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10 Best Drama Romance Anime

For those who love a good drama, romance anime can be a lifesaver. Romance anime is a genre that focuses on the emotional and romantic aspects of the story, often leaving the action and suspense for another show. Romance anime is known for its rich and detailed storylines, deep and compelling characters, and memorable music. We bring you the 10 best drama romance anime to watch right now.

Here are the 10 best drama romance anime

Some of the best romance anime out there offer the best dramas, and they often have an emotional depth that the romances of other genres don’t have. These romance anime offers cute romance between two unlikely people, with lots of cute scenes and heartwarming drama moments that are great for those looking for a good drama. Here are the 10 best drama romance anime to watch right now.

10. Kiznaiver

Kiznaiver drama romance anime

This anime really gives you the whole bundle. You’ve got emotional teenagers, a childhood friend who realizes his friend is changing, and the science experiments that try to turn children into weapons. Kiznaiver follows the story of Katsuhira Agata, a boy who is very reserved and often gets bullied.

His childhood friend Chidori notices this but before she could find out what’s going on, both of them along with a couple of children are kidnapped and used as lab rats in a lab. The goal of the scientists is to achieve world peace through a system known as the Kizuna system.

I know what I’ve said so far doesn’t count as romance but both the romance and the drama kicks in as you move on with the series. This anime has got triggers beautiful visuals and a set of interesting characters to accompany.

Also, just get ready for some scary stuff along the way. This anime isn’t definitely for those wholesome people.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 1(12 Ep.)

09. Fireworks

Fireworks drama romance anime

Do you go to watch fireworks with your friends or run away with the girl you have a crush on? That’s the big question of fireworks anime and yeah that’s what starts the whole drama. Seriously our guy Norimichi Shimada could have gone to see the fireworks if this girl named Nazuna didn’t try to run away from home.

But when she tries to run away from home, things turn upside down, and the supernatural forces kick in. The reason fireworks got so popular is that some of the production team was already involved in making Your Name.

So, can fireworks beat Your Name? Nope, not even close but it can give you some nice romance and drama. The animation is also really good and if those random CGI scenes didn’t pop out every now and then I would have given this anime a 10 out of 10. ll


Dubbed – Yes

Season – Movie

08. Plastic Memories

Plastic Memories Sad Heartbreaking Romance Anime

If you’ve read my best sad anime article, then you already know you should go see this anime with a tissue box. The premise of this anime has our protagonist Tsukasa failing his college entrance exams.

However, after pulling some strings through his connections, he manages to net himself a job working for the Sion Artificial Intelligence Corporation. This corporation is famous for creating Giftias, who are highly advanced androids almost identical to real humans in every way, so if that’s the good part, then what’s the bad part.

Well, they’ll have a limited life span of 81920 hours and you know what’s going to happen. Our main character meets one of these female Giftias and they fall in love at least. This time the anime starts by saying hey bro keep your tissue boxes ready.


Dubbed – No

Season – 1(13 Ep.)

07. Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade

Jin-Roh The Wolf Brigade drama romance anime

You know I love to dive into some old anime every now and then. This time, the main theme is war; no, this doesn’t involve one of those love on the battlefield themes. This is more about a man trying to maintain a balance between being a human and a beast.

It’s war, bad things happen and soldiers are forced to follow orders they don’t like. Constable Kazuki Fuse is also someone who is caught in a web of governmental conspiracies, desperately trying to find a way to leave that life behind.

Along the way, he meets a girl named Kei Amemiya. Can this girl change his life? Will this anime have a happy or sad ending? You’ll have to watch the anime to find out and don’t complain the art style is bad.

Come on, this movie was released in the early 2000s and the art style’s pretty great for that era.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – Movie

06. Beyond The Boundary

Visually Stunning Action Anime

It’s not every day a girl stabbed you with a blade made out of blood, then it’s not every day you come back to life and surprise the girl. Yeah, that’s how this anime starts.

