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10 Best Romance Anime With Force Relationship

Romance anime are so popular because they combine two of our favorite things: cute guys and melodrama. They tug at our heartstrings and make us feel all fuzzy and warm and happy inside. But sometimes, this effect is unintentional. In these situations, the hero is either forced into a relationship they didn’t want or has no choice but to get involved. We bring you the 10 best romance anime where MC is forced into a relationship.

Here are the 10 best romance anime where MC is force in relationship

We all know that feeling when you’re forced into a situation you don’t want to be in. For some unfortunate few people, it’s being forced into a relationship. Yup, you heard right. We bring you the 10 best romance anime where MC is forced into a relationship.

10. Love and Lies

Romance Anime

In a world where birth rates are constantly declining in Japan, the government had to do something about it. That’s why they devised a system that calculates levels of compatibility of individuals and assigns 16-year-old to their marriage partners based on them.

One of these stories is a story of the love triangle between Misaki Takasaki, Ririna Sanada, and Yukari Nejima. Nejima is in love with his long-time Misaki Takasaki and just as he gathered up the strength to confess to her his true feelings and she was about to reciprocate them, he received a notification.

Notifying him about his marriage couple that the system chose for him shattering his hopes and dreams of a loving romance with the harsh reality of life. Fearing the system’s repercussions, the couple have to play along with the theatrics forced on them while pursuing their own relations in secret.

IMDB Rating–(6.1)

09. Okusama Ga Seitokaichou

Romance Anime

Imagine all your hard work and studious behavior running for student body president go down the drain because a girl promised the students to give them sex education classes and free condoms with other stuff on the side, of course.

This is what happened to Hayato Izumi. After losing completely to his rival Ryuji Wakana. Adding insult to injury, he becomes her vice president, and to make things a million times worse, he returns home to find Ryuji waiting for him there with his parents with the weirdest confession ever.

Both their parents once made a drunken vow to have their kids engaged when they grow up. Things are about to get really interesting for the young to be wed couple.

IMDB Rating–(6.2)

08. Nourin

Romance Anime

A famous idol decides to leave the industry going completely silent afterwards, leaving lots of hearts broken in her wake. One of those hearts is the heart of the MC of this show and her self-proclaimed biggest fan ever.

As he’s driving himself into self-imposed isolation and drowns in his grief, his world had flipped upside down when the same girl that he idolized joins the same agricultural school he’s in. Go figure.

One hell of a coincidence, don’t you think guys. Will he have a better shot at reciprocating his feelings this time, or will he fail miserably? Let’s watch and find out what happens.

IMDB Rating–(6.4)

07. Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi Ga Shuraba Sugiru

Romance Anime

Talk about childhood trauma after witnessing the infidelity of his own parents in their failed marriage. Eita decides that he wants nothing to do with love and relations. Instead, he decides to concentrate solely on his studies and future in hopes of becoming a skilled doctor.

However, he isn’t the only one trying to escape the grasp of love, and even though her methods can be called acceptable. They prove to be quite useful and effective after the most popular girl Masuzu Natsukawa blackmails the MC into a fake relationship with her just for show so that the other students stop trying to pursue her.

IMDB Rating–(6.4)

06. Wolf Girl and Black Prince

Romance Anime

Just when she thought that she created the perfect web of lies and convinced her friends with all her exploits the lies, she said end up wrapping her inside her own web and paralyzing her in fears as her friends ask her for proof that her boyfriend is real and that he exists.

Hastily she takes a picture of a dashing young man that is coincidentally the popular kind-hearted Kyouya, or so they thought. In reality, he’s a sadist that will exploit Erica’s predicament and keep up the charade as long as she accepts that he treats her like a dog. Will this exploit know and end and hearts really meet?

IMDB Rating–(7)

05. Twin Star Exorcist

Romance Anime

This time shounen went with the overpowered MC with the hidden past troop for this series. In this anime, there are monsters that prey on the innocent with no one able to stop them other than those that can break the barrier between our world and Magano the beast’s world.

This MC is just like any shot in protag believes in power and friendship and will do anything to protect the people he holds dear and close to his heart. He’s powerful and he puts his words to action as well by demonstrating his power and defeating a demonic beast that even the strongest supposedly exorcist wasn’t able to defeat and dispatch.

Oh, and did I mention that these two are supposed to be the parents of the new world savior.

IMDB Rating–(7.1)

04. Mikakunin De Shinkoukei

Romance Anime

Just as she became 16 years old, her life was flipped upside down when she suddenly discovered that she had a fiancé and a sister-in-law as well. Overwhelmed with everything that happened and went down, she’s then left to her own devices with the newcomers and residents of her house. However, looks can be deceiving, and these two are more than meets the eye. Definitely worth a watch.

IMDB Rating–(7.0)

03. Arakawa Under The Bridge

Romance Anime

When it comes to someone as headstrong wealthy and independent as the MC owing someone isn’t an option and isn’t in his dictionary. That’s why after he’s saved from death, he owes his life to this homeless damsel in a tracksuit that looks like an airhead and lives under the Arakawa bridge.

Her payment for saving her was for the MC to teach her how to love and what it means to love someone, and just like that, the MC moved in to live with her under the bridge leaving behind all his luxurious assets in order to fulfill her request.

However, this show is non-linear and takes a different route than other shows when it comes to learning what it means to love through his humor and charm.

IMDB Rating–(7.2)

02. Nisekoi

Romance Anime

Being in the Yakuza can be tough, so you can imagine how hard this MC’S life is especially after his parents orchestrated his love romance relation with the daughter of the leader of another rival gang.

However, his heart was already taken away before that as a child ages ago, and as proof of that unreciprocated love is a pendant with a keyhole that only one person and one key can unlock his mysterious past love. With things going sideways all the time, how will this MC manage to compartmentalize between his fake love and finding his one and only love?

IMDB Rating–(7.2)

01. My Bride Is A Mermaid

Romance Anime

As he drowns into the abyss of the treacherous ocean, the MC is seemingly saved by a mermaid girl called Sun. That is for some reason, the daughter of a Yakuza gang leader. As the mermaid’s law dictates, anyone who discovers a mermaid’s identity needs to be executed on-site, according to the law of the Saito clan.

However, there’s only one way for the poor MC to escape this predicament he’s in, and it is to marry the mermaid’s daughter and become her loving husband. This show is quite straightforward as they try to keep their secret under folds as well as try to maintain a seemingly normal life in their crazy and anything but normal circumstances.

IMDB Rating–(7.3)

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