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Top 10 best Ullu Web Series to watch 2021

Nowadays web series are more popular than movies because of their storyline and character development. Therefore, more popularity means more OTT platforms. Many platforms offer web series with adultery and foul languages like Alt Balaji, zee5, or MX Player web series. One of them is ULLU TV, which has not to have the budget like Netflix or amazon prime but offers an amazing web series that you can enjoy. Most of them lie in the erotic and adult genre. So, if you are alone and 18+ & need something to enjoy in isolation then I bring you the top 10 best Ullu web series to watch.

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Kavita Bhabhi

Genre: Adult, Erotic

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Size Maters

Genre: Comedy, Erotic, Drama

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Genre: Comedy, Erotic, Drama

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Mona Home Delivery

Genre: Erotic, Drama

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Charam Sukh

Genre: Erotic

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Riti Riwaz

Genre: Erotic

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Palang Tod

Genre: Erotic, Drama, Romance 

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Genre: Adult, Drama, Romance

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3G Gaali Galoch Girls

Genre: Comedy, Erotic, Drama

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Genre: Thriller, Erotic, Drama

Take a closer look at the top 10 best Ullu Web Series

We all already know that Ullu tv is famous for its bold and erotic romance drama series. So, if you are bored, alone & need something to watch, to enjoy your isolation. Then lock your room because I bring you the top 10 best Ullu Web Series to watch in 2021. This series is filled with erotic scenes, romance, drama & comedy.

kavita bhabhi ullu web series

10. Kavita Bhabhi

On number 10 we have Kavita Bhabhi. Ullu web series is always famous for its erotic and adultery content. From the name only you can imagine how erotic this web series can be. This Ullu web series inspires by Savita Bhabhi’s comic character. Incredibly enticing bhabhi, pleasuring individuals via calls. She describes make-out stories to the clients in an exceptionally heartfelt manner and charges them a good amount. You will really enjoy the tale of Savita Bhabhi which is shown in 8 episodes. Watch a series tale full of lovely stories and drama, Kavita Bhabhi.

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10 Best Zee5 Web Series in 2021

size-matters-poster ullu web series

9. Size Matters

Number 9 position we have Size Matters. This web series story revolves around a young couple who going to marry soon. Virgin Manpreet wishes to satisfy her craving with the size of fulfillment, Akash unwillingly does things that he was unable to control and losses the Trust of Manpreet. How might Akash persuade Manpreet? Does Size truly matter? Will Manpreet Agree? This series is full of comedy, erotic & drama. Definitely recommend watching.

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dunali ullu web series

8. Dunali

On number 8 we have Dunali. Because of concerns about atypical diseases that directly impact the boy’s sex life, the world around him has undergone earth-shaking changes, and everyone is trying to use his abilities. Some people are still in love, while others are surprised when they discover the double trouble they have suffered. See how the hustle and bustle in Dunali double the fun. The series is full of comedy & erotic drama. If you’re looking for some fun time then this is an option you should consider.

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Mona-Home-Delivery ullu web series

7. Mona Home Delivery

On Ullu TV if you are looking for the best erotic series then look no more. Mona Home Delivery is the best erotic series on this top 10 list because of its story & plot. The story is based on a girl named Mona. Whose childhood spent in poverty. The travel of the escort (Mona) and her explanation of her experience till now. The content of this story. Witness this exciting and passionate hot spring, enough to shake your underpants and belief system. This Ullu web series gives us a very strong message. You should definitely watch this show & I am assuring you will not regret this decision.

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ullu web series

6. Charam Sukh

Most awaited Ullu web series. On number 6 we have Charam Sukh. This web series is in two-part. Charam Sukh talks about the woman’s desire. Desires that we generally hesitate to talk in society. Preeti was reluctantly persuaded by her family to marry the millionaire, Shekhar. Preeti was crazy about her elegant personality and accepted a romantic evening before marriage. Pretti’s dream night was ignited by the heat of their bodies, but a surprise shocked her and moved her for life. Watch the amazing story of a night full of dreams and screams.

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Riti Riwaz ullu web series

5. Riti Riwaz.

What would you do if you aren’t allowed to see your love for one month before marriage? This Ullu web series is based on the same story. The two young minds end their relationship before marriage, as some consciousness remains in their relationship. They haven’t been allowed to see each other for almost a month, and these restrictions destroy their marriage as an unfaithful daughter. What happens when the groom sins against his lover in “RITIRIWAJ”? I would definitely recommend this series to watch.

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Palang Tod ullu web series

4. Palang Tod

On number 4 we have Palang Tod. Purely romance erotic drama web series. When the path of romantic fantasy collides with the lonely love, the romantic wave breaks the boundaries of interpersonal relationships. When Shreya’s father brings a friend into his house, he witnessed Shreya’s midnight fantasy and decided to take advantage of this scene. What is the way to pursue desire? This web series is in many different parts with a different story & plot. I think you will definitely going to enjoy Palang Tod.

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Halala ullu web series

3. Halala

Most controversial Ullu web series. Halala web series talk about social issues like Triple Talaq. Afza and Rahir are married happily. But destiny had a different plan because their beautiful relationship was facing turmoil, and the angry Rashir gave Afza a triple talaq. Zaid is the only hope to save Afza and Rahil’s broken marriage because the only option left for the couple is Halala Nikaah. Check out Halala’s most controversial topics beautifully presented by the Ullu app.

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3G-Gaali-Galoch-Girls ullu web series

2. 3G Gaali Galoch Girls

On number second position we have 3G Gaali Galoch Girls. This is an erotic, drama & comedy web series. 3G is based upon three urban girls who talk about their desires. Aliya, Simran, and Madhu are three girls who find fun in life. The story of 3 best friends having fun and sexual encounter with men. Definitely an interesting plot with many more interesting scenes be sure to give it a try.

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#Metoo ullu web series

1. #Metoo

Ullu tv the most popular drama erotic web series. Karan Mathur is a successful and upwardly mobile investment banker who lived in Mumbai, planning a wedding with his office girlfriend Avantika Sharma. When your friend Sana tries to commit suicide at her wedding because she cannot bear the loss of her lover, will things cause losses? Or something else? Karan tried to find the real culprit. You should definitely give this series a try.

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How to watch Ullu web series free?

Ullu TV is a subscription-based paid video streaming service. The monthly cost is less than a 1$. You can use a third-party method but you should support them so they can continue with their work and bring you an amazing series to watch.

How to download Ullu web series?

Ullu TV provides a download service to watch series offline from android or IOS but to avail of this feature, you must be a subscription member.

Where to watch Ullu web series?

Ullu TV provides multiplatform support. You can watch directly from their website or you can download their application which support both android and IOS platform.

How do you like our top 10 list of Ullu web series? Tell us about your favorite series in a comment below.

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