anime with OP MC of 2021

10 best anime with OP MC of 2021

2021 has been an excellent year for anime. We’ve had some fantastic sequels, some long-awaited adaptations, and some completely unexpected surprises. One thing that we’ve been getting a lot of this year is overpowered anime characters. These characters have been dominating their shows, becoming the primary focus of their arcs, and proving themselves to be stronger than anyone else in their world. We bring you the 10 best anime with overpowered main character of 2021.

Here are the 10 best anime with OP MC of 2021

These are the most overpowered anime characters from 2021. An anime character is considered overpowered if they have an ability or strength that is far more powerful than other characters and can defeat anyone.

Rimuru (That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime)

anime with OP MC of 2021

In 2021, Rimuru has become the poster child for overpowered Isekai protagonists. Among the bajillions of Isekai anime with overpowered protagonists that we’ve had over the past few years, Rimuru and slime stand out above all.

The new anime adaptation was given much more love due to how well the fights that showcase the slime characters are made, which pays off in a big way. Anime catapulting the show to be one of the best Isekai genre. Well, season two of slime aired earlier this year and it did more of the same. This time pushes Rimuru into complete demon lord status and makes him even stronger.

If anyone thought he was pretty broken in the first season, wait till you see what he can do now. Even the season’s final boss stood little to no chance haplessly getting pummeled and consumed by our protagonist. For now, we do have a movie to look out for, and as well we hope for the third season announcement.

Pandora (Re: Zero)

anime with OP MC of 2021

Pandora is the witch of Vainglory responsible for Emilia’s whole backstory and the incident surrounding the bond of ice OVA. Granted, she didn’t come alone, but she just blows Regulus out of the water in terms of being overpowered, and we saw how strong Regulus was in the first episode of season two.

Pandora and goose never really had a chance. Even after they pulled out all the stops to protect Emilia, they were light-years away from beating the witch and there’s no shame in that. Well, have you seen what pandora can do? And how do you beat being able to rewrite reality?

She can also bring herself back to life, manipulating senses, and memories seem to be the least broken amongst the things in her arsenal. It begs the question of how our protagonists will deal with her in the future, and we know that the time for confrontation will eventually come, and our heroes better be prepared.

Mikey (Tokyo Revengers)

anime with OP MC of 2021

In contrast to the two mentioned series, Tokyo Revenges is more grounded in reality. That’s why I didn’t want to do a countdown and compare these overpowered characters directly but consider this you don’t become the leader for nothing.

They nicknamed invincible Mikey for a reason. Only the strongest gets to rule the Gang and he does so in dominant fashion and He’s got a slew of curb stomp battles as well. The anime fans would quickly associate with this, but he barely lost the step even in the manga. Yet he’s nowhere as invincible or broken within his universe as Rimuru, but his accomplishments count for something.

You don’t become the leader of one of the most notorious gangs out there without sheer charisma and fighting skills.

Isshiki (Boruto)

anime with OP MC of 2021

Not much more needs to be said about Isshiki. You just let the anime show of the feats do the talking. The guy is in trouble when even the powerful protagonists of the old series fall so handily to this member of the Otsutsuki clan.

We all thought that we’d seen it all in the first Naruto series, but many people are convinced that Isshiki is by far the strongest character in the entire franchise. A lot of comparisons have been made between him and fellow clan member Kaguya.

It takes a brand-new all-or-nothing form for Naruto to even have a chance in combat and speaking of Naruto, and you should watch that Baryon mode fight, which is mind-blowing in a good way and for those of you who haven’t been watching Boruto, you’ll be in for a big surprise.

Rin (The Idaten Deities know only Peace)

anime with OP MC of 2021

Now here’s an overpowered mentor example for you The Idaten Deities. It’s from the guy who made interspecies reviewers and you can quickly tell briefly at the style in the R rating. However, it features an overpowered character. Standing at five feet tall and having lived for over 800 years, we have Rin.

Yes Rin, the sole survivor of the war 800 years ago. The strongest and most brutal mental that Hayato can ever ask for. Her powers may seem simple enough, but don’t be fooled.

This sword is one mighty weapon capable of wreaking havoc. She has all those crazy abilities like super strength, super speed, transformation, super regeneration, and the list just goes on and on.

Tomura Shigaraki (My Hero Academia)

anime with OP MC of 2021

Just when you thought our heroes had it rough, we get Shigaraki joining the League of Villains and the successor to All for One. Shigaraki’s appearance in the My Hero Academia series carries with it a lot of expectations who could be the one who’s supposedly strong and diabolical enough to succeed the once-mighty villain who ravaged society.

After coming from the season with overhaul and his broken quirk, fans honestly were eager to see what MHA has in store for us, and we get someone with a similar but even more busted version of it. How about the ability to decay things by touch? I’m not just talking about arms and taking the whole decay gimmick a step further. Shigaraki gains the ability to do so without the power’s general weakness.

Shigaraki’s convinced me he’s a worthy successor to All for One and, dares I say, an even more dangerous replacement.

Gojo (Jujutsu Kaisen)

anime with OP MC of 2021

Yeah, I know Jujutsu Kaisen is technically a 2020 show, but you know what happened in 2021, though, hollow purple. What Gojo put on a show in 2020 and he did it again in 2021 is even more impressive than the previous one. Overall, Gojo really has that cool overpowered mentor plastered all over him from the get-go.

It’s amazing how he manages to stick with that moniker and not get relegated into a job or two arcs into the series. A lot of mentor characters suffer that fate, but not for Gojo. He’s been kept strong and continually looks impressive in his spectacular displays of power.

I don’t want to spoil too much about the manga, but it says something when the enemy’s game plan revolves around taking him out of the equation through a seal. Yep, they didn’t even plan to beat him just seal him.

Escanor (Seven Deadly Sins)

anime with OP MC of 2021

Of course, he’ll get a mention. Seven Deadly Sins, Prides itself as shown in anime, with a whole bunch of overpowered characters just brawling against each other. Amongst that slew of characters, one person stands out as the most awe-inspiring and overpowered amongst them all, Escanor.

While modern Seven Deadly Sins don’t have the most stellar reputation, the thing that’s remained consistent is just how much of a special aura Escanor exudes. I think character design plays a large part in that, and he has some damn impressive feats to back it up too.

For example, his battle against the demon king where he managed to go toe-to-toe with the ultimate demon or maybe when he just destroys Zeldris. Escanor just continues to impress.

Levi (Attack on Titan)

anime with OP MC of 2021

Levi’s badass and overpowered. We’ve seen him live up to his nickname of being humanity’s strongest soldier on so many occasions. Most notably, when he just destroyed Zeke in season three. Well, what do you know Levi’s back in business in Attack on Titan’s final season?

In fact, he and Zeke had a rematch and Levi continues to impress. I know much of the final season has given more attention to Eren than it should be, but to say that the other characters have not been brushed away to the side would be doing the series a disservice. Levi has been a one-person spotlight-stealing squad for three seasons.

Partly thanks to his coolness and accomplishments and I think that had it not been for Isayama’s great character writing, Levi would have continued to be one in this fourth season. We all are very excited about Attack on Titan’s grand finale.

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