10 School Romance Anime Where Popular Girl love Unpopular Guy

When it comes to romance, most people imagine themselves as the hero in the story, falling for the popular girl in school. But what if the tables were turned and the popular girl was the one chasing after the unpopular guy? That’s the basic premise behind many of the best romance anime where the unpopular guy ends up with the popular girl.

In these anime, the girls who are usually the most desired by the boys in school end up falling for the guys who everyone usually overlooks. We bring you the 10 best school anime where the popular girl falls for an unpopular guy.

Here are the 10 best school anime where popular girl love unpopular guy

The popular girls in school are usually beautiful and popular, while the unpopular guys are usually nerdy or shy. But What if the most desired popular girl ended up falling for the unpopular guy? That’s the basic premise behind these 10 best school romance anime: the unpopular guy ends up with the popular girl.

10. Gamers!

anime where popular girl falls for unpopular guy

Our MC Keita Amano is a rather dorky high school student who spends most of his time playing video games. He’s not particularly smart, but he is very passionate about gaming. One day he has a random encounter with the most popular girl in school, Karen Tendou and she suddenly invites him to join the gaming club.

To her shock, he refuses, saying he only plays games for fun, not for competitive reasons. Meanwhile, Amano strikes up a friendship with another girl Hoshinomori Chiaki but it quickly ends sourly while Amano’s friend Uehara Tasuku tries to resolve things between them.

Uehara is also stressed because his girlfriend has been rather clingy as of late. If you think there are a lot of relationships here already, you really have no idea. Gamers is a hilarious parody of rom-com’s tendency to balloon misunderstandings to absurdly comical levels.

If you’re in for some dumb romantic fun with a surprising amount of progress, Gamers is for you.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 1(12 Ep.)

09. Osamake

New Harem Anime To Watch

Maru Sueharu boy who is very close to his childhood friend Shida Kuroha, who happens to be one of the most popular girls in school. One day she shocks Sueharu with a heartfelt confession. Shockingly for both her and the audience, Sueharu actually rejects her and thinks of her more as a sister than a romantic interest.

Heartbroken Kuroha leaves him to his efforts of confessing to his first love, the school idol Kachi Shirokusa. However, Kachi already has a stable relationship, much to Sueharu’s dismay. With his dreams of a first love now completely broken Sueharu finds himself lost on what to do next. Kuroha finds out about this and approaches him again with a proposition, revenge.

These two will scheme to get their love lives back in order, but will they succeed or fall for each other. It’s hard to tell with rom-com these days but Osamake is pretty fun for that premise.


Dubbed – No

Season – 1(12 Ep.)

08. Bottom-Tier Character Tomozaki

Bottom-Tier Character Tomozaki School Romance Anime Where Popular Girl love Unpopular Guy

Tomozaki Fumiya is the best Attack Families game player in the world. His skills are legendary and he’s revered in-game. IRL, however, Tomozaki is completely inept in social situations and his high school life is an awkward nightmare. So basically, most people’s high school lives.

In bitterness, he soon calls himself a bottom-tier character in real life and goes on not doing anything to fix his situation. One day, a top-tier Attack Families player revealed themselves to be a beautiful and popular girl named Hinami Aoi.

Although Tomozaki is slightly superior to Aoi in terms of gameplay, she proves that he can’t use the excuse of being a gamer for his unpopularity. Aoi is now determined to help Tomozaki escape the bottom tier by teaching him the dangerous arts of talking normally to people and not embarrassing himself.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 1(12 Ep.)

07. Amagami SS

Amagami SS School Romance Anime Where Popular Girl love Unpopular Guy

Junichi Tachibana is an average high schooler looking for love. On Christmas eve, he goes all out for a date with the girl he really liked but was stood up on that day. Out of fear of it happening again, Junichi hides his true feelings for anybody he falls for.

One day Junichi finds himself with a surprising second chance upon meeting several people who he has a romantic interest. On Christmas eve, he has to choose which girl he wants to pursue. This series is blatant about its visual novel roots and adapts pretty much all of the roots in the game as part of the anime. Junichi picks from one of six girls to date on the faithful Christmas eve night.

Will he pick the popular Haruka, the childhood friend Kaoru, the shy Sae, the athletic Ai, the sweet tooth Rihoko, or the mysterious Tsukasa? For this series, everybody gets to be the best girl because everybody wins.


Dubbed – No

Season – 2(39 Ep.)

06. Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai

Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai School Romance Anime Where Popular Girl love Unpopular Guy

Puberty syndrome is a strange word but it is the driving force for this entire series. A rare disease that only manifests in teenagers gives them strange supernatural abilities they have little control over. Sakuta Azusagawa is a high school student of not much renown, who knows the existence of puberty syndrome and has even been a victim of it in the past.

