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Top 10 world noob games! Games anyone can play 2021

With the popularity of mobile games and the rise in internet usage, people spend more time playing games online. Not all games are created equally. Some games required skills to play and some games are much easier than others. There are many different types of games are out there that it can be challenging to find one with the right mix of fun and simplicity.

So, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 world noob games. These are the types of games that anyone can play, no matter how much or little gaming experience they have. These are the list of top 10 games anyone can play in 2021.

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Garena Freefire

Android, iOS

9 number icon

Jetpack Joyride

Android, iOS, PlayStation

8 number icon

Subway Surfer

Android, iOS, Windows, macOS

7 number icon

Temple Run 2

Android, iOS, Tizen, Windows Phone

6 number icon

Hungry Shark World

Android, iOS, PlayStation, Nintendo, Xbox

5 number icon

Angry Bird

Android, Windows, iOS, Web browser

4 number icon

Doodle Jump 2


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Android, iOS

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Fruit Ninja 2

Android, iOS

1 number icon

Candy Crush Saga

Android, Windows, iOS, Web browser, Tizen

Here are the list of top 10 world noob games of 2021

There are many games out there for people to play, from the newest releases by the top developers to more “classic” games. However, not all games are created equally, and some games are much easier than others. That’s why we’re here with our list of the top 10 easiest games to play in the world!

Garena Freefire

Garena freefire world noob games

Free Fire has over 60-million current active users, along with over 500 million downloaded games on the Play Store. Garena Studio developed free Fire. The game does not need an introduction. It’s one of the more well-known games on mobile, Battle Royale, and surpassing PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty: Mobile, and other games of the same genre.

At the start of the game has at least 50 gamers. The goal of players is to live on the island while having up to 50-51 players. This means taking down all opponents that players meet along the way. Garena Free Fire is a Battle Royale game filled with numerous features and exciting adventures. So, give the game a go and enjoy the victory!

Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack joyride world noob games

Jetpack Joyride was first released as an iOS video game in 2011 by Halfbrick Studios. Jetpack Joyride is a side-scrolling endless runner-style game where you’re exploring a laboratory with the stolen jetpack that is powered by a bullet. In this action-packed video game, you’re trying to get as far as you can in the laboratory, collect coins, stay clear of obstacles and dangers and complete your tasks.

Unfortunately, the game is heavily based on purchases in the game. While it’s a lot of enjoyable, I found the number of advertisements and purchase-related in-game advertisements to be annoying and sufficient to stop playing for good.

Subway Surfer

Subway surfer world noob games

Subway Surfers has over three billion downloads. It’s among the most downloaded games on mobile ever. One description of Subway Surfers is as yet another variation of an endless runner. It is similar to Temple Run but with some significant twists that create more fun in many ways. Subway Surfers has been branching out. It has been downloaded over 3 billion times and has also been being used in merchandise.

Today, you can purchase figurines, shirts, and many more. Subway Surfers is a great game. It has outlived the precursor, Temple Run. There are many incentives that can make you want to play. If you’re intrigued by Subway Surfers, consider trying it out.

Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 world noob games

Like in the first Temple Run, you use swipe controls to move, turn and jump while exploring the floating temple. However, with Temple Run 2, you’re not limited only to straight-angle turns. Instead, the route you take drops and rises and the jogs are both ways to increase the game’s visual appeal.

As a result, temple run 2 is engaging than the original. It also introduces new ways of transport, including zip lines you can sprint down, as well as an underground minecart that lets you leaning left to right while riding swiftly and furiously through underground rails.

Overall, Temple Run 2 is a fantastic successor to one of my most loved running games. Graphics that have been pumped up, new obstacles, and characters with unique the ability to upgrade make this game essential for any running game player.

Hungry Shark World

Hungry shark world world noob games

The Hungry Shark World game is an action-packed game in which you are sharks who have to explore across the ocean to hunt for different prey species such as unsuspecting swimmers near the shore, sea turtles, and even sea turtles, tiny sharks, and fish. There are over twelve sharks available for you to unlock, with six sizes. Every shark comes with its unique attributes and distinct appearance.

