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10 Best Action Adventure Anime To Watch

Action-adventure anime comes with overpowered scenes, incredible stories, and amazing adventures that will entertain you and keep you at the edge of your seat until the very end. Sometimes teach you valuable lessons. These anime comes with high character development, beautiful animation, and amazing fight scenes. You can feel the excitement and adrenaline rush from the beginning of the story.

This genre is full of the strongest, baddest, and most powerful MCs. If you’re into action and adventure anime, here are some of the 10 best action adventure anime you should watch.

Here are the 10 best action adventure anime to watch

Dive into the world of adventure and action that will make you laugh, cry and feel the excitement. It is a genre that you will get addicted to and won’t want to stop watching. Here are your top 10 picks for the best action adventure anime.

10. Hellsing Ultimate

Hellsing Ultimate short action anime

This anime follows a secret group of the British government known as the Hellsing organization. The organization’s mission is to battle supernatural threats to keep the people safe from monsters. The movie’s main protagonist is a vampire Alucard who is a slave of the Hellsing organization that kills unwanted vampires.

He is ultra-powerful and the principal weapon of destruction. The organization is led by Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing, who inherited the leadership of Hellsing as a child after the death of her father.

As the anime progresses, Sir Integra later discovers that there is a group known as Millennium and they aim to create a battalion of vampires. There’s also a rivalling secret branch of the Vatican that doesn’t like the Hellsing organization.

Hellsing Ultimate is one anime that has high animation quality. The animation is very smooth and well-executed and the directors score an A in character development. If you’re looking for some vampire action, then this is the one for you.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 2(23 Ep.)

09. Assassination Classroom

teachers in anime Koro Sensei - Assassination Classroom

This anime follows the story of a mysterious creature that destroys the moon down to a permanent crescent. The creature also plots to destroy the world in a year but decides to teach a junior high school class.

Because of the dangerous threat, the government then puts a bounty of 10 billion Japanese yen on him. However, the students of class 3E of Kunugigaoka Middle School find themselves confronted with a difficult task.

Assassinate the creature responsible for the disaster of the moon before earth suffers a similar fate. This anime is a crazy one as the students have to find ways to kill the teacher who is just teaching them many subjects and the forms of assassination.

This anime features a high-quality plot and story pacing. It has high-level character development that you won’t see in most animes and the ending is gut wrenching.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 2(47 Ep.)

08. Vinland Saga

Vinland Saga S2 Upcoming Action Anime of 2022 & 2023

Thorfinn, the son of one of the Viking’s greatest warriors, is on a revenge mission to kill Askeladd, a mercenary leader that killed his father in a battle. Thorfinn joined Askeladd’s company to avenge his father and consistently challenges his commander to various duels.

Vinland is actually a legendary and mysterious region that is rumoured to be warm, peaceful and fertile. It is a place where most warriors want to live. They want to experience the serenity of the land and stay away from the war between England and the Danes.

Vinland Saga has a slow story pacing but it makes it up with excellent character development and amazing animation.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 1(24 Ep.)

07. Dororo

action fantasy anime with OP MC

Daigo Kagemitsu, a feudal lord sacrifices his newborn son to the demons in exchange for prosperity for his people. The feudal lord then abandons the baby, and as fate would have it, the boy is discovered by a doctor who specializes in giving people prosthetic limbs.

He adopts the boy and eventually names him Hyakkimaru and sends him off on a quest to regain his body.

As the anime progresses, Hyakkimaru has to fight demons and defeat them to regain his lost organs and original limbs. During his adventure, he meets an outcast on his quest named Dororo and they become an outstanding duo.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 1(24 Ep.)

06. Black Bullet

Black Bullet action adventure anime

This action-packed anime follows the downfall of mankind at the hands of the viral parasite. Humans had to live with fear and terror for 10 years behind monolithic walls. The survivors are protected by the civil security corporation, a task force specializing in fighting against the parasite. Rentarou is the main character of this series and he is a member of the civil security corporation.

His fighting skills are epic when it comes to using his signature weapon Springfieldield possessing black bullets created from vibranium, which is said to inflict wounds upon the parasite that cannot be recovered.

Black Bullet is a fast-paced anime with amazing fight scenes and character development. The animation is spot on and the fights are all fluid.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 1(13 Ep.)

