new games of May 2022

7 Best New Games of May 2022

The May 2022 Games are here, and with them comes a whole new set of exciting games to play. Whether you’re looking for a challenge or prefer more casual games, the selection below has something for everyone. If you are looking for the best upcoming games of May month, you have come to the right place. Here are our top 7 picks for the best new games of May 2022.

Here are the 7 best new games of May 2022

Welcome to the May 2022 edition of the best new PC games of the month series! Each month, we feature a hand-picked selection of new releases and upcoming titles that are sure to delight. If you’re looking for some great new games to play this month, we’ve got some recommendations for you! From a first-person adventure game to a multiplayer, there’s sure to be something here to pique your interest. Now, without further ado, let’s get into the list.

07. Warhammer 40000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters

Warhammer 40k Chaos Gate Daemonhunters new games of May 2022

Warhammer 40k is a turn-based tactical RPG game. You’ll construct a team with members having different strengths and plan out a strategy deciding where to best spend your efforts. The game features a cast of heroes known as the grain knights.

There will be four base classes to choose from. You’ve got the interceptor which is this fast-moving skirmisher. He’s got a teleporter. He also can appear behind enemies and provides fire support.

The Justicar is a frontline heavy-hitting warrior with a charge and the ability to boost allies action points and willpower. The purgatory is a ranged heavy weapons specialist with an AOE blind ability, Arcane weapons that can support and enhance allies ammo.

Then there’s the apothecary, the combat medic, and squad healer. They provide battlefield medicine healing allies. In addition, they’re going to be advanced classes as these knights level up, then specialize further.

You’ve got your spaceship, the baleful edict. This is the base of operations. This is where you decide where you want to go. It acts as a transport, a barracks, your armory, and a hospital. This is where you’re going to view your roster of knights and you can customize and upgrade them as well as equip them and this is really where a lot of the game’s progression takes place.

There’s the star map or the level selection. You will be responding to the spread of the bloom through the galaxy. You can see what parts of the system have become corrupt and then decide how to respond accordingly. But you can’t stop the spread entirely.

Again, it’s a lot like x-com the threat will keep on growing over time. You just have to try to choose the best locations for you to try to take action and slow things down, allowing you more time to beef up before you reach the end game and open up the chaos gate.

So, Warhammer 40k Chaos Gate Daemonhunters launches on May 5th. It will be priced at $44.99 and is available on Steam.

Price – $44.99

Date – May 5th

Platform – PC

06. Salt and Sacrifice

Salt and Sacrifice new games of May 2022

Salt and Sacrifice is the sequel to the critically acclaimed Assault in Sanctuary. It is a 2D action RPG known for its fast, brutal combat and rich RPG mechanics. It is also referred to as one of the best 2D souls-like games ever, so if you like that formula, this is looking to be a good one.

Now the sequel Salt and Sacrifice is coming out this month and plans to build upon the formula of what made that first game so successful. In this game, you’ll be playing as a marked inquisitor journeying through the western front pursuing hunting and obliterating the mages that roam the realm. Game feature standard action combat with light and heavy attacks, dodging and blocking, and a variety of weapons from melee range to magic.

You can play multiple classes, including the assassin, cleric, fighter, duelist, high blade, paladin ranger, or sage. The class that you pick will determine your starting gear and stats. However, you can build out as you please, selecting skills deeper into your chosen class or branching out and grabbing bits and pieces from some of the other classes.

You’ll be exploring this large labyrinth world filled with scavenger’s secrets maps and powerful guardians and the game will also be had adding some new features like the grapple hook, which lets you reach higher areas and find alternate routes. This is also going to include the addition of online multiplayer, where you can team up with a fellow inquisitor for full online co-op with a drop in quick play or engaging in matchmaking online.

The game also offers fast and chaotic PVP. Crafting will play a big role here. You’ll be able to make weapons and armor from the mages you destroy. There’ll be dozens of powerful weapons and magic called runic arts. The original game did have a big focus on crafting as well, with over 600 different weapons, armors, and spells available to craft and upgrade, so it looks like they’re going to go a similar route here.

