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Top 10 Best Harem Anime 2021

We bring you our very special list because when you’re an anime character you just find it hard to stick to one. Come on don’t tell me you’ve only got one Waifu or husbando out there. When there are some characters that can relate to your dilemma. Today I’ll be counting down my top 10 favorite harem anime 2021. There’s a lot of them but these are the ones that I think you should really check out.

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Rent A Girlfriend

Genre: Comedy, Romance, School, Shounen, Harem

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Haganai: I don’t have many friends

Genre: Comedy, Harem, Romance, School, Slice of Life

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Genre: Comedy, Ecchi, Harem, Romance

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Strike the Blood

Genre: Action, Ecchi, Fantasy, Harem, Supernatural, Vampire 

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Date a Live

Genre: Comedy, Harem, Romance, School

5 number icon

The World God Only Knows

Genre: Comedy, Harem, Romance, Shounen, Supernatural

4 number icon

The Quintessential Quintuplets

Genre: Comedy, Harem, Romance, School

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Genre: Comedy, Harem, Romance, School, Shounen

2 number icon

High School DxD

Genre: Action, Ecchi, Harem, Romance

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Genre: Comedy, Ecchi, Harem, Romance, School

Take a closer look at top 10 Harem Anime 2021 list.

Harem anime is one of my favorite genres alongside others which is why I’m here to help you all find the right harem anime to watch. Today I’ll be counting down my top 10 favorite harem anime. There’s a lot of them but these are the ones that I think you should really check out.

harem anime 2021

10. Rent A Girlfriend

We start with a recent contender Rent a Girlfriend. Still fresh on everyone’s mind is this rom-com starring happy-go-lucky Kazuya. Unfortunately, his happy days come to an end when his girlfriend dumps him. Angry at the outcome he decides to strike back at the world by using an app to rent his replacement girlfriend.

When said rental girlfriend turns out to be Chizuru, event flags get triggered, including a couple of squabbles, a collapsed grandmother, and lots and lots of misunderstandings. All this culminating in Kazuya declaring Chizuru to be his legitimate girlfriend.

Finding themselves in a whole new web of misunderstandings. Just how long can they keep up this facade of being in a relationship. Fake relationships, misunderstandings, and heaps and heaps of comedy make Rent a Girlfriend a fun watch.

The main character does have his share of criticisms but I finally find the girls enjoyable to follow and in the harem anime, you know who the main attractions are right.

IMDB Viewers(7.4)

Critics Rating(7.2)

harem anime 2021

9 Haganai: I don’t have many friends

In harem anime list our 9th spot, we have another comedy series. this time it’s early 2010’s hit series Haganai. Goenka being a transferee looks to make good impressions and some friends. Unfortunately for him his expression and blonde hair get him labeled as a delinquent.

So, now that plan falls flat on his face even before it begins. However, as fate would have it, he finds someone just as big of a loner as he is who spends her time talking to her imaginary friend. The duo then decided to form the neighbors club. A club is tailor-made for people who have no friends and a way for them to learn social skills. Joining them are the cast that you’d expect to find in harem rom-com anime.

The popular daughter of the school chairman, the trap, the pervy freshman, and much more. will these social losers ban to get their act together? or will the club just implode from the eccentricities present?

Lots of ecchi, fun hijinks and comedy are the first things that would come into mind when talking about this show. Haganai has its genuinely touching moments between those over-the-top antics, and I found myself thoroughly entertained when I first watched this harem anime. Has it aged well now into the new decade? Well, there’s only one way to find out and that’s to watch it and its second season.

IMDB Viewers(7.1)

Critics Rating(7.3)

harem anime

8 To LOVE Ru

We start moving on to the supernatural ones and we start with To LOVE Ru. Confessing is hard, it really is, it takes a lot of guts to confess and that’s just something that Paul Rito Yuki just can’t find. Despite being haplessly in love with Haruna, Rito just can’t spit it out but wait it gets worse when one night the naked Lala Devolu crashes into his bathtub. You see Lala happens to be the princess of an alien empire and she’d like nothing more than to marry this guy to avoid a political marriage.

From then on things start to spiral out of control with more and more girls coming into the picture making Rito’s confession to Haruna borderline impossible. Full of slapstick humor and a healthy dose of lewd moments tuna RU is a winner for me.

You won’t find a shortage of sexy or cute girls in the show that’s helped to find the ecchi genre in its heyday. I have to preface this and say that the anime is quite episodic and filler-ish but at the end of the day, it’s mindless entertainment that counts and I find this harem anime very satisfying in that regard.

