new winter anime of 2022

10 Best New Winter Anime of 2022

2022 is going to be a big one for anime. The new series debuted, favorites returned, and the industry will see much more because it’s just started. But which new shows were the best of the season? Which anime came back after long absences, and which newcomers stood out? To answer all, we bring to the 10 best new winter anime of 2022.

Here are the 10 best new winter anime of 2022

Every year, the biggest anime studios release their biggest shows around this time, and it’s a great opportunity to get into some of the best new anime. The season premiere of Best New Winter 2022 had everything you could want from a top-notch anime: mind-blowing action, heart-wrenching drama, and a dash of humor to keep it all light. Here are the 10 best new winter anime of 2022.

Love of kill

New Anime of 2022

We start off the list with Love of Kill. It revolves around bounty hunter Chateau Dankworth and her encounter with Asian assassins Ryang-ha Son. In a twist of fate, Son also happens to be hunting her down and the two come into a compromise.

Son will help her out behind the scenes in exchange for going out with him. Now, things get a little bit more complicated when the two are made to face their dark past that comes knocking. With no one they can trust, the two may be forced to rely on each other to get through it.

Now, this show caught me by surprise. The dynamic between cold tsundere female and the opposite is a tried-and-true formula but it never gets old. I also found the level of violence and the way the character dynamics are in the series interesting but I guess that’s to be expected because it is a Shōjo series, a demographic that we don’t see in anime that often.

If you’re up for a romance that’s dark and mature, this could be something worth picking up.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 1(12 Ep.)(Airing)

Tokyo 24th Ward

new winter anime of 2022

Now, this was one of the shows that I took an interest in entering the season. Tokyo 24th Ward is a new original anime by CloverWorks and it promised superpowers, drama, and mysteries. You’ve got an interesting premise with three estranged friends forced to work together to protect the future of their home, the whole dead friend mystery, and superpowers.

It even began with a double episode special that sets the tone of the series really well. Then the pacing slows down and we get quite a lot of setups before jumping back into the fray with the action. I find the show nice enough, but I can also see why some people feel tuned out.

CloverWorks, still one of the studios I really like, surely hasn’t endeared themselves recently with the controversies related to Promise Neverland 2 and Wonder Egg Priority.

Now, this looks to be headed in that direction, but I hope this will end up being one of the home runs they put out this season.


Dubbed – No

Season – 1(13 Ep.)(Airing)

The Genius Prince’s Guide to Raising a Nation Out of Debt

new winter anime of 2022

At number eight we have The Genius Prince’s Guide to Raising a Nation Out of Debt. Yay, more kingdom-building anime. Now, this isn’t to be confused with Realist Hero, no matter how similar the aesthetics may be.

Genius Prince is about the titular prince who’s an actual genius and one of the best rulers the kingdom of Natra can hope to have. Unfortunately for the constituents, there’s nothing that the genius prince wants more than to sell the place off to the highest bidder and get rid of it.

Even more unfortunately for him, things seem to conspire against him and setting off the kingdom just gets harder and harder. At least with each failure, he starts seeing the kingdom and the citizens for what they are.

This anime hits a home run with its comedic time in a surprisingly good character and world-building. It appears straightforward at first appearance, but once you get into it, it gets more complicated with every episode. I would definitely recommend it.


Dubbed – No

Season – 1(12 Ep.)(Airing)

Salaryman Club

new winter anime of 2022

Now, here’s a show we older folks can relate to. You get the best of both worlds. Business and salaryman life, as well as the repercussions of super high stakes badminton matches, grounded in reality, of course.

Well, the tale goes that Mikoto Shiratori gets fired from his company after losing a badminton match and as luck would have it, he wouldn’t be either for long as he gets recruited by another company pretty soon after that.

The thing is, Mikoto is not exactly fond of doubles matches and he’s roped into being partners with Tatsuru. Could the pair overcome teeth clenched teamwork and rise to the top? Another show that I don’t blame anyone for overlooking.

Salaryman Club takes a fresh spin on the usual sports anime we’ve gotten used to seeing. So far, it’s given us strong episodes that I’ve enjoyed but I’m sure that we’re in for some drama to drive the stakes even higher eventually.