Salt and Sacrifice will be launching on May 10th. It will be coming to the Epic game store as well as PlayStation consoles.

Price – TBA

Date – May 10th

Platform – PC, PS5,PS4

05. Evil Dead: The Game

Evil Dead The Game new games of May 2022

Evil Dead is a multiplayer co-op game where you play as a team of four survivors exploring, looting, managing your fear, and finding items to seal the breach between worlds and fend off the evil dead, or you can play as a demon controlling the dead, setting up traps and trying to stop the survivors from completing their mission.

Yes, this is a four verse one asymmetrical PVP game, but before you check out, this appears to be a little bit of a different take on the genre from what you might be familiar with games like Dead by Daylight. This isn’t going to be one of those run and hide kind of games where the demon player is this just like totally impossible threat to beat.

Matches are broken up into three separate stages. In the first stage, the four survivors, the human players pick up gear and items and prepare themselves, equipping themselves for the bulk of the match. Now, while they do this, they are also searching for three map pieces that when put together, will show them the location of a dagger and the Necronomicon, so they have to take the map piece, find this dagger and book, and then go get them.

However, during that second stage, things get boosted up, and large hordes of enemies start streaming in against the human players. So, they have to fend them back and the other demon player manipulates and controls this stuff, setting up traps and trying to retrieve the dagger and the book.

Once they have all the pieces, then that will take them to a special location which brings up the end game in which they have to try to banish the dark one from the map in order to succeed. On the flip side, the demon player is trying to stop them. During all three stages, they are attempting to disrupt the survivors by attacking them directly via this possession mechanic, laying down traps to increase their fear.

Speaking of fear, fear management plays a big role as a survivor. Increased fear will reduce your vision and even impair your movement and at certain fear levels. There are multiple ways to reduce your fear, like performing finishing moves on enemies or even lighting campfires which your group can huddle around, so it’s going to be this constant balance of trying to complete your objectives, fend off enemies, and then manage your fear levels.

From the preview footage that I’ve seen, there will be at least 13 different survivors to select from and 9 demons, so Evil Dead will be launching on the Epic game store on May 13th and is currently priced at $39.99.

Price – $39.99

Date – May 13th

Platform – PC, PS, Xbox, NS

04. Vampire the Masquerade Swansong

Vampire the Masquerade Swansong new games of May 2022

Vampire the Masquerade Swansong is a third-person narrative RPG where you alternate playing as one of three vampires, each member of a secret society trying to solve the mystery of a night of celebration that turned to bloodshed.

You’ll be weaving between the stories of each vampire, experiencing their different points of view, and trying to use their unique abilities to uncover the truth. Each character has their own vampiric disciplines that can be upgraded to suit your playstyle, whether you choose intimidation, seduction, force, or stealth. It’s not a third-person action game with a big combat focus. It is instead a full-blown RPG.

There’ll be tons of decision-making that directly impact your storyline and the stories of the other characters. There are deep levels of customization from the characters themselves to their disciplines, their talents, and their traits.

Every character has their own unique ability sheet that evolves as you play, giving you access to new options and ways to approach various situations. They also have their own disciplines, like special powers that you can use to help solve problems. Things like blank item detection stealth and the ability to hide objects in the environment.

There are resource systems tied directly to those special skills as well, for example, you will need the willpower to use your abilities and your hunger level will increase if you use your disciplines which may result in the need to feed. So yes, we’ve got a new story-driven RPG in the vampire of the masquerade universe. This may tide some people over who are still anxiously awaiting bloodlines too.

It’s not going to be quite like that game but it is a little spin-off in the series. Vampire the Masquerade Swansong will be launching on May 19th for $49.99.

Price – $49.99

Date – May 19th

Platform – PC, PS, Xbox, NS

03. Dolmen

Dolmen new games of May 2022

Dolmen is a third-person single-player action RPG that combines futuristic sci-fi and cosmic horror elements. The game features a rich combat system with various weapons and moves at your disposal.