IMDB Viewers(6.6)

Critics Rating(6.9)

harem anime 2021

7 Strike the Blood

Up next is strike the blood. In a world ruled by three almighty vampire progenitors there exists a fourth one. A thing of legend a vampire so powerful that he keeps the balance of the world in check. Now you wouldn’t expect someone like him to be an ordinary high school boy right neither does Kojo Akatsuki but his identity as the fourth progenitor does attract a lot of unwanted attention much to his shah grin.

Fearing his capabilities the lion king organization sends a personal watchdog the apprentice sword Shaman Yukina however, mishaps and their shared awkwardness would bring the two together into alliance and deep friendship. That’s a good thing because they’re gonna need every bit of power to defend Itogami island against numerous supernatural threats.

Meanwhile, the duo also has to deal with the suedes of girls that just seem to gravitate towards Kojo. A personal favorite of mine in the early 2000s strike the blood is your typical simple and formulaic popcorn entertainment show full of action and ecchi. A lot of cool powers some genuinely enjoyable character dynamics and a plot with a surprising number of layers make the show a fun show to unwind.

Also notable is how the series is currently in its fourth season and is looking to be on pace for a near-completion adaptation something remarkable for harem anime of this genre.

IMDB Viewers(7.1)

Critics Rating(7.6)

harem anime

6 Date a Live

Next harem anime inline Data a Live. Spirits, special beings that exist and bring about disasters. There are two ways to deal with option number one eradicate them with military force. Option number two dates them and makes them fall in love. That basically tells you what you need to know about this show.

Unlucky contender this time Ishido who gets forcibly recruited in the organization Ratatoskr led by his sister Kotori. He learns that he has the power to deal with the danger posed by spirits. A really easy way that doesn’t involve any direct fighting. All he has to do is the date the spirit makes her fall in love and seal the deal with a kiss.

With such a unique ability Ishido finds the fate of the world resting on his shoulders and it’s all up to his romantic prowess to save the day. Cute girl’s supernatural powers and a bit of fan service is a tried and tested formula and data live is a testament to that.

The premise might make it seem to be one of those weird Japanese series however, Data a Live really went the extra mile and actually came up with a rather dark and serious plot that managed to weave together unexpectedly deep lore and a lot of twists it’s really something genius that only Japan can come up with. That’s what makes this one of my favorite harems of all time.

Three seasons, a movie, and a spin-off are out but with this harem anime series still maintaining a decent amount of popularity I wouldn’t be surprised to see this get a full adaptation somewhere down the line.

IMDB Viewers(7.0)

Critics Rating(7.2)

harem anime 2021

5 The World God Only Knows

Next, we take a look at the world god only knows. Katsuragi is known as the god of conquest. The famed personality who can conquer any girl’s heart in visual novels. In reality, he wants nothing to do with the world of romance girls and all that sort of stuff. After all, 2d is king, and who needs romantic partners when you can have waifus who would never betray you right.

Thanks to his overconfidence he gets roped into a brand-new mission. With the demon Elsie as his guide, he gets tasked with retrieving runaway spirits who’ve escaped from hell and want nothing but trouble. The only problem is that he can only do that by conquering the hearts of real girls the actual unpredictable kind mind you not computer data.

Now he must apply his skills from his favorite visual novels as he’s forced to win the affection of numerous girls. How will the legendary god of conquest fare once the predictability of video games gets taken away?

Despite having a premise that’s somewhat similar to the previously featured Data a Live. The world god only knows executes its plot in a very different manner. Eschewing action and explosions in favor of drama and comedy. The world god only knows provides its own fresh take on the solve supernatural problems by romancing the premise to provide a very engaging harem anime to watch.

IMDB Viewers(7.4)

Critics Rating(7.7)

harem anime

4 The Quintessential Quintuplets

Our third place for this list is the quintessential quintuplets. Ace high school student Futaro has it rough. He doesn’t have a lot of friends and he’s sorely lacking in the financial department. However, a bright light shines at the end of the tunnel the family dead and it comes in the form of a tutoring job.

Imagine his surprise when his duty turns out to be Itsuki a girl that’s not on best terms with him also Itsuki doesn’t come alone. She’s revealed to be one of a quintuplet of sisters and Futaro’s job is to tutor all five of them. Helping all five of them graduate despite their flanking grades is already a herculean task and that’s not even getting to juggling their personalities. Should I mention that all five of them start falling for Futaro for their own reasons? Looks like our hero might have just bitten off more than he could chew.

Harems are plenty in the world of anime. Especially those involving schools and couples that have so much friction between them but for the quintessential quintuplets, something just clicks. For me, it’s probably the attractive characters who come together and come out with some special kind of chemistry.