One day while in the library, Sakuta notices something very odd. Mai Sakurajima, a famous actress in her school walking around in a bunny outfit. Even strangers nobody seems to be noticing her rather scandalous getup.

Sakuta soon figures out that she is a victim of puberty syndrome and for some strange reason, Sakuta is the only person who can see her or frankly even interact with her. Together they work to find a solution to this strange problem, and along the way, they meet more students who have been inflicted with puberty syndrome.


Dubbed – No

Season – 1(13 Ep.)

05. We Never Learn

New Released Harem Anime To Watch

Nariyuki Yuiga is a mundane high school student who works and studies hard to cover his college fees and help his poor family. Since he spends most of his time studying, he has no time for socializing and has very few friends. That all changes when the headmaster offers him his scholarship under one condition.

Teach two of the school geniuses on the subject they struggle most with. The mathematical genius Rizu Ogata whose humanity’s grades make one lose a lot of faith in humanity, and Fumino Furuhashi, whose science grade is beyond belief. Moral girls join in this studying harem rom-com as the theory goes along, and Nariyuki’s confused feelings are played with the entire time.

If you’re looking for a classic rom-com with the shenanigans you’ve come to love, then We Never Learn is a great choice for you.


Dubbed – No

Season – 2(26 Ep.)

04. Horimiya

Best romance Anime of 2021 Horimiya

Kyouko Hori is a popular student. She is known for her equal balance of beauty and brains and is one of the most beloved girls in the school. Meanwhile, Izumi Miyamura is a very quiet boy with poor grades, long unkept hair, and rarely talks to anybody at school. One day the two unexpectedly meet in appearances they never thought others would see.

While Hori is shy of her mama bear tendencies towards her younger brother, Miyamura is actually quite the looker when not in school. More surprising is Miyamura’s tattoos and piercings, a far cry from his seemingly nerdy self in school.

Although they are seemingly opposites in status and personalities, the two find a strange bond in having their secrets with each other. Miyamura spends a lot of time at Hori’s home for one reason or another and these after-school meetings soon blossom into something more. For those looking for a rom-com with great progress and non-standard main couples then this is the one for you.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 1(13 Ep.)

03. Komi Can’t Communicate

spring anime of 2022

Shouko Komi is the most popular girl in school and unfortunately for her, it is not at all by choice. Her stoic nature and silence give people the idea that Komi is an unreachable goddess who doesn’t need friends, only subjects to rule over. However, this is not the case at all. Hitohito Tadano an average boy who is very good at reading people Komi is actually a socially awkward wreck.

Her silence is the result of a communication disorder which makes it difficult for her to reach out and talk to people. Once they are both left alone, Komi opens up to Tadano about her condition and Tadano finally understands how lonely Komi must have been feeling all this time.

With newfound determination, Tadano promises Komi to help her win her goal of getting 100 friends by the end of their final school year. It’s a tough road ahead for these two dorks but with the help of the friends they made along the way, plus a little bit of luck, Komi is sure to overcome her struggles and find happiness.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 1(12 Ep.)

02. Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro

Don't Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro School Romance Anime Where Popular Girl love Unpopular Guy

Naoto Hachiouji is a high school student who spends most of his days ideally drawing sketches in his notepad or painting in their club room. One day his peaceful routine is disturbed by the relentless bully Hayase Nagatoro when she picks up one of his sketchbooks and starts making fun of his stories within them.

So much in fact that Nagatoro actually brings him to tears. Nagatoro comforts him with a handkerchief to wipe his tears with a slight pang of regret. However, she spends most of her free time teasing Naoto, who she calls senpai in a sarcastic manner.

Though he is annoyed, he soon finds that Nagatoro has a strangely possessive streak with her and finds himself protected from others bullying by Nagatoro. In this love or a sick form of ownership, why not some fans say that for those with a bit of a masochistic side, Nagatoro is a fun rom-com to watch.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 1(12 Ep.)

01. My Dress-Up Darling

new winter anime of 2022

Wakana Gojou is a surprisingly tall high school boy who spends most of his school life waiting for the day to end. His highlight at the end of each day is going home and working on his hyena dolls. A hobby he desperately wants to keep a secret from his peers in school. After a traumatizing encounter with a girl as a child. Sometimes he even sews in class while everybody is on break.

However, one day, he is caught in the act by the popular gal Marin Kitagawa whose confidence and style are a foil to Gojou’s own mundane shyness. At first, he is scared to be judged by her, but to his shock, she starts getting giddy and even commissions him to help her with a cosplay she’s working on.

Though worlds apart, their shared passion for their hobby strikes up a friendship that might weave into something more.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 1(12 Ep.)

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