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10 Best Mystery Anime To Watch

Have you ever watched a show and had no idea what was going on until the end? And what if that show was actually a show about mysteries instead of a show about solving mysteries? Then you have a good idea of what mystery anime is. Some of the best mystery anime out there will keep you guessing until the very end, with others leaving you with so many more questions.

If you’re a fan of a good mystery and looking for the best anime to watch in this genre, check out these top 10 best mystery anime.

Here are the 10 best mystery anime of all time

I didn’t include obvious choices like Death Note, Attack on Titan, The Promised Neverland, Steins; Gate, etc because let’s be honest, they go without saying. So, here are our picks for the 10 best mystery anime that you must watch if you’re looking for something to get your brain working overtime. Some of them are really old, and some are relatively new, so read on to find your next mystery obsession!

18. Gosick

mystery anime Gosick

The protagonist named Kazuya Kujou is a Japanese teenager who enrolled at Saint Marguerite Academy as a foreign student. It is a prestigious boarding school in southern Europe.

However, his appearance makes him stand out his jet-black hair and dark brown eyes make other students tease him. They also give him the nickname Black Reaper. Interestingly there’s quite a lore behind this nickname.

It originated from an urban legend and is supposed to be the title of an urban traveler who brings death amongst the spring. I wonder why Kazuya gets such a specific nickname. The story begins when he comes across a beautiful absolutely gorgeous girl who is exceptional at predicting the future.

This is a romance drama with a spoon full of mystery. If that sounds like something you’d enjoy, you won’t be disappointed.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 1(24 Ep.)

17. ID: Invaded

ID Invaded anime

Have you ever wondered how Christopher Nolan’s movies would look in anime? Here’s an awesome mystery anime called ID: Invaded. In order to understand the deep reason behind unquestionable crimes, we can use the Mizuhanome system to look inside criminals’ minds and help police find the real perpetrator.

Technology cannot simply be used as a go-to device. Only those who have killed someone, such as our MC Akihito Narihisago, who was formerly a famous investigator but ended up on the wrong side of the tracks, are allowed to enter.

A single season captures a wide range of elements, from heartfelt moments to mind-bending instances. Without a doubt, the writers did an outstanding job in crafting such a masterpiece.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 1(13 Ep.)

16. Heaven’s Memo Pad

Heaven's Memo Pad

Detective stories will always be a segment of the mystery genre, and if they produce a decent plot, we won’t complain. Our main character, Narumi Fujishima, is a social outcast high school girl who is often separated from her friends.

When he meets Ayaka Shinozaki, his life takes a new direction. The lone member of the gardening club introduced him to Alice, a nice girl who lives above the ramen store. Our MC soon realizes she is far from idol. Alice works from her room as a hacker and private detective who like stuffed animals.

More importantly, she hired our MC to do an outside private investigation on her behalf. The plot is rather unusual from the typical detective show, but if the word neat captures your attention, why not give it a chance?


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 1(12 Ep.)

15. Midnight Occult Civil Servants

Midnight Occult Civil Servants

Anime, such as Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs or Mob Psycho 100, can provide a whole new dimension to the ghostly realm. It feels like a new perspective on the mundane world.

Because of the appearance of various supernatural beings in Japan, the government decided to strengthen their police force and establish the Nocturnal Community in Tokyo to ensure that any problems generated by the others were addressed.

In this anime, our main character, Arata, can speak another language, which is the only reason he was recruited to the Shinjuku community. They’re going around the district trying to keep the peace.

One of the main reasons to watch this anime is that the story does an excellent job of alternating between funny and serious parts. If you enjoy watching mystery shows, you’ll enjoy this one’s multiple subplots.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 1(12 Ep.)

14. The Perfect Insider

The Perfect Insider

It’s human nature to take the exact opposite turn anytime we encounter a “no entry” sign. Similarly, Shiki Magata, a brilliant scientist, lives a lonely life in a remote research laboratory.

In truth, she murdered her parents because of his intelligence. Except for professor Souhei Saikawa and his student Nishinosono Moe, who are seeking her assistance, she no longer gets many visitors. Their encounter is cut short, however, as they become involved in a locked room murder mystery.

To discover the truth, the three must solve the riddle and go into the past. To solve the unexplained terrible deaths, the anime follows the classic lock room murder mysteries with a more realistic approach to its art and character, which will never fail to amaze you.


