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10 Best Fantasy Manhwa You Must Read

We all love to read, and the fantasy genre is no different. The best fantasy manhwa takes us to new and exciting worlds, full of magic, dragons, and demons. But sometimes, finding the best fantasy manhwa is hard, and that’s where we come in. In this article, we bring you the 10 best fantasy manhwa that you can read right now.

Here are the 10 best fantasy manhwa you should read

If you’re a fantasy genre manhwa enthusiast looking for something new to read, then you are in the right place. It’s a genre brimming with creativity and world-building. But where to start? Don’t worry; we’re here to help. Here are our top 10 picks for the best fantasy manhwa.

10. BlackSun


A six-circle hell demon is after the main character. A boy who is unaware of the weight he bears or the darkness that has been haunting him since birth. As the last ray of hope for ninjas and humanity, he will soon feel the weight of that responsibility.

This webtoon is really lit. It takes place in a fantasy world where ninjas and demons exist. Mostly ninjas work as exorcists to hunt and exercise demons. The art of this webtoon is quite good. It shines the most during fight scenes.

Overall, it’s an awesome webtoon with both a good story and awesome art.


Release – 2021

Chapter – 18

09. The Ink Apprentice

The Mask Of Truth

To save a magician without a face, a girl and a dragon with one wing enter the shadows of a mysterious castle. The wizard has been imprisoned in that castle for centuries. To release him and restore their own English and bones, the girl and the dragon must work together.

The art of this webtoon is gorgeous but sometimes becomes inconsistent because it’s a canvas webtoon. The story is also a mix of good humor and an original plot.

The characters are amazing and so is the world-building. The only problem with this webtoon is that each chapter is divided into very short sub-chapters.


Release – 2021

Chapter – 11-1

08. Clark Walker Empire

Clark Walker Empire

The mercenary unit’s hero is Hernandez Bangador. He is a knight of the Imperial Guard. Because of his cunning and favor with the first princess of the empire, he is known as an imperial knight. The plot starts when the protagonist is taken by the first princess to try on some armor from the Da Vinci series and becomes involved in a struggle for the crown.

The main character is smart and knows a lot about machines. There are some story elements and artwork inspired by Warhammer 40k in it. The main storyline is quite good. It involves war and political strifes between siblings for the emperor’s throne.

The art is also good but sometimes it becomes inconsistent. Still, that’s not a huge problem. Side characters are also written well. This fantasy manhwa is underrated and it’s a must try for mecha genre fans.


Release – 2022

Chapter – 19

07. Counter Cube

Counter Cube

The main character has access to a dream world where he is free to act however he pleases whenever he goes to sleep. A black hole suddenly emerged in his stream and sucked everything from his dream world, just as he was beginning to enjoy it.

Now, in a new dream world where many other dreamers like him gather, he must earn points by taking part in dangerous tournaments if he wants to regain his dreams. This story has a little bit of similarity to Tower of God and God Game.

When the main character takes part in the dream world’s events, he has to learn a lot of new things and may initially act like a noob, but with time, he develops his character and becomes more dependable. This manhwa’s artwork is quite good, and the transitions between the battle scenes are seamless.

In this fantasy manhwa, each side character is distinct and possesses different skills. Additionally, the world-building is quite nicely done. For fans of God Game and Tower of God, it’s a must-try.


Release – 2021

Chapter – 31

06. The Novel’s Extra (Remake)

The Novel's Extra

Hajin finds himself inside an unfamiliar body after waking up in a familiar world. A world and story he created himself but never finished. He had become a filler character in his novels with no importance to the story. Staying close to the storyline is the only way to get out.

The world, however, is not exactly the same as what he imagined. Although the plot of this manhwa is not particularly original, it is flawlessly executed. The main character knows the events that are going to happen in the future but the co-author keeps changing some events to spice things up.

He also uses a Desert Eagle as a weapon which is also a plus. The side characters are also written well. The world building is also good. The art is decent but the fight scenes can be slightly clearer.


