Elder Scrolls Online High Isle new releasing games in June 2022

13 Best New Games To Play In June 2022

June is here and that means it’s time for another long list of new games to play. Whether you’re looking for games to play with friends or you want some new games to play solo, there are tons of new titles to choose from. We bring you the 13 best new games to play in June 2022.

Here are the 13 best new releasing games in June 2022

A new month is here, and that means everyone is looking for something cool to play. Games like Fortnite, Apex Legends, and League of Legends are huge right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play some great new games. Here are the 13 games you should play in June if you want something new and exciting.

13. Leap

Leap new releasing games in June 2022

Leap is a fast-paced online multiplayer fps featuring epic battles with up to 60 players. They have been very clear that this is not a battle royale; rather, it is a large-scale objective-based multiplayer game. Where you have to work together with your teammates.

In game, you can use powerful weapons and unique class abilities like traverse the terrain quickly with grappling hooks, jet packs, and various vehicles as you complete objectives and fight other players attempting to seize victory.

Traversal plays a big role here as you can dash charge or use the grapple hook to attach to any object in the environment, reaching greater heights. Everyone’s also got their vehicle like hoverboards, robots, floats, or mechanical moose. There’s a variety of different vehicles that you can use to cover distances and close the gap quickly.

Every single Exosuit comes with its own unique abilities. Such as, you can call in an orbital laser to wipe out a group of players or throw down a support shield to take temporary cover. Speaking of Exosuits, the game does feature classes.

Each Exosuit has unique equipment, powerful weapons, and superhero-inspired abilities. There’s the pathfinder, a great all-arounder effective for handling most combat situations. The titan is a heavily armored class equipped with a jet pack that can fly in the skies and able to rain fire on those below. The wraith is all about stealth and agility gameplay as they come equipped with long-range weapons and can vanish.

Also, there’s the tech ops, a support healer, and defending character. They’ve got teammate repair abilities and can even drop automated turrets to defend positions. Also, you’ll have the ability to flaunt and taunt enemies. Leap launches into steam early access on June 1st for 25$.

Price – $25

Date – June 1st

Platform – PC, PS4, PS5

12. Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal game new releasing games in June 2022

Diablo Immortal takes the baseline of Diablo 3 and essentially does a total overhaul to the game and adds various new features. So, this is called the biggest diablo game to date with a massive amount of game space, the main story quest explores eight different zones, and the game’s story is set between the events of Diablo 2 and Diablo 3. The game’s going to have its own version of raids with these large-scale boss battles that can support up to eight players.

There are six character classes, barbarian, crusader, demon hunter, monk, necromancer, and wizard. Immortal is also an MMOARPG which means you will be running into other players on a regular basis out in the open world as you’re doing events and quests, fighting world bosses, and even just hanging out in town.

Though from the visuals and the character classes, this is basically diablo 3.5 but built for mobile and that’s the key thing to realize here. This is a phone game, and as a phone game, I think immortal looks great. It’s probably one of the better-looking phone games I’ve ever seen. In fact, I played it briefly a couple years ago at BlizzCon, and I didn’t think it was bad at all. I’m fairly confident that mobile gamers are getting a top-tier mobile game experience.

However, as a PC game and compared to other PC ARPGS, I’m a little less confident that this is going to be a great experience. They’ve done a few things to support the PC version. They’ve added mouse and keyboard support to let you pick between click and WASD movement. There’s also controller support.

They’ve scaled the user interface and hud to make it a little smaller, made some menu interface changes, added chat, and that’s about it. It doesn’t look like a good PC ARPG but a phone game that you can play on the PC. If that’s something you want, that’s all they were looking to do by all accounts.

They just wanted to give a PC version of the game. Don’t think you’re getting an extension of Diablo 3. You’re getting a phone game that you can play on PC and that’s just it. Could it still be fun and enjoyable? It’s certainly a possibility and I’m going to be checking it out for sure. Still, I should note that since Immortal was originally designed as a free-to-play mobile-exclusive game, it is loaded with micro transactions.

Based on the early testing and blog post detailing monetization, the game’s going to have three different currencies.

There’ll be gold that you find in the game, platinum, which can be purchased with real money or by selling items on the market to other players who bought them with real money, and then there are eternal orbs which can only be purchased with real money and cannot be acquired any other way. With those currencies, you’ll be able to purchase various items and boost. It’s looking fairly certain that the game is going to fall under several definitions of pay to win.

The biggest concern from what I’ve seen is the fact that you are able to outright purchase power via these legendary gems that provide you with buffs to your health and damage that non-paying players simply will not be able to obtain in any reasonable matter. This stuff can be balanced and stuff over time and hopefully, they make adjustments but I’m just not holding my breath. I am going to try the PC version of Diablo Immortal, but from all we’ve seen, I’m keeping expectations very low.

I do not expect this to live up to Diablo 3, Path of Exile, Grim Dawn, or any other decent PC ARPG. Diablo Immortal will be entering the beta for the PC version on June 2nd and it is going to be free to play.