For example, certain sharks are more agile than others but have lower life points, whereas others are so large that they could quickly eat all prey. On each level, you’ll discover a wealth of hidden secrets and hidden objects to uncover, such as chests, letters, and even ‘bosses’ that you can battle.

Each level is distinct, and every one of these tiny underwater worlds is accessible to you. A hungry shark World is an enjoyable action game with stunning graphics, but it is also a fast-paced game and a wealth of content to discover.

Angry Bird

Angry bird world noob games

You get a hilarious little puzzler of birds without wings that fight pigs who steal eggs using a Slingshot. Pigs hide in metal, wooden glasshouses, and wooden structures. Your ability and the direction you take determine the outcome of the birds’ attack.

Angry Birds is a simplistic game, to put it mildly. It requires you to shoot birds using a slingshot to destroy structures and kill the pigs. But what makes the game so enjoyable are the simple techniques to be successful in the levels. The game also adds the challenge of the addition of Golden Eggs to certain levels.

Once you have these, you can unlock additional levels. Its guns, physics, and variety of levels are impressive and make this complex military farm enjoyable.

Doodle Jump 2

Doodle jump 2 world noob games

The first Doodle Jump game debuted back in 2009, and although there have been numerous spin-offs since its first appearance on mobiles, it’s the only “proper sequel to it that has been released nearly a decade after the original. You’ve always wanted an opportunity to express your mobile-moving skills, which Doodle Jump 2 offered you that chance.

Doodle Jump 2 finds your joy and then squishes it with care and precision to form a tiny package that fits perfectly in the palms of your hands. It’s the absolute top in its field, and it will bounce and bring you joy.


Abduction world noob games

The Abduction developed by Psym Mobile offers the same basic thrill of leaping to the highest height you can. However, it also includes the story of how you can help your adorable animal companions and reach your target in record time. After you’ve played the game and conquering levels, and collecting coins, you’ll be able to visit the shop to buy new characters, accessories as well as other items.

This game comes with various levels to keep players engaged for hours. I’ve spent about 8 hours playing the game and am close to hitting 50% just playing in the adventure mode.

Fruit Ninja 2

Fruit Ninja 2 world noob games

Use your fingers to cut the fruit, but be careful not to smash bombs. This is how simple you can play Fruit Ninja. If you’ve ever played the first game, you’ll already know what you can expect from this. Fruit appears on the screen, and the player swipes to chop it into pieces.

Cut more fruit, score more points. Different modes provide diverse tasks. There are times when you must ensure that no fruit is gone before you’ve even hacked it. You’re competing against players in slashy competitions.

Fruit Ninja 2 is certainly quite an extensive game that you can play without cost if you’re not opposed to the extra benefits included in the app purchase.

Candy Crush Saga

Candy crush saga world noob games

A puzzle game that is loved by millions across the globe. The game that leaves players coming back for more. Many levels and puzzles are available in The Candy Kingdom, and with more added every two weeks, the sugar rush is not far away.

Find solutions to puzzles using quick thinking and intelligent decisions and get blessed with colorful rainbow cascades, delicious candy, and more. You can play by yourself or with your friends to see who has the most points.

Candy Crush Saga is free to play. However, optional game items require payment. You can deactivate the payment feature by deactivating in-app purchases on the settings of your device. Candy crush is available across thousands of levels, sure to keep you coming back for more!

Which is the No 1 noob game in the India?

As per the current 2021 data. Right now, Garena Freefire is no 1 noob game in the India with a 60 million current active users.

Is PUBG a noob game?

Despite the fact PUBG is easy to play its not a noob or beginner’s game. To play PUBG at its best you required previous battle royale skills or experience. We advise you to play at least Garena Freefire which is easiest battle royale to play right now before coming to PUBG.

Which is no 1 noob game in the world 2021?

Here are the list of top 5 world noob games or easiest game to play in 2021 – Angry Bird, Doodle Jump 2, Fruit Ninja 2, Candy Crush Saga and Garena Freefire.

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