best anime fights of 2021

10 Best Anime Fights of 2021

Although compiling an article about the best anime fights of 2021 is an impossible one due to the constantly changing nature of anime, some fights are so iconic, so unforgettable, that they deserve special mention when discussing the state of the anime fight. Here are ten of the best anime fights in 2021.

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Dai VS Baran

Dragon Quest

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Tohru VS Elma

Miss Kobayashu’s Dragon Maid S

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Asta & Yami VS Dante

Black Clover

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Camilla VS Isaac


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Diva VS Yugo

Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song

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Cosette & Takt VS Black Stone D2

Takt Op. Destiny

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Naruto VS Isshiki


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Gintoki VS Utsuro

Gintama: The Final

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Yuji, Todo & Gojo VS Hanami

Jujutsu Kaisen

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Rengoku VS Akaza

Demon Slayer: Mugen Train Arc

Here are the 10 best anime fight scenes of 2021

The year 2021 will be remembered for many reasons, but one of them is sure to be the quality of its anime fights. The action anime has always been a fan favorite, and this list of the 10 best anime fights of 2021 will take you through some of the best battles that are definitely worth a watch. A great anime fight is both engaging and epic. In 2021 there have been many great fights in anime. Some are better than others. So, here are the best anime fights of 2021 that you should definitely give a try if you haven’t already watched them.

10. Dai VS Baran (Dragon Quest)

best anime fights of 2021

Dai VS Baron is what call an underrated gem, like the show where it came from. It truly harkens back to the old days with Shonen battles and all those battle auras and a lot of shouting. It gives the whole 90s feel with a lot of polish made for the modern era, and fans enjoyed the fight because it unlocks memories of childhood, similarly to the modern Dragon Ball anime.

The pacing of the battle is excellent, and the voice acting puts this one over the hump. Not many people I know have been watching the Dragon Quest anime, but I think it’s a worthwhile journey with a lot of fights like this.

Will the dragon quest anime be something that fits the bill for a good Shonen watch? For that, you have to see this anime yourself. At least now you know that somewhere in there is a banger of a fight.

09. Tohru VS Elma (Miss Kobayashu’s Dragon Maid S)

best anime fights of 2021

Seriously did anyone expect this out of Dragon Maid? Kyoto is not exactly the studio well known for hype inducing fights filled with intensity and special effects. Dragon maid is a comedic and a slice of life anime or more known for both. Then we get one of the most unexpected yet insane fights fans have seen this year. I mean, just look at the battle; it’s got some animation techniques and effects that will put a lot of modern anime fights to shame.

Everyone also loved how the two of them went to each other with such intensity. You’d expect a fight like this to come from well-produced action shows and not a slice of life where the dragons spend most of the time being adorable.

Just a fair warning that as cute as these dragons look, they’re all virtually overpowered & weapons of mass destruction. A clash between two of them wouldn’t be pretty, and this fight is proof of that. Also if you’re not into head-to-head fights, then I think anime where the MC gets betrayed but returns OP might be for you.”

08. Asta & Yami VS Dante (Black Clover)

best anime fights of 2021

It’s such a joy watching Black Clover’s journey. In a way, it reflects the Shonen protagonist growth. Slowly and surely earning her love and admiration for the plot that became more and more engaging. Lots of cool fights, and in this final arc of the anime, we have this banger.

I’ve always loved Yami as a character, and he just oozes coolness with whatever he does, and this fight definitely showcases that. But even the most badass mentor has that plucky hero to guide. How Yami carried the first part of the fight before Asta came in with the finish shows the great mentor-student relationship that everyone enjoys in these Shonen shows.

The two have a cool dynamic, and fans love seeing it all the way to the last arc. If you’ve put off watching Black Clover, then maybe this would be a fight to get you back into it.

07. Camilla VS Isaac (Castlevania)

best anime fights of 2021

There are many good things about Castlevania, and even though we’ve already had this year, this fight still holds up. In the bigger picture, this is one of the better fight choreographies in the battles featured so far.

It may not be too high budget or as fluid as some of the big titans of the anime battles go, but the pacing is on point. In my opinion, a good fight should also exhibit character.