Dubbed – No

Season – 1(12 Ep.)(Airing)

Reincarnated Into Fantasy Knockout

comedy anime 2022

It’s another new take on isekai. After all, where else would we find in isekai where the protagonist and his best friend get summoned to another world with the clause that our hero ends up being a complete bombshell of a girl.

Hinata Tachibana and her handsome friend Tsukasa Jinguuji now must defeat the demon lord not just to save the world but also to get him back to his original body. The premise should clue you in already. It’s one of those weird Japanese things at first glance but it ended up being a winner.

It’s got great comedy owing to the setting and those expecting a generic isekai will find themselves getting more than what they expected. It’s a rom-com isekai that derives its humor from how ridiculous some of the situations are and it is a load of fun.


Dubbed – NO

Season – 1(12 Ep.)(Airing)

The Orbital Children

new winter anime of 2022

Here’s a Netflix show for you. It tells of a group of children set up to have some fun times in space. However, life has other plans for them and their adventure gets crashed by accident. Left with each other and technology, they have to work together in order to overcome the dangers that await them in space.

Mysteries abound and we’re given a story that sets us up to root for a rag-tag group of children, but I think that it’s the art that’s most noteworthy. Given the nature of the production that’s also to be expected, it helps emphasize how we perceive its world.

The show is quite immersive as a result on a surface level, but it also contains a lot of themes that can be uncovered once we dig a bit further past the surface. We’re talking about meta commentaries on influencer culture, ethics, and the like.

The pacing of Orbital Children can be a bit hit or miss, but it’s overall a beautifully drawn series with some relevant themes that people might enjoy and relate to.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 1(6 Ep.)

Akebis Sailor Uniform

new winter anime of 2022

Comfy slice of life anime with cute girls is a genre that doesn’t go out of flavor. Of course, most of these come with an eye-catching premise to at least get a bit of attention, and in this case, it’s our protagonist loving sailor uniforms only to find out that they’ve been phased out in her school. Still intent on honoring her mum’s superb sewing, Akebi decides to keep using the uniform in school.

Putting her in an odd girl situation as she starts meeting new friends and experiencing the wonders of school life with them. Above anything, I give prompts to this show for its superb attention to detail. With a visual presentation, you can clearly see how much care has been put into creating the show and animating what was just supposed to be cute girls doing cute things.

The interactions come off as heartwarming and wholesome and it’s a show like this that we need in these trying times. We can clearly see which show CloverWorks put more effort in terms of the animation, and while it’s got some fan service going, the show’s all cute, fun, and warm.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 1(12 Ep.)(Airing)

Sabikui Bisco

new winter anime of 2022

I’ve had great hopes for Sabikui Bisco coming into the season and those expectations have been met. When I saw this show, I expected an outrageous action-filled adventure and it held up to its end of the bargain big time.

The fights are cool and all, but it’s the world-building where this show shines the most, giving us a nice few episodes to kick off the series and set us into a world that’s way different from our own. We’re here for some wild over-the-top fun and the over-the-top front is what we get in this ride through a post-apocalyptic world.

It’s buoyed by the engaging and compelling characters and as far as production values go, I’ve got no complaints whatsoever about this show. For studio wise, it’s the first project the guys have come up with a winner.

I’ve not read the source material much but as an anime only watcher, I’m thoroughly enjoying the ride and that my friends is always a good sign.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 1(12 Ep.)(Airing)

My Dress Up Darling

new winter anime of 2022

Last but not least, we have My Dress-up Darling. Waifu of the season is confirmed. This for me is one of the more unexpected shows to blow up, but on the other hand, was it that surprising given how much of a charismatic beauty Marin is.

She really pushes this show about cosplay to newer heights in terms of popularity but saying that people are watching the show just for Marin is wrong, in my opinion. After all, the show also relies on the strength of the lead Gojou. A very nice lead, a serious and strait-laced guy who serves as the perfect foil for our outgoing girl.

Their interactions are fun to watch, and I had such a great time seeing him get pulled by Marin’s whims. However, it’s got a lot of fan service, so this is likely not something I’d recommend to those not to tune to anime culture.

Still, if you’re up for a show that’s wholesome and romantic underneath all the sexy, then this could be your show of the season.


Dubbed – Yes

Season – 1(12 Ep.)(Airing)

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