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10 Best Short Action Anime | Top 10 Ranked

Short action anime is a visual treat, from the blistering hand-to-hand combat to the jaw-dropping action sequences. There’s something rewarding about watching anime with less than 13 episodes rather than a season after season. The best short action anime has enough going on to keep you entertained, but not so much that you get bored. They’re the perfect way to scratch that action anime itch. That’s why we have compiled a list of the top 10 best short action anime that you can binge-watch in one go.

Here are the top 10 best short action anime

The best short action anime is a genre that’s never been bigger than it is right now. The small screen has been flooded with gritty, fast-paced shows that have juiced up the action genre with a thick dose of adrenaline. From the brutal fights to the stylish cinematography, these anime are not more than 13 episodes and are some of the most exciting things to watch on a Saturday night. But which one deserves the title of best short action anime? So, to find the best list, we bring you the list of the 10 best short action anime that you can watch right now in one go.

10. Katanagatari

Katanagatari short action anime

Right off the bat, something sticks out for Katanagatari. It’s the art style that carries with itself a design choice that you don’t see in anime every day. Set in the Edo period, this show can be summed up as one of the possible precursors to the modern Wuksia Tales that you often see these days.

It’s an adventure show that’s quite wordy and features some characters who excel in playing their roles. The show’s episodic and very dialogue-focused nature may not exactly be for everyone. However, it certainly gives us something that was very different in its era.

I dare say it still holds up to the modern-day but don’t be fooled; however, when it comes to the action sequences, Katanagatari manages to excel thanks to its stylish flair in the interesting story and world that it builds through set episodes. It’s not flawless, but Katanagatari is just that uniquely quirky show that takes you on an adventure that you won’t forget.


Dubbed – No

Season – 1(12 Ep.)

09. Sirius The Jaeger

Sirius The Jaeger short action anime

Let me pull up the credits for Sirius The Jaeger, P.A.Works something like this is definitely not the first thing that comes to my mind whenever I hear P.A.Works, but after watching it, I did enjoy it. Sirius The Jaeger falling into the category would set the viewer up for some expectations right off the bat.

Overall, it generally sticks to the tropes and story beats of such a title. You have the expected twist and all, but it just works. I find it plain but enjoyable and passable entertainment. The spectacular art quality probably boosts it. P.A.Works does it again with its pedigree for visual production. Beautifully packaging everything in a setting an ambiance that feels quite unique for these let’s kill vampires shows.

Sirius The Jaeger is a pretty cool attempt by P. A. to branch out into the genre. Is it the best in their catalogue of memorable shows, though? I don’t think so, but it’s still a pretty good popcorn show to binge over a weekend.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 1(12 Ep.)

08. Hellsing Ultimate

Hellsing Ultimate short action anime

Next, we have another vampire anime Hellsing Ultimate. In the back days, it was one of the most popular action anime of them all. You got the violence, the brooding stylish energy, and you’ve got a rather complete and satisfying story that clocks in at 10 episodes of OVA goodness.

Vampire animes are a dime a dozen and they come in all sorts of genres. You have the more comedic ones, you have the dramatic romances, and you have the ones with a modern feel, but in terms of intensity and sheer edgy violence, only a few can come anywhere close to Hellsing Ultimate.

It’s a show that’s aged rather well over a decade into its conclusion and if you need something so stylishly hot-blooded, Hellsing Ultimate could be your pick this weekend.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 1(10 Ep.)

07. Super Crooks

Super Crooks short action anime

Super Crooks is a show that relishes its western energy, which translates pretty well in anime format. It’s got the whole heroes and villains set up down pat and it’s full of characters who are both lovable and a joy to follow.

The enjoyment gets ramped up with how great the presentation was compared to my expectations. The voice acting is great, the art’s perfect for the story’s mood, and the plot generally flows well and is easy to consume. It feels like watching one of those Hollywood blockbusters in the realm of Kickass but in anime form.

Some quick wild fun to pass the time over a weekend. If those things are to your liking, Super Crooks might be the show to satisfy your cravings.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 1(13 Ep.)

06. Deca-Dence

short action anime

It was a bit hard to sell Deca-Dence at first, mainly due to its premise. Monsters forcing people to bunker up in a dystopian setting, how many of those Attack on Titan like shows have we had already. Luckily though, Deca-Dence has a lot of good things going for it that sets itself apart from those shows with similar premises.

First off, it’s an original anime. So when watching, I had almost no expectations. The eventual plot twist did catch me off guard and it was after then I realized how brilliant some of them were. It started as a dystopian fight for a survival thing, but it made good use of its short 12 episode airtime to evolve the show into something way beyond that by the time everything’s said and done.