Price – Free

Date – June 2nd

Platform – PC, Android, iOS

11. Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle

Elder Scrolls Online High Isle new releasing games in June 2022

High Isle is the latest major chapter update for Elder Scrolls Online. This adds new zones, the islands of High Isle, and a handful of smaller islands. There will be new delves, public dungeons, world bosses, and many standalone side quests, new world events called fissures, a new main story quest line, and an in-game collectible card game called tales of tribute.

Also, there will be new 12-player trials, new five-man dungeons, two new companions and various other updates and quality of life improvements have been made. Now I did get some hands-on time with this game last month and I thought it was okay.

I’m not talking about ESO but specifically this chapter update in particular. It feels a little bland. It really just didn’t hook me at all. For example, the volcanic events which are the new world events, are basically dolmens but with a different skin or with a different presentation.

In the event, you fight back waves of basic enemies, a few elite enemies, and then it all wraps up with a big boss battle. It just presented differently from the dolman invasions in the base game and the newest major feature of this card game. I just didn’t think it was particularly interesting. I tried to play it for like an hour and a half and I really didn’t like it.

I can’t imagine that I would spend any of my time in ESO doing this. I like ESO and I recommend the game to people who like MMOs. You should play this at least once, but this chapter in particular is just pretty low on my list of recommendations.

I wasn’t inspired by the zones, the theme, the setting, or any new features. But for the hardcore dedicated players, this is more stuff to see and do in ESO. High Isle will be launching on June 8th for 39.99.

Price – $39.99

Date – June 8th

Platform – PC, PS, Xbox

10. The Cycle Frontier

The Cycle Frontier New Games To Play In June 2022

The cycle frontier is a session-based PVPVE survival game. This is often referred to as space Tarkov as it has a lot of similarities with the basic gameplay loop. You start off by picking out a loadout of what you want to bring with you into a match, then you drop onto the map, you search around for loot, do side quests, try to collect things, do objectives, make some money, find some loot, and try to extract without dying in the process. There are different kinds of threats.

There are PVE threats and different alien creatures all over the map, but there are also the PVP threats. The other players on the map can find and kill you and take all of your stuff. This is basically a full loot game with the exception of like the safe pocket. Anything you’re carrying will be looted off your corpse if you die.

Now there are a few things I really enjoy about this game. The threat of other players, I feel like, adds this fun tension to it all as you drop in and try to collect loot and complete objectives.

There are even some events like puzzles, unlocked doors, meteor showers, and thunderstorms. These help diversify the flow of a match and mix things up a bit. I felt the immersion of this game with this huge focus on the audio experience and trying to listen for all the different sounds around you was really just super immersive and really enjoyable.

But there were a few things when I played it that I found very frustrating. Like the fact that when I played solo, I was constantly grouped up against squads which was a very difficult challenge to overcome but made even harder by the fact that gear balancing seems way out of whack or it’s just super vital.

Like if you have some basic gear and you’re playing against someone with higher rarity gear like purple gear, they’re going to smoke you unless you totally outplay them. Between the solos and squads, having multiple games go really poorly and losing all your stuff match after match, I found that really frustrating.

All of this is made infinitely worse by hackers’ presence, which even in the early playtest, there were some there. I can’t imagine it’s going to be any better at launch. Overall, I think it’s a great game. I love the gameplay loop and try to survive long enough to extract. Coming away with a big win feels absolutely great in this game but on the flip side, losing our stuff feels really rough and hopefully they just balance out that experience but overall, I like this game.

I had a fun time playing and I would like to play it some more. So, you can actually start playing the Cycle Frontier on June 8th. This is when it’ll be entering preseason and after a couple of weeks on June 22nd, they’re going to start season number one. It is a free-to-play game with microtransactions.

Price – Free

Date – June 22nd

Platform – PC

09. The Quarry

The Quarry New Games To Play In June 2022

The Quarry is a multiplayer horror game. It’s made by the same developer that made Until Dawn, Little Nightmares, and Man of Medan. The game takes place in late summer in the remote forest of upstate New York and you take the role of the teen counselors of Hackett’s Corey, spending your final night at camp. No kids are there, no adults, and no rules.

Just some summer camp teen shenanigans going on. So as you play, you will control the fates of all nine camp counselors as their party plans unravel into an unpredictable night of horror with life-or-death decisions.

The choices you make will determine how the story unfolds. In this game, they say as in a lot of these games, that every choice big or small will shape your story and determine who lives and dies. It’s got adjustable difficulty for all the different gameplay elements and there’s also a movie mode where if you prefer to just watch instead of actually playing.

You can select from various variables and options and then sit back and watch the whole thing play out as just like it were a movie. The Quarry will be launching on June 10th for 59.99 for the base version. There’s a deluxe version available as well.