You’ll have the ability to swap between light and range combat as you try to overcome these challenging enemies. Energy management is a big focus of this game combat system. Your energy will be used for your various range weapons and for activating what’s called energy mode, which imbues your melee weapons with elemental status effects letting you take full advantage of your enemy’s weaknesses.

The game offers challenging gameplay, from basic encounters to boss fights, which will test your skills. You’ll be exploring a devastated darkly beautiful world. This is an AA-looking game that will certainly not be for everybody.

It is a very interesting game, and I think it’s cool to see more of these. Dolmen will be launching on May 20th and priced at $39.99.

Price – $39.99

Date – May 20th

Platform – PC, PS, Xbox

02. Hardspace: Shipbreaker

Hardspace Shipbreaker new games of May 2022

Hardspace Shipbreaker is a first-person space sandbox salvaging game where you get to experience the daily life of a spaceship salvager going out into space and reclaiming ship parts. The premise is simple: you as a character have applied for a job with a space corporation to find a better existence and live amongst the stars.

You are then sent off into space and given this massive debt for that trouble and you must then try to earn credits to get yourself out of debt by salvaging ship parts and trying to reclaim your freedom. So, Shipbreaker is all about the strategic dismantling of ships.

Your main goal is to carefully take ships apart and get their most valuable pieces while keeping an eye out for the many hazards and dangers all around you, as one wrong cut could cause an explosion ripping a hole in the ship and then propelling you out into space. You’ve got various tools, like a scanner which will show you key structural points of a ship, valuable objects, materials, room conditions and potential hazards, a grapple tool for snagging and moving smaller objects or pulling yourself to larger objects.

There are many dangers all about and various situations and events that you’ll have to navigate and try to avoid. Ultimately, you’ve got the ship’s reactor, the heart and the most valuable piece of any ship that you’re really trying to pull out to really amp up the currency that you get.

However, every time you take a reactor out, a timer basically starts and you have to try to deposit it before the whole thing goes kaboom. So, this game launched into Steam early access in June 2020. It’s been out for quite a while now and it has fantastic reviews. Currently sitting at a very positive rating with nearly 10,000 user reviews on Steam.

This is like one of those games where it’s an easy recommendation because a known quantity of people have played this and a lot of people like it. Hardspace Shipbreaker is leaving early access on May 24th and it is currently priced at $34.99.

Price – $34.99

Date – May 24th

Platform – PC, PS4, Xbox

01. Sniper Elite 5

Sniper Elite 5 new games of May 2022

The final game on this month’s list is the popular World War 2 sniper series returning for its fifth main installment. I’m talking Sniper Elite 5 and it says to offer many improvements over prior games, including an expansive campaign with a lot of real-world locations captured.

They took photographs of the environment to recreate a living immersive space with multiple infiltration and extraction points and kill targets providing a whole new perspective on every mission.

You’ll be able to take on the Nazi plot solo or work with a partner in a co-op that has improved mechanics allowing you to share ammo and items give orders and heal each other. There are advanced gunplay physics and traversal, you can use zip lines, slide down slopes, and shimmy along ledges to reach the perfect vantage point or try to sneak past a sharp eye lookout.

You’ll have to factor in a rifle stock and barrel options along with gravity, wind, and heart rate as you line up your sights and try to take out your target. There’s improved customization. You’ll use workbenches to customize and upgrade your weapons changing scopes, stocks, barrels, magazines, and more.

On top of that, you can even select the different types of ammo to suit your target. They also have invasion mode PVP and co-op, tense adversarial mode competitive 16 player battles to test your sharpshooting skills.

They’ve also made enhancements to the game’s kill cam, which is without a doubt the most notable thing about this series. They’ve always kind of highlighted their sniper kill cam mechanics. Sniper Elite 5 will be launching on May 26th, priced at $49.99.

Price – $49.99

Date – May 26th

Platform – PC, PS, Xbox

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