There are some haphazardly written fights, but you can feel the personalities and the development shine with how the combatants battled in this one. Understandably, people sleep on Castlevania, but it’s a pretty good anime. You should definitely give this one a try.

06. Diva VS Yugo (Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song)

best anime fights of 2021

Oh boy, one of my favorite fights of 2021. When the dust settles, 2021 will have Vivy as one of my main landmarks in the world of anime. Sure, it’s not going to be the most talked-about show, nor would it likely be the first thing people think of when you say 2021.

Several years down the line, still among new anime that started airing this year, anime watchers would likely look back towards this sci-fi anime with nostalgic eyes. The main attraction of the series isn’t even in the fighting, which makes this fight even more impressive if you look at the context.

Vivy is a show that doesn’t primarily sell itself on fights but for the animators to go all out and give us this amazing encounter. There’s a lot of combat insanity in Vivy, but this one just takes the cake.

05. Cosette & Takt VS Black Stone D2 (Takt Op. Destiny)

best anime fights of 2021

At the time of this writing Takt Op. Destiny still has quite a long run to go. So, why don’t we look at the first episode fight after all first impressions are ever so important? Entering a season, many people didn’t have high expectations from Takt Op. Destiny. It’s part of a game promotion for Waifu Gatcha Collecting. But this fight blew everyone away.

Honestly, then again, what else did you expect, its Madhouse and MAPPA. If they want to sell a video game, they better have to do a good job with the anime adaptation and a good job they did with this astounding display of effects. Goosebumps, inducing transformation sequences, and display of fireworks and sheer destruction. Takt Op. Destiny fight is one of the best in 2021.

04. Naruto VS Isshiki (Boruto)

best anime fights of 2021

It’s a fight that got all the Naruto fans evolved back into the thick of things and quite a bittersweet swan song perfect combination for a fight which serves as Naruto’s final blaze of glory. The whole fight will keep you on the edge of your seat due to how impactful each attack seems.

The production for this scene is top-notch as it should be for such an important moment. Isshiki has more than proven himself in battle before, so seeing Naruto start to get the advantage on him was such a cathartic moment.

One of the most emotional moments in Boruto involves Naruto and Kurama. No wonder many people have been so excited to see this fight animated.

03. Gintoki VS Utsuro (Gintama: The Final)

best anime fights of 2021

The final capped off a long whirlwind of a ride, putting a fitting end to one of the best-shown end franchises. It’s especially hard on an emotional level, and it’s a whole culmination of a long journey, and Utsuro serves as the perfect final antagonist.

Overall, this fight had a lot of impact on fans, and I won’t outright put it up as one of those fights that will change how you see anime forever or anything outrageous, but it’s a damn good fight that will live on in history as a solid finale to Gintama.

02. Yuji, Todo & Gojo VS Hanami (Jujutsu Kaisen)

best anime fights of 2021

I’d say that MAPPA has put itself on the map these past few years. They were first taking over the production of Attack on Titan then being the ones behind Jujutsu Kaisen’s awesome battle scenes. Jujutsu Kaisen has a lot of significant battles, but this one by far is the best.

Team fights are good if you can see the chemistry and the synergy between the fighters, and with how Yuji and Todo fought together, you can really see their dynamic in full display. It’s a mentor-disciple type battle, not too unlike the Yami and Asta but with the full benefit of MAPPA’s breathtaking animation.

While overpowered Gojo didn’t participate much until the closing moments, that halo purple was still super amazing. It truly wowed the whole fan base and it is something for us to remember.

01. Rengoku VS Akaza (Demon Slayer: Mugen Train Arc)

best anime fights of 2021

Did I cheat on this one? Well, it got recapped in the 2021 Demon Slayer anime as a Mugen Train Arc, so we will count it anyway.

It is the most hype fight in the mainstream, coming as far back as 2020 when demon slayer’s movie got announced. After that when it finally did hit theatres. It proved that the hype was worth it. You’ll just be amazed by how Rengoku and Akaza’s techniques are put on display.

I expect a lot from the person with the title of the fire pillar and you do have to see him fight to truly experience his powers. What makes this fight a winner is the emotional weight it carries, and because of that, Rengoku VS Akaza is the best anime fight of 2021.

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