Dubbed – No

Season – 1(11 Ep.)

13. Pretty Boy Detective Club

Pretty Boy Detective Club

Personally, I wish to avoid reverse harem anime unless they have a larger audience. Many people may be misled by Pretty Boy Detective Club.

However, it is based on a novel by Nisio Isin, the writer of the Monogatari series, which naturally piques your interest. Mayumi Doujima is a star child in search of another glorious star. She believes it is the only way she will be able to pursue her ambition of becoming an astronaut.

On her 14th birthday, she met Manabu Soutouin, the president of the eccentric and pretty boy detective club. Our MC introduces her to the rest of the club’s four members and pledges to unravel the riddle of the long-lost star.

The show blends the aspect of crazy situations and character cheesiness with vivid animation, which will finally keep your eye glued to the screen.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 1(12 Ep.)

12. Kemono Jihen

Anime Where MC has Demonic Powers

In modern-day Tokyo, a perfect world setup of supernatural creatures. Tanuki and Kitsune are two supernatural beings who live in human civilization in disguise. The majority of those species simply want to coexist with humans, but some make a bigger mess and hurt innocent people.

A Kemono Detective Agency is hired to solve the problem. A clandestine organization led by Kohachi Inugami, who adopted Kemono’s children.

Our MC Kabane, a half-demon with a powerful lifestone who desperately wants to discover his missing parents, has joined their gang. In just 12 episodes, the anime combines action and mystery, with each case packed with entertaining yet dangerous themes. That left us with a stronger connection in the complicated world of Kemono.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 1(12 Ep.)

11. Wonder Egg Priority

Best Anime of 2021 Wonder Egg Priority

Depression and suicidal ideas are major difficulties among young people in hikikomori culture. Ai Ooto is a girl who becomes a hikikomori after the suicide of a friend. Koito Nagase, on a late-night stroll, is guided by a mysterious voice to an abandoned machine, where she receives her first wonder egg.

When she cracks the egg, she is sent to a dream world where she must protect a girl from deadly monsters. Later, she discovers that her dead friend can be resurrected if she saves enough lives.

Even though the anime has excellent animation, the tale is based on a lighthearted psychological thriller that keeps us wanting to see the next episode. A must-watch anime for the mystery lover.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 1(12 Ep.)

10. Link Click

Link Click time travel anime

Chinese animes are becoming increasingly popular, but when it comes to mystery anime, it’s difficult not to mention Link Click. A Time Photo Studio store can be found on a downtown street corner.

Inside, a duo uses their special skills to help others. Our first MC, the time studio owner Cheng Xiaoshi, accepts requests depending on his terms. Another is Lu Guang, a young man who occasionally becomes clumsy in front of the outside world or the police.

The shop is unlike any other studio, but they receive requests from clients who are still haunted by the past through Lin Cheng’s childhood friend.

Now the two MCs must work together to unravel whatever mystery the photos hold. However, season one will leave us on a cliffhanger, so be prepared for the sequel.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 1(12 Ep.)

09. Mononoke

mystery anime Mononoke

A man named Kusuriuri is a mysterious yet exceptional occult master who transverses all across feudal Japan in order to slay evil spirits called Mononoke.

However, it’s not as simple as merely exercising the demons. He must learn about them, their origins, manifestations, and the reason why they exist. Only then can he wield the Sword of Exorcism and fight against it.

Of course, since the slaying process is so discreet, he has to compose himself consciously and psychologically. He has to discern everything about the Mononoke.

Now, this might sound a little philosophical but Mononoke is truly an exceptional mystery anime and while not everyone would watch it, you definitely should. Also, did I mention how artistic it is?


Dubbed – No

Season – 1(12 Ep.)

08. Made In Abyss

Made In Abyss

More often than not appearances can be deceiving and as is the case with Made in Abyss. It seems to be a story of a couple of cute kids going on an adventure and while that’s definitely true, this adventure into the unknown, the journey to the land of no return and the darkness along the way.

It’s genuinely astonishing. The story follows Riko and a shy cyborg named reg as they venture into the hole of unprecedented depth. It’s the abyss.

For better or worse, this journey will soon exceed even their wildest imagination and most horrifying fears.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 1(13 Ep.)