Mirai Kuriyama is a youmu hunter and once she meets Akihito Kanbara, a possible youmu, she doesn’t hesitate to kill him but that’s when things turn upside down. Akihito soon reveals that he intends no harm and the two join forces to hunt down other youmu.

I know this starts off as a let’s team up to take the bad guy sort of story but when the drama starts to kick in, you’ll feel like someone is actually kicking on your ribs. This also mixes in some nice supernatural elements as well, so if you’re a fan of that make sure to check this out.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 1(12 Ep.)

05. Honey and Clover

Honey and Clover romance anime with happy endings

Here comes one of those underrated eccentric anime and this has one of those love hexagon or polygon sort of relationships that make your head hurt if you think about it too much.

Here we meet Yuuta Takemoto, who is living with his two good friends but then he forgets his bros the moment a cute girl comes to the university and steals his heart. But then this girl has another friend who has feelings for either Yuuta or his two friends.

This show generates its drama from its interesting cast of characters. You’ve got those people with different personalities going through these day-to-day teenage feelings while attending university.

The art style is also very unique, and I honestly don’t know why this is so underrated. It’s really good anime; everyone should watch this one at least once.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 2(36 Ep.)

04. After The Rain

underrated romance anime

Reading the premise of this show is going to throw some off. It’s about an older guy getting together with a high school girl but come on we survived Higehiro, then we could survive this, and jokes aside, I wouldn’t include After The Rain if it wasn’t so good.

After The Rain shows the struggles of Akira Tachibana as she needs to come to terms with her feelings towards Masami Kondou, the manager of Garden Café. This show’s real shining party, just like any other perfectly written drama anime, is its characters.

The character of Akira is so well written you could feel her struggle and you can sympathize with her and don’t think this is one of those serious shows because you get tons of comedy gags here and there as well and just make sure to watch this on a rainy day when you’re sitting on your couch with a box of chocolates.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 1(12 Ep.)

03. Gosick

mystery anime Gosick

It’s got this perfect rural romance feel mixed in with a bit of mystery, horror, and politics. Gosick is about a mysterious girl named Victorique who helps her brother solve various crimes using her genius-level intellect.

He is soon joined by a rather inquisitive boy named Kazuya who is more like the Dr. Watson of Victorique. The first couple of arcs in the story have horror, the next few have mystery and adventure, and the last dark is filled with romance and politics.

What’s even greater is how all of these shows somehow build up the mystery and contribute to the story. If you’re going for the drama, you’ll have to survive the first few arcs, but once the drama and the romance hit, you’ll love this show.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 1(24 Ep.)

02. I Want to Eat Your Pancreas

I Want to Eat Your Pancreas Dubbed Romance Anime of 2022

No, this anime doesn’t involve cannibalism and the only thing it will cannibalize is your heart. It follows the story of a backward boy meeting a cheerful girl who tells him to stop being depressed and start to enjoy life.

Yeah, if it’s given you the Your Lie in April vibes, then remember this girl also suffers from a terminal disease and there are no supernatural forces to bring her back to life this time. Similar to every sad anime, this discusses how the main character slowly opens up to other people, learns his flaws, and then wishes he was born in another anime world.

But rather than anything, I Want to Eat Your Pancreas has a way of hitting close to your heart, so if you’ve learned anything from what I’ve said, then you’ll definitely be carrying a tissue box for this one.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – Movie

01. Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket The Final Best Anime of 2021

This is one of the best romance anime series I’ve watched and if you’re planning on binge-watching this one make sure to start with the 2019 series, not the old one with really funny character faces.

Fruits Basket tells the story of Tooru Honda, a high school girl who gets to know the existence of the Souma family who can transform into beasts related to the Chinese zodiac. Soon she develops a tight bond with the Souma family and becomes great friends with Yuki and Kyou another two boys of her age.

The reason why Fruits Basket is number one in this list is not only because it plays all the romantic tropes really well but because it knows how to give you plenty of drama in each episode.

Every episode introduces a new character or some new drama; even if the stories don’t make you emotional, the backstories of these characters definitely will. The award for the best drama anime of all time goes to Fruits Basket.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 3(63 Ep.)

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