I just love the show for its character interactions and dynamics and from there it maneuvers its way to one of the more interesting plots that you can expect out of a harem title. It certainly got a rather divisive manga ending but with this second season, airing let’s see if the harem anime follows suit.

IMDB Viewers(7.6)

Critics Rating(7.3)

harem anime 2021

 3 Nisekoi

Since we already talked about rent a girlfriend how about the show that’s quite comparable in setting Nisekoi. Yakuza heir Raku Ichijo has many things on his mind. One of which is the promise he made 10 years ago to a childhood friend. He remembers little of the incident but he does carry around a locket pendant which can only be unlocked by the key held by the promised girl.

Now a high schooler Raku wants nothing more than to have an ordinary life. Tough luck for him when he encounters Kirisaki heir to the rival beehive gang. To prevent all hell from breaking loose, they decide to fake a relationship despite their immense differences and unmatching personalities.

Adding to the problem is the fact that Raku really has his eyes on his classmate Kosaki Onodera. With more and more mercurial elements in the form of girls having a claim to be Raku’s promised girl adding to the picture.

Looks like Raku is going to have more than he can handle I think for many of you Nisekoi needs no introduction. It’s probably the quintessential harem rom-com of the 2010s harem anime that spawned probably some of the biggest waifu wars that I’ve ever laid witness to. I could never get tired of watching Raku and the gang as they go through one misadventure after another in the quest for finding true love.

IMDB Viewers(7.2)

Critics Rating(7.6)

harem anime

2 High School DxD

Why not make it three in a row for a supernatural action-like novel harem anime. Let’s cap the chain off with a series that’s left its mark on the genre High School DxD. There are many words to describe Issei Hyodo but the most prominent and accurate of them would be probably perverted. Dreaming of one day having a harem of his own. Things seem to be looking up for him when he gets asked out on a date by a beautiful girl.

First aids never pan out just ask Gaineki who likewise had to endure a similar fate by Issei being killed by the girl on his very first date. luckily for him Riaz Gremory the school’s prettiest girl and a devil finds him and revives him as her servant while subsequently recruiting him into the school’s occult research club. Now in his second life issei must learn to fight and survive in the brutal world of angels and devils where danger lurks in every corner.

Oh, don’t forget to mention the lewd moments with new comrades too. While a lot of you would have known High School Dxd for the plot or caps of course. I’ll come out and say that it also has one hell of a compelling plot. You don’t carve out a legacy as the show has with only fan service and I just find it amazing how such an intriguing story has been masterfully weaved between the numerous risqué moments.

High School Dxd for most people is fan service personified and the main attraction is definitely the beautiful girls in the ecchi but I would also gladly vouch for its plot. If you’re up for probably the perfect combination of plot in caps and plot in small letters come to join the Dxd train you won’t be disappointed. This is the best harem anime of all time.

IMDB Viewers(7.6)

Critics Rating(8.1)

harem anime 2021

1 Saekano

Topping off our harem anime list is Saekano. A stroke of inspiration it can strike like a flash and sure as hell is powerful. For Otaku Tamoya it comes in the form of a fateful encounter with a girl. Brimming with the inspiration he recruits legendary creators the artist Iriri Sawamura Spencer and top student and big-time author Utah wanting nothing more than to make the best game starring the mysterious girl.

Unfortunately, the gun of his dreams ends up being the docile and plain and boring Megumikato. Nevertheless, Tomoya is determined to make his vision a success no matter what stands in their way the Moya’s group will stop at nothing to create the greatest visual novel featuring the greatest hero ever.

I play Saekano at the top of the list for several reasons the show is just so relatable. For a big anime fan like me and I really enjoyed watching the interactions and the development among the characters.

It’s a show that you probably aren’t supposed to take too seriously with its ecchi jokes, awkward moments, and a plethora of comedy segments. Nonetheless, I found the series just chock full of touching scenes and developments and it’s one of the shows that I can truly say I got really immersed in.

If you’re the type who’s into shows with Otaku references and lots of upbeat moments sandwich between character drama then don’t pass this one up. Now quit stalling and start watching the series from the start to end with its two seasons and the movie which caps off the whole story.

IMDB Viewers(7.0)

Critics Rating(8.1)

What anime character has the best harem?

As a harem protagonist and as per viewers reviews Issei Hyoudou from High School DxD has the best harem. There are many more like Koyomi Araragi from Monogatari Series or Tohru Honda from Fruits Basket.

How many make a harem?

When one person is focused and involved by several others called harem. Generally, 3 people are involved in counting a harem.

What is harem king means?

When one person is surrounded, liked, or loved by many girls but he can never choose one to be married or be his girlfriend.

How’s that for a selection of harem anime titles.

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