At the end of it all, it’s a sci-fi show that transcends the initial action genre and offers some cool philosophical insights. Decadence got overshadowed by the blockbusters and sequels it aired beside, but this is a truly underrated gem that you have to watch.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 1(12 Ep.)

05. BNA

BNA short action anime

At first glance, BNA looks like a superhero show with furies in an urban fantasy setting. After watching it, I’d say that it’s got a lot underneath the surface, and it explores a lot of themes I didn’t expect to get tackled.

Political themes, sociological ones, conspiracies, it’s got a lot more than it initially suggests, but we’re not here primarily for those, are we? We’re here to have some action and some fights to get the energy going and I’m pleased to say that BNA still has those elements in droves.

It’s rightfully fast-paced for a superpower mystery action and it’s exciting in the sheer potential of where the adventure can take you. It’s also got that trigger thing with revolting against the system as seen as Kill La Kill and Gurren Lagann and while I’d say that those two did that aspect of the story better, BNA is no slouch either. Trigger rarely disappoints, and while BNA probably won’t end up at the top of their greatest hits, it is a nice short show that’s well worth your time.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 1(12 Ep.)

04. Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song

Best Anime of 2021 Vivy Fluorite Eye's Song

Now I’ve often talked about Vivy, and I still do. That’s because, in the realm of sci-fi with a bit of those musical element backdrops, I widely consider it one of the best the anime industry has to offer, especially in the modern era.

There’s a lot to like about Vivy, the character development, the fluidity of the art and animation, the progression of the story, and of course, the fight. I often find it being compared to tact off but let’s face it if you have time to go for either of the two, Vivy is probably the more complete show for most people. Vivy has some themes that strike hard with how the world is going now.

It’s one of the very few successful titles to drive home the themes regarding the dangers of technology. With a strong backdrop of real-world relevant theme, amazing sound direction, and fights that are nothing short of wild and awesome that you just automatically ignore some of the sequences that don’t make sense, Vivy is a surefire hit that’s perfect for you to binge.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 1(13 Ep.)

03. Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied short action anime

Let’s go back to old school stuff with probably my era’s poster chart for edgy psychological titles. It was made infamous for its gore and stuff that makes your heart pound for the wrong reasons. I’d say the Elfen Lied has managed to carve out quite the legacy for itself.

It’s quite the polarizing title by combining those off-putting aspects with an arguably strong story that couldn’t have worked without them. It’s got stuff in it like discrimination and humanity as themes while putting everything against the hauntingly memorable soundtrack and atmosphere.

Does the show have to go through the lengths of showcasing gore and nudity to achieve the effect? Probably not, but with the route, it decided to go, I’d say that the anime team did a pretty damn good job using those elements to prop up the show’s feel. An oldie yet a goodie, Elfen Lied could be your show to watch.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 1(13 Ep.)

02. Inuyashiki: Last Hero

Inuyashiki Last Hero short action anime

I hope you haven’t had enough heroes yet because this is an awesome show right here. The premise starts pretty simple once you’ve got the meat of it. Grandpa has been going through tough days and as fate would have it, he gets turned into a half-machine half-human hero.

Getting granted powers to renew his purpose in life. However, how does it all come together when he’s set on a collision course with a similarly empowered sociopath. So, the first thing that’ll likely stick out to you is the uncommon protagonist. It’s not too often we see an old man protagonist in anime, and overall, I really applaud Inuyashiki for its efforts to stick out.

Despite the premise that I call simple and common, the show itself has some hidden depth for its views to uncover when it comes to themes regarding humanity and morality. Is it super unique? Well, not really, but you see the earnest effort there to connect with the viewers, especially with how the flow of the story goes. Don’t let the plain premise dissuade you from watching this amazing title.


Dubbed – No

Season – 1(11 Ep.)

01. 91 Days

short action anime 91 Days

In the first position, I’d like to recommend 91 Days. I’ve listed this title several times on those under-appreciated or underrated show lists. How can I not want to see such an excellently crafted show lacking in the popularity department? The sentiments do still hold true, honestly speaking, and while revenge stories are dime a dozen in anime, it’s rare to find anything with an ambiance quite like 91 Days.

It probably is largely the western classic literature style approach, but you really feel that this show is special in anime’s sea of revenge stories. 91 Days is one of the best in pushing forth the narrative in a focused and consistent manner. It’s quite easy for revenge stories to forget the revenge part after quite a while but not for 91 Days.

It’s a crime thriller that successfully holds the suspense and theme all the way through its run. It sets itself apart from the pack by showing off the unglamorous sign of humanity and the dark recesses of the human heart.

91 Days is part of a niche genre, but this title is a gem that anyone with an appetite for historical suspense with a healthy dose of violence should watch.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 1(12 Ep.)

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