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10 Best Anime Moments When Hero and Villain Team-Ups

We have all seen a simple premise where a hero defeats villains, but there are some anime series where that feature a moment when heroes and villains of that series have come together to defeat bigger threats both have ever faced.

These moments have changed the way we watch anime forever because when the hero and the villain team-up to work together and try to achieve a common goal, it adds a whole other level of depth and excitement. Here are the 10 best anime moments when Hero and Villain team-ups.

Here are the top 10 moments in anime when hero and villain team-ups

Just when you thought anime couldn’t get any better, a new or old show will surprise you with a twist you never saw coming. Some of the best moments in anime are when the main characters team-up with their enemy, whether it’s to defeat them or help them. There are so many awesome moments when a hero and villain join forces.

It’s hard to choose just one! These 10 best anime moments brought the two worlds together like never before.

10. Senkuu and Tsukasa Work Together – Dr. Stone

Senkuu and Tsukasa Hero and Villain Team-Ups

The 34th episode of Dr. Stone anime features humanity’s strongest tag team. Once adversaries who withheld totally different views Senkuu and Tsukasa were like the sun and moon and it was the kingdom of science versus the Tsukasa empire.

Just like Tsukasa wanted, he was able to kill Senkuu and become the supposed ruler of this world. Though because of the petrification perk, Senkuu survived, and he was able to win Tsukasa over.

However, Hyouga was still yet to be dealt with which is why humanity’s strongest primate high schooler and the great scientist Senkuu team-up to take him on.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 2(35 Ep.)

09. Light Joins L in Order to Find Kira – Death Note

Light Joins L in Order to Find Kira (death note)

L was proving to be much more difficult of an obstacle than Light had initially anticipated. He almost had Light in a corner but then he came up with a brilliant almost foolproof plan.

He had his memories taken away and right when he had been a couple of weeks since he was put into interrogation, Light breaks and starts exhibiting the desire to work together with L in order to find this Kira once and for all. Just like that, he got a front seat in the Kira investigation case.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 1(37 Ep.)

08. Atsushi and Akutagawa – Bungo Stray Dogs

Bungou Stray Dogs

At the tail end of the second part of Bungo Stray Dogs, what happened gave fans literal chills. Who knew that the day would come when the two bitter enemies, Atsushi and Akutagawa, would come together and fight a common foe?

In this case, it’s the terror called Francis. With jaw-dropping teamwork and menacing bloodlust, the two move in sync with each other, and just like that, they overcome Francis. The second part couldn’t have ended on a better note.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 3(36 Ep.)

07. Eren and Zeke’s – Attack on Titan

Eren and Zeke's Plan attack on titan

Season after season of harboring an almost ridiculous amount of hatred toward the beast titan, you can only imagine what Eren must have felt when he realized he was his brother.

Not only that but also about the outside world. If we defeat all of our enemies over there, we will finally be free. During the four year time skip, Zeke’s euthanasia plans surfaced, and finally, Eren and Zeke meet in liberal.

The two brothers came together for the sake of a common goal to trigger the power of the founder titan.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 4(86 Ep.)

06. Askeladd Helps Thorfinn Beat Thorkell – Vinland Saga

Askeladd Helps Thorfinn Beat Thorkell (Vinland saga)

During Thorfinn’s duel against Thorkell, he barely had a chance of survival, let alone winning. Askeladd was also out of breath and knew that nothing could be done about the situation except helping Thorfinn win and avoiding death for the moment.

So regardless of how much it annoyed Thorfinn, he listened to Askeladd’s plan, waited for the chance, and took down Thorkell’s eye. Eyes were his weakness, so Thorkell fell and Thorfinn attacked rigorously. He won the duel.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 1(24 Ep.)

05. Viral Joins Team Dai-Gurren – Gurren Lagann

gurren lagann anime

Viral was amongst the first few Gurren Lagann antagonists but after the time skip when the scale of danger increased, he is given a chance to make amends. The man had a lot on his mind.

He gradually realized that there’s more to humans and spiral energy than he had initially thought. Like that, the man is ready to give it his all and be a prominent member of team Dai-Gurren.

Though what really made this participation so legendary was the instance when he became one with the team’s spirit and added the usual short inspirational speeches.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 1(27 Ep.)

04. Ryuko And Satsuki Join Hands – Kill La Kill

kill la kill

In a catastrophic battle that was going to decide the world’s future, the two sisters join hands in the pursuit of putting their mom in place but it isn’t enough.

Their mother, Ragyo, is more than strong enough to fend off against their daughters, so with unparalleled teamwork bluffs and a little backup, Ryuko and Satsuki manage to go beyond. Just like that, they destroy the core and defeat their mother.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 1(24 Ep.)

03. Crocodile and Luffy – One Piece

Luffy VS Crocodile fights in One Piece

The greatest prison in the entire world where the world government imprisons the most notorious of all villains. While Luffy was wreaking havoc in impel down ready to go to marine ford and save Ace.

A rather familiar face asks him for a favor: sir Crocodile. The man who Luffy himself took down and because Luffy is a man who can understand people’s true intentions, decides to free Crocodile, and guess what, it was a wise choice.

Not only does Crocodile go to save him later but he also helps greatly in the war against the marines.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 1030 Ep. (OnGoing)

02. Goku, Frieza and Android 17 Vs. Jiren – Dragon Ball

dragon ball

If it weren’t for what we have at the number one spot, this team-up would have easily been the greatest. For decades, the dragon ball fandom saw Frieza as this hideous racist antagonist who is above cringe ideas like working together.

He was the one who pushed Goku and triggered his super saiyan transformation. Thinking that there would come a time when Goku and Frieza would be working together was almost hysterical, but it happened, not just Goku and Frieza; Android 17 was also there. Together they faced off against Jiren in that final desperate attempt for victory.

When Goku and Frieza gave it their all and managed to take out Jiren all while getting disqualified, Android 17 simply stands there as the sole victor of this battle royale. This finale team-up was surreal to see.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 831 Ep.

01. Face off Between the Disciples of Yoshida Shoyo – Gintama

A Face off Between the Disciples of Yoshida Shoyo gintama

All right, we are finally down to the number one spot. Here we have Gintama, the anime that won’t stop with the redemption arcs until you’ve completely wet yourselves with tears.

The number of times when adversaries have joined hands to fight a common vote in this anime is ridiculous but even amongst all those team-ups, there is one that stands out even more. It’s when Sakata Gintoki and Takasugi former disciple who have had taken completely different paths of life put their samurai spirit ahead of their differences and face off against Oboro.

Furthermore, this team-up came back yet again in full glory in Gintama the final movie. Simply breathtaking stuff, won’t you agree? Gintama knows how to touch your hearts. Without a doubt, Gintoki and Takasugi were the best anime team-ups between MC and villain moments of all time.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 367 Ep.

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