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Love Live Superstar anime

10 Best Anime Like Oshi No Ko

If you are excited about the upcoming anime Oshi No Ko, then here are the 10 similar anime recommendations while we await the release date. In 2023, one anime that’s been getting a lot of buzzes is Oshi No Ko,…

Black Lagoon anime

10 Best Anime With Female Lead Characters

For an anime lover, it would be easy to name many anime series with male lead characters. While a large number of anime still focus on male protagonists, the number of series that focus on women has been growing rapidly.…

Benimaru VS Holy Sol

Greatest Mentor Fights in Anime of All Time

Mentors in battle shounen anime are the ones who guide and help our MC to become better. But sometimes moments come when they showcase their power and strength. When this happens, it’s almost always a moment worth quoting and remembering.…