07. Odd Taxi

odd taxi Best Anime of 2021

Odd Taxi is one of the many animes that carried this year. It is a well-thought-out mystery anime that might not seem all that significant at first; however, slowly but surely it grows on you. The way it works is definitely magnificent. The protagonist is named Hiroshi Odokawa, who is a walrus.

His everyday life consists of driving a taxi, but because of it, he also encounters several odd yet interesting individuals. Though it all changes when a girl goes missing.

When the police investigate, all the clues go back to Hiroshi. Now, Hiroshi is a prime suspect, how will he continue his humble life? An awesome mystery anime that everyone should watch at least once.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 1(13 Ep.)

06. The Tatami Galaxy

The Tatami Galaxy time travel anime

There are animes that hit different depending on the current period in your life and it’s not simply because your taste evolves over time. It’s because depending on what is going on in your life, you might relate to the anime more, which in turn could make the experience all the more memorable. Such is the case with the Tatami Galaxy. A different kind of mystery anime.

It is essentially a tale of a college student named Watashi. Things happen and he ends up wasting the first two years of his college life and finally realized that he chose the wrong club. Then at the end of each episode, he goes back in time to the day he enter college for the first time. Though there is a twist, he also forgets everything that happened in the past two years.

Sadly, whatever club he chooses, he always fails to experience the rose-colored campus life he so desperately wanted. Will anything change the next time? A question everyone should ask themselves.


Dubbed – No

Season – 1(11 Ep.)

05. Shinsekai Yori

Shinsekai Yori mystery anime

The title Shinsekai Yori translates to from the new world. It’s a coming-of-age story of five kids who grew up in a distant future where humans are living in some kind of supposed utopia.

They have always awakened psychic powers and there are some truly sinister truths about the society. How did the present utopia come to be? What is commonly going on behind the scenes? And most importantly, what is the fate of those who are unable to awaken their psychic powers?

Before long, they will come to know the truth. Watch this mystery anime if you are tired of all the mainstream stuff.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 1(25 Ep.)

04. Moriarty The Patriot

mystery anime Moriarty The Patriot

This tale takes place in the late 19th century when Great Britain became the single greatest empire there was at that time. As it always says, the economy decides one’s worth in the society.

It favors the ones who are already at the top and makes it downright impossible for the working class to aim higher. During all of this, a man named William James Moriarty is a noble who helps the regular folks solve their problems.

All the while contemplating how to destroy the current societal structure. He is a bold man and along with him are his two brothers and together, they will change the world.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 1(24 Ep.)

03. Mushi-Shi

mystery anime Mushi-Shi

Modern-day animes have a tendency to be too fast-paced. We want action, we want drama, we want brutal comedy, we want more content. However, there are also stories that allow you to relax and experience them mindfully. Mushi-Shi is one such tale.

It’s about a way of life called Mushi. To put it simply, you go with the flow, you don’t have any goals or aspirations, and you don’t care about words like good or evil because you are beyond that.

All you do is try to understand your place in the world. Now, the protagonist named Ginko is a Mushi-Shi. He is someone who seeks to gain a deeper understanding of Mushi, and for that, he always keeps traveling.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 1(26 Ep.)

02. Monogatari Series

mystery anime Monogatari Series

If you have been in the anime community, you might have seen or at least heard about the Monogatari series, especially the infamous toothbrush scene. It is a character-driven tale. The dialogue drives the plot forward while the characters carry it.

It’s extraordinarily artistic and highly creative. There is fan service, but it doesn’t take anything from the storytelling and only elevates it even further. It can also be somewhat controversial though.

This story revolves around Koyomi Araragi and plenty of important girls he gets associated with and helps in one way or another. The watch order may seem complicated to anyone who hasn’t watched it yet, so be sure to check out the watch order first.


Dubbed – No

Season – 5

01. Monster

mystery anime Monster

Monster is a legendary mystery anime and even better manga. The manga ended in the year 2001, and it still remains among the top highest-rated manga on nearly all databases. It’s a slow yet mature story that touches upon various uncomfortable topics like the psychology of sociopaths, morality issues, what is evil, and what is the true value of human life.

It definitely doesn’t hold back up portraying whatever it is trying to convey. It is rooted in reality, which makes it all the more engaging and surreal to see.

Well of course, just like every other anime monster might not be for everyone, but you should definitely give it a shot.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 1(74 Ep.)

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