Release – 2022

Chapter – 26

05. Devilup


The afterlife awakens Silas Reinheart and he must face the consequences of his dying words. After cursing the gods for the horror that had struck his village, Silas now finds himself doomed for eternity in hell.

Nevertheless, his fate is changed when the devil offers Silas a deal. The devil has offered Silas the chance to return to the world and collect souls, but if Silas refuses, he will torture the souls of his loved ones forever.

This is a real hidden gem. The main character has two personalities. One where he acts normal and another one where he transforms into a devil and becomes totally ruthless.

Overall art is good but it becomes inconsistent during some fight scenes. The characters are very well made and some of them are very unique. The fight scenes are a little bit long but they never get boring. The overall story is also very good and the world-building is top-notch.


Release – 2021

Chapter – 36

04. The Mask Of Truth

The Mask Of Truth

Wumian acquired a mask that allowed him to command anyone to do anything simply by saying it. Despite this, he was still unable to find the confidence to tell the girl he had a crush on how he really felt, not until a particular event turned his life entirely upside down.

This fantasy manhwa’s story is generally quite nice. Demon Slayer or Tokyo Ghoul come to mind as comparisons. Despite being a simp for a lady who prefers someone else, the main character has a decent personality. However, after a few chapters, the girl leaves and he improves significantly.

The main character has two personalities: one in which he is in control of his body, and the other in which he is under the control of a creature named Mask. That’s also fantastic because the main character has a lot of advantages right away.

The supporting cast members are likewise very well written. It contains some interesting turns. There are many fight moments in it, and the art is fantastic as well. It shines the best during these scenes.


Release – 2019

Chapter – 112

03. Academy’s Undercover Professor

Academy's Undercover Professor

Even though the main character lacked talent or abilities upon his reincarnation, his knowledge of the earth helped him keep one step ahead in this other world. This place has magic, but science has advanced quickly while magic has stagnated because of tradition.

The main character was able to perform things that other wizards couldn’t even consider because he was using his worldly understanding and wasn’t constrained by conventional thinking. Due to his false identity, he was hired as a professor at the top magic academy in the empire.

There is a lot of good drama and action in this manhwa. The reader learns a lot of mysteries about the main character’s past gradually because he is overpowered right away.

Additionally, he has a cool personality. The action scenes are acceptable, and the artwork is excellent. Each of the supporting characters has been written nicely and has some depth. As of right now, world-building is also looking nice. For those who enjoy the fantasy genre, I highly suggest this manhwa.


Release – 2022

Chapter – 17

02. The Absolute God’s Game

The Absolute God's Game

The main character was born with a tattoo on his hand and is viewed as a cursed child because of it. That is why the church executed him and his friend because they believed the boy to be a demon. But that was just the start of something new, not the conclusion.

He opened his eyes in a square-shaped chamber after passing away. He would have to engage in a struggle once a year that would cost him everything. The loser will lose all of his memories and powers in addition to being banished to hell, which is a very terrifying place.

This is a colored manga, so those who only read manhwas can also try it. The story is like God Game but on literal crack. The main character is a realist and he does not shy away from killing those who he thinks can be a hindrance to him. He is really ruthless.

He has the same personality as the main character of Infinity Mailman. The art is also good but not top tier but it still gets the job done. This is highly recommended if you want a ruthless main character struggling to survive in a dog-eat-dog world. This manga is a hidden gem and it deserves more attention.


Release – 2022

Chapter – 20

01. God Game

God Game

In a chained void, Reiyan Asura awakens. He is unable to recall his identity or how he got to this planet of white people. Little does he realize that he has been thrown into a cruel game alongside millions of others where only the strongest survive. Reiyan is not a strong man, but does he possess a hidden ability that might allow him to survive?

The main character has been asked to take part in the God Game, where competitors must either show their valor or suffer and die pleasing the gods. This manhwa is totally underrated. The art and expressions of the characters are portrayed very well.

The fight scenes look amazing. The story is also original and the main character’s personality is also unique. The world-building is massive. Give this a try if you want a survival fantasy manhwa with amazing art and a fairly unique story.


Release – 2021

Chapter – 45

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