anime power awakening moments of 2021

10 Best Anime Power Awakenings of 2021

Power Awakening is one of the most thrilling experiences in any series. It’s when you finally understand the true extent of main character’s powers and see just how much he can accomplish when he unlocks his full potential. It’s one of the best feelings in the world. Power Awakening is a moment when a character finally unlocks the true potential of their abilities, and it’s a defining moment in their development. We bring you the top 10 best anime power awakening moments of 2021

Here are the 10 best anime power awakening moments of 2021

Power awakenings are the iconic moments that define anime as a genre, as well as the turning points that propel characters into the spotlight. It’s the reason why we fell in love with these anime. It’s just so damn satisfying to see our favorite characters come out on top and that’s why we’re we bring you the top 10 best anime power awakenings of 2021.

10. The Case Study of Vanitas – Vanita Awaken

Best Anime of 2021 Vanitas

Nothing more helpful to a dystopian world than a friendly neighborhood vampire doctor. In the world of Vanitas, this blackhead stranger is a mysterious doctor. What are his medical tools? A book and a blue aura of magic. I know that doesn’t sound intimidating on paper, but the very first episode gave us a glimpse of what his powers could be when he cured the first vampire to be infected by the disease.

Of course, before all of this, he had to go to a bit of a scuffle with our protagonist, but ultimately, the blue moon vampire helped cure the diseased vampire. The origins and mystery behind the power aren’t explained until later, and I definitely don’t want to spoil that for you, so go ahead and check this series out.

09. Star Wars – Am Power Awakening

anime power awakening moments of 2021

What better villain to fight than your evil twin sister? The episode with the twins was animated by Trigger, so you can definitely tell that they’re going to give it their artistic touch when it comes to this power awakening scene.

At one moment, she is your general grievous-looking waifu, and in the next moment, she’s a female version of Dr. Octavius, but with lightsabers. The fight between Karre and Am was definitely something to behold. With all those family dramas mixing in with the dialogue while the two clashed their lightsabers.

The animation was complemented with the power scales of the twins and each shot gave us a visual spectacle of the repercussions of Am’s power awakening.

08. Jujutsu Kaisen – Megumi Awaken Domain Expansion

anime power awakening moments of 2021

Megumi was the silent guy in the group, Yuji and Nobara were the ones who showed the theatrics, but this guy wanted to mind his own business. He might have had some ass-kicking from Sukuna, but that doesn’t mean our boy is going to finish up the season without a bang. It turns out Megumi can laugh harder than the rest of the gang, and when he does, it’s really bad news.

Megumi’s domain expansion threw the villains out of the loop and showed the consequences of messing with the overpowered introvert. What I really liked about this was the way it was presented as a twist. At one moment, he’s ready to get beaten, and in the next, you realize this kid is really got some surprises in his belt.

07. Re Zero S02 – Garfiel Awakening

anime power awakening moments of 2021

It’s not every day you see a Bakugou looking fellow transform into a tiger and oh, did I mention how he did it with style. Garfield has transformed into his demonic form many times, but there’s no better power awakening than his transformation during his fight with Elsa. Our beast boy finally got an opponent he deserves and what better opponent for an angry teenager than a masochistic killer.

The power awakening of Garfiel didn’t happen suddenly. Instead, anime shows how he slowly transforms to his demonic beast form to take Elsa down. It’s a slow stage process, but it gave us the hype we needed.

06. Record of Ragnarok – Mjolnir Awakens

anime power awakening moments of 2021

Remember Thor from the movies? Well, what if I told you that he isn’t the best guy to wield the Mjolnir. I know many Marvel fans are going to argue with me about this but if you want to see the contender, then meet Thor from the Record of Ragnarok. This guy doesn’t have just your average hammer.

He’s got a big chunk of metal that can make his opponent turn into a pancake. I mean, look at its size and what’s way better than the hammer itself was the way that it was revealed to us. In his fight with Lü Bu, Mjolnir grew ten times the size until it turned into a hammer that could send the hulk buster flying into space.

It was a great moment for all Thor fans in the Record of Ragnarok because this awakening showed us just how powerful he is.

05. Jujutsu Kaisen – Yuuji Awaken Sukuna

anime power awakening moments of 2021

What better way to finish off the series than remembering the most overpowered demon king of 2021? No, it’s not about Anos, it’s about the one and only Sukuna, and unlike other power awakenings, this wasn’t something Yuji did on purpose.

He got knocked up a couple of times, and Sukuna thought, that’s it, I’m in charge now, but you took things a bit too far when he sliced off the monster into pieces and then went in to beat the out of Megumi. This time there was no overpowered white head stranger to stop him, so one of the best things about this power awakening is not the awakening itself but the power flexing that came after it.

04. Slime Season 2 – Rimuru Becomes Demon Lord

anime power awakening moments of 2021

Who thought our slime would ever be as powerful to literally call the power of a demon lord? It turns out becoming a demon lord is not so impossible for this guy because with this power awakening, Rimuru showed how overpowered he was in terms of magical strength.

This time there were no barriers because he literally kicked out the power scales and raised them to the very top of the power hierarchy. One look at his face can tell anyone that he’s the last person on the show that you should be messing with. As usual, this anime did it in an interesting way and used the sequence to highlight the character of Rimuru instead of making this another overpowered power awakening.

03. Black Clover – Asta’s Devil Power

anime power awakening moments of 2021

Asta screaming isn’t anything new, but after going into rage mode and sending Dante to see the heavens, now that’s something I’m interested in. Asta’s devil power is what helped him overpower Dante, but that’s not what we should be speaking about. We should be speaking about the power awakening itself.

This isn’t one of those power awakenings that takes a nice and slow route because right then, Asta was locked into a fight with Dante, and Dante being Dante, had plenty of things to say to switch on Asta’s rage mode.

Asta is one of those never-giving-up types of superheroes, so don’t expect him to walk away from the fight without a power awakening.

02. Boruto – Momoshiki’s Rasengan

anime power awakening moments of 2021

In every showdown series, we get this evil villain who only appears to get a good beating once the main character awakens their power. In this case, it was Boruto, and the power we’re speaking of is Momoshiki’s Rasengan.

This year was a huge one for Boruto fans because this went from the average run-of-the-mill Shonen to one of the most hyped series of all time and the best thing about it is how each of these power awakening scenes contributed to it. This isn’t your normal stage-by-stage power awakening because Boruto went from Shonen hero to overpowered Rasengan wielder in one instance and it was really fun to watch.

01. Attack on Titan S4 – Eren’s Transformation in Libero

anime power awakening moments of 2021

They wanted a declaration of war, so Eren just gave him one. He wanted to destroy paradise Eren destroyed libero. Several months later, I can see just how much of an impact this scene made on the audience because this is the first time, we realized Eren is the bad guy and the means he would go to achieve his freedom.

The transformation itself was nicely done with one handshake of one of your old rivals ending up with Eren, reducing libero’s population in half. One of the best things about this power awakening is the plot twist that it brought with it.

The sides have changed, the lines of morality were blurred, and this was the episode that changed the tone of the whole series. Was it for good or the bad? Well, we’ll never know until the final season finishes.

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