Although I will say, it seemed like upon first glance that the deluxe version exclusively had this movie mode. I hope I just misunderstood what I was reading because that would be kind of junky if the base version of the game doesn’t have one of your primary selling point features. Not a good move.

Price – $59.99

Date – June 10th

Platform – PC, PS, Xbox

08. Starship Troopers Terran Command

Starship Troopers Terran Command New Games To Play In June 2022

Starship Troopers Terran Command is a classic real-time strategy game. I am pumped that they are still making these. It’s a RTS set in the universe of starship troopers. It features an immersive storyline campaign featuring unique missions, characters, and a whole lot of starships trooper’s flavor.

There are dozens of unique units, each with its own special abilities. You’ll control groups of units, move them in different formations and issue different commands.

Units will level up as they gain experience and unlocks new abilities that they can use. There is terrain elevation and true line of sight as well as a true line of fire. This combines to provide deep tactical gameplay as you manage your units and their positions.

You’ll build up a supply, construct buildings, call in new units from orbit, manage a fleet of drop ships, expand your base infrastructure and capture strategic positions to strengthen your forces and unlock new weaponry.

Lastly, the game features heroics explosions, gore, and lots and lots of bugs. It’s kind of hilarious an RTS of this kind of design and the way this thing looks. Starship Troopers Terran Command will be launching on June 16th and it costs 29.99.

Price – $29.99

Date – June 16th

Platform – PC

07. Outriders world slayer

Outriders world slayer New Games To Play In June 2022

The first major expansion for Outriders adds a new campaign, zones, enemies, loot, and several new progression and end game systems.

The new campaign features the anomaly as it has continued to evolve, progressing the original story into new avenues and introducing a new big bad enemy to take out. There are new zones, including frozen tundras and swamps, as well as new types of enemies, brand new loot between weapons, and new legendary armor sets.

The addition of a class tree adds two new subclass branches for every base class. The ascension system gets this new endgame progression where you will increase your stats. This is kind of meant as a long-term goal spread out over hundreds of hours of playtime. Also, there are the apocalypse tiers and gear.

These replace challenge tiers as they scale the difficulty for better rewards and an apocalypse gear adds a third mod slot as well as the addition of brand new mod types coming to the game. This is a pretty massive change when it comes to customization and playing with different gear and builds.

Finally, there is a new end game coming called True End Game. The new campaign will be picking up right after the original. It can be started with a new level 30 boosted character as well, or you can go back and replay the base game first if you want to and they are developing this with long-term progression in mind.

I quite enjoy Outriders. Although I did max out relatively quickly, running out of things to grind for and do after about 60 hours, which is a lot of time. People expect a bit more when it comes to loot grind games like this. In general, Outriders could use some more variety with their endgame content. Hopefully, this expansion will be adding that. Outriders World Slayer releases on June 30th for 39.99.

Price – $39.99

Date – June 30th

Platform – PC, PS, Xbox

Other Games Releasing in June

06. Madshot

Madshot new releasing games in June 2022

Madshot is a fast-paced, acrobatic rogue-lite shooter. It features a combination of procedurally generated and handcrafted levels. You’ll survey the map, choose your best path, explore, and uncover secrets. Choosing between a multitude of weapons and mass to switch up your playstyle and fight your way through legions of horrifying creatures and multi-phase boss battles. This launches on June 9th. There’s a free demo available right now on Steam.

Price – TBA

Date – June 9th

Platform – PC

05. Fall Guys

Fall Guys new releasing games in June 2022

Fall Guys is going free to play on June 21st. So, if you have been interested in Fall Guys in the past and didn’t feel like biting the bullet for the cost, you can play it for free later this month.

Price – Free

Date – June 21st

Platform – PC,PS, Xbox, Nin

04. Madison

MADiSON new releasing games in June 2022

Madison is a first-person psychological horror game. With the help of an instant camera, you will attempt to connect the human world with the beyond, solve puzzles, explore your surroundings, and try to survive. This launches on June 24th.

Price – TBA

Date – June 24th

Platform – PC,PS, Xbox, Nin

03. Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

New Games To Play In June 2022

Sunbreak will be adding new locations, enemies, abilities for all 14 weapons, a new story, new characters, two monster hunters rise, pretty big edition of stuff. It looks like this comes out on June 30th for 39.99.

Price – $39.99

Date – June 30th

Platform – PC, Nin

02. Project Warlock 2

Project Warlock 2 New Games To Play In June 2022

Project Warlock 2 is coming this month. No date yet but this is the sequel to the Retro Boomer shooter. There’s a free demo available on Steam.

Price – TBA

Date – June

Platform – PC

01. Neverwinter – Dragonslayer Expansion

Neverwinter - Dragonslayer Expansion New Games To Play In June 2022

Neverwinter is getting an expansion called Dragonslayer, which adds the dragon hunt system with new battles, challenges, and rewards. This also releases in June but no specific date as of yet.

Price – TBA

Date – June

Platform – PC

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