little something, I mean girls jumping down tall buildings, ghosts coming to haunt you, serial killers, multiple personalities, and all the good stuff.

This is still one of my best horror romance anime that everyone should watch, so I keep recommending it to everyone and be ready to have some philosophy thrown at your face.


Dubbed – No

Season – Movies (8 Part)

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