05. Inuyashiki

Inuyashiki Last Hero short action anime

The fate and lifestyle of a frail and middle-aged man changed when he is struck by an explosion of extra-terrestrial origin. His weak body is replaced by an incredibly powerful mechanical body but he still maintains his human form.

With his newfound powers, he decides to use them to heal those with incurable diseases and fight crime. What he doesn’t know is at the time of the explosion, a teenager who’s with the old man suffered the same fate and was given the same powers.

As opposed to the old man, the teenager becomes a psychopath who goes about using his powers to murder various people from classmates that annoy him to innocent families.

Their paths cross when the teenager’s cruel actions come to light and the police are powerless against him. The anime does a very good job of showcasing the difference between good and evil even if they have the same powers.


Dubbed – No

Season – 1(11 Ep.)

04. Eighty Six

86 Best Anime of 2021

A war between the Republic of San Magnolia and the Giadian Empire rages on for nine years. Due to the devastating losses suffered by the Republic, the state had to develop its autonomous units known as Juggernaut. Directed remotely by a handler.

Human beings are piloting these Juggernauts and the set of people that pilot the machines are known as the 86. The highly intense action series follows Vladilena, a major in the republic army and the handler of the team of 86.

86 is a designation given to the subhumans who are persecuted and stripped of their rights by the government. Also, the replay of the entire sequence from Vladilena side as she’s sitting perfectly still in front of a monitor observing anonymous dots on a screen disappearing one by one is entirely awesome.

The impeccable art and animation also makes 86 a great anime. The character development is awesome and you won’t believe what happens in the final episode.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 2(23 Ep.)

03. Fire Force

fire force action adventure anime

This anime is set in the year 198 of the solar era in Tokyo. The task force known as the special fire force is fighting against a phenomenon called spontaneous human combustion, where human beings are turning into living monsters called Infernals.

We follow Shinra Kusakabe as he possesses the explosive ability to ignite his feet at will. Due to a traumatic past, he gets treated as an outcast as he is believed to have killed his mother in the fire 12 years ago.

Company 8 eventually discovers that the fire force has been compromised from the inside and they initiate investigations in political corruptions in other companies in the force.

If you like Soul Eater, then you will definitely like fire force as it’s written by the same person Atsushi Ookubo. The animation is amazingly beautiful and the opening is a jam. If you haven’t watched this one already then be sure to check this one out.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 2(48 Ep.)

02. Samurai Champloo

Samurai Champloo Best Samurai Anime

Fuu is a clumsy waitress who accidentally spills a drink all over one of her customers. This incident prompts a group of samurai to harass her incessantly. For her safety, she employs the service of Mugen, a samurai who possessed a wild fighting techniques and funny movements that resembled breakdancing.

Mugen later attacks Jin, a young ronin and the spar unintentionally causes the death of the magistrate’s son. It is a grave offense and according to the law of their land, they are to be executed. With the help from Fuu, they escape the execution and leave on a quest.

Samurai Champloo is one of the only animes to get away with lofi beats in the background of massacres. If you want some samurai fun, then this anime is definitely one you want to check out.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 1(26 Ep.)

01. Jujutsu Kaisen

anime power awakening moments of 2021

All the negative human feelings become curses that lurk in people’s everyday lives. Curses become free living entities and they can lead humans to terrible misfortunes and even death. The craziest part is that curses can only be exercised by another curse, unlike the usual way where good people expunge curses.

Yuuji Itadori is a free living highschooler that spends his days at either the club room or the hospital, where he visits his bedridden grandfather. His lifestyle gets disrupted when he eats a finger. Yes, you heard that right a finger, as he tries to save his friend who has been attacked by a cursed spirit.

After this, his life becomes abnormal as he shares his body with Sukuna, “the king of curses”. With the help he receives from Gojo the most powerful of the sorcerers, he also joins the Tokyo Jujutsu high school, a sorcery organization that exercises the curse.

Jujutsu kaisen raises the bar of action animes with phenomenal animation, fluid fights, and amazing hand-to-hand combat. I’m sure you’ve already seen this one, but if you haven’t, make sure to go check it out.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 1(24